All You Need To Know About Super Bowl 2022 | 10 Ways to Enjoy

Jan 25, 2022   |   11 min read


All You Need To Know About Super Bowl 2022 | 10 Ways to Enjoy


Super bowl viewership each year increases and every more and more people are tied to this amazing mega sports event all around the USA. Even though super bowl is not a piece of cake for everyone’s plate, people love super bowl for different reasons. Some love to enjoy the super bowl streaker, some tune in to enjoy the super bowl ceremony, some are anxious to see who wins super bowl time of game while some really just love the super bowl memes. And for those who love all those things, who can ignore the joy of super bowl food deals.

While you are supporting Aaron Rodgers super bowl or wearing the latest super bowl shirts, you need an extensive guide about all that is expected this super bowl. The super bowl 2022 is going to be one of a kind and you must not ignore or forget this amazing sports event. So mark your calendars and save our guide, here we have all you need to know about super bowl 2022.

When is Super Bowl 2022?

Super bowl 2022 just like every year will begin in February. This year the set date is 13th February 2022. For those still wondering, super bowl is an American football game played every year to discover the national football league champion. The super bowl 2022 will declare the deserving champion for the year 2021.

And for those wondering, where will the super bowl 2022 take place, the Inglewood, California's SoFi Stadium will host Super Bowl 2022. The Super Bowl will be held for the eighth time in the Greater Los Angeles Area. The previous time this happened was in 1993, when the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVII.

What Teams will be participating in super bowl?

The NFL sports game allows 12 teams that qualify for this game. Super bowl 2022 in a similar way will feature teams in the number of 12. To break it down simply and precisely, super bowl is held between the champions of two different leagues which include the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference (AFC) and (NFC) simultaneously.

The 2021 playoffs will commence with seven teams in each conference. On January 30, 2022, a series of single-elimination head-to-head contests will culminate in two conference championship games. The winners of these two games will meet in Super Bowl 2022, which will be held on February 13, 2022.

Who is expected to Win Super Bowl 2022?

Each year, before the event starts there are lots of bets, claims and prizes allocated to guess the winning team correctly. But sadly no one can be 100% sure about who is going to win the game. Since one can only guess, we like to check the chances of winning based on team’s performance previous year, the team ratings this year as well as the favorite (hot) team among the supporters.

And according to that, there are top four teams based amongst the favorites in the super bowl 2022. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were last year's champions, followed by the Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers, and New England Patriots. However, with a week or two remaining in the regular season, a lot may happen before the playoffs begin. So make sure you research and think well before you place a big lump sum bet on the winner of super bowl 2022.

What is the Best Way to Enjoy Super Bowl?

A super bowl party? Or maybe you just want to call it a together where everyone will be coming to your home to watch the super bowl event. Yes, we call that kind of a super bowl party. No need to get worried or anxious since because you heard the word party. But here are some simple ways to throw the best super bowl party this year.

Get Food

If you are inviting football fans over you will see there will be a lot of stress. And you don’t know who stress eats so you don’t want to further the anxiety of frustration with no food. Super bowl party, like it or not is majorly about food. Also, this is the simplest thing you can do to make your party a success...but millions of people fail to do so every year.

Don't skimp on the Super Bowl because it only happens once a year. You're attempting to throw the best party ever, so you'll need some incredible cuisine. If takeout isn't an option, provide game-day classics.

Choosing the Food

Since with super bowl, just getting food is not enough. You need to get the right food. Yes, not something that is hard to eat and your house turns into a mess later on. But choose the food that doesn’t require a lot of attention while eating.

Wings are delicious finger food, but their presence of bones necessitates more attention than many other snarf-worthy nibbles, and getting guacamole onto your chip necessitates some coordination. When you're eating preskewered meatballs or even pigs in a blanket, it's easy to keep your eyes on the pigskin.

We're not suggesting you shouldn't create chicken wings. Actually, prepare wings; just offer a few grab-and-go options for people who are there to watch the game first and eat later. Alternatively, for individuals who dislike dealing with bones in general. Make the ever-popular popcorn and dress it up with some sassy homemade seasonings, or try Chowhound's slow cooker party mix recipe.

And with the super bowl food deals you can always order the most amazing dish ever and not spend a lot. Yes, we are talking about the PAPA John’s Pizza Promo Codes.


This one is for those who are not fan of football are likely to attend a super bowl party at someone’s home or maybe have to tag along for whatever reasons. Enjoying super bowl party is a great thing but if you hate football you are likely to loathe every second you are there. We have a hack to solve your problem. 

There will almost certainly be others at the party who don't care about the game, whether they aren't fans of the teams competing or simply aren't interested in the sport. They'll most likely congregate near the rear or around the food. You can talk to them about the game, the food, the ads, or whatever else is on their mind!

For instance, you could say something like, "This game has been insane so far." You'll be able to tell if they're not a big football fan or just don't care about the teams based on their response.

Make a casual chat about whatever you want if you know they aren't interested football. "How was your week?" is a simple phrase you might use.

And if all else goes to the ditch you can always talk about your joined hate for the super bowl.

Have Beers and Lots of Them

Nobody will remember the great food you served if you are short of beers few minutes into the game. Beers are a super bowl staple and when people draw the picture of super bowl party they imagine themselves holding a beer all times during the game. And you also need a way to gulp down that freshly served pizza so what’s better than beer?

And remember, it’s critical to have a sufficient supply of beer. It's also crucial to have means to open the beer, especially when dealing with twist-offs and pop caps. Consider purchasing several openers, such as these rubber-coated stainless steel openers, to keep in your living room.

If you do lose track of it, learn how to open a beer bottle with a pen as a nifty party trick to increase your greatness. Consider making some beer cocktails for the big game if you want to get a little fancier but not as posh as game day wine. And here is a tip, since you will be consuming lot of beers pick the corner seat on the couch so you can leave whenever need to attend the nature’s call.

Don’t Miss the Super Bowl Ads

For many individuals, the Super Bowl commercials are the highlight of the day. If you're having trouble getting into the game, sit back and chat with the other guests until the ads start. During football games, there are numerous timeouts and breaks, so you will never have to wait long.

Don’t be the Host Always

Even if you are hosting out of love or trying to be a good host just like Monica don’t promise to host all the games. If you have a group of friends then consider the option to divide and host. This means that you all will gather at different homes for different games. This way each game will bring a new variety and you won’t get bored of the same place different game vibe.

Not only this is essential for fun but promising to host every event will likely to be going to throw away your budget out of the window. And don’t be afraid to ask everyone to pitch in when it comes to food and beer. And when the game is done, clean up together so you don’t end up hating watching the game together.

Don’t Forget the Desserts

Keep the finger foods to a minimum, such as brownies, bars, and cookies, but don't leave your guests wanting anything sweet (other than the taste of victory, of course). Think sticky peanut cookie bars, marble cheesecake bars, s'mores bars, chocolate chip cookies, and s'mores stout brownies, but if cakes and cupcakes are more your style, check out our sister site Chowhound.

Upgrade your TV

This is not the must but if you can you should. Don’t you want to gather some praises when hosting the super bowl game at your home. This means a good TV. And even if you missed the black Friday sales on televisions, the president day deals will be green around the super bowl season.

Now is also the right time to shop for the best deals on home theatre. Our recommendation, the Hisense ultra HD television for your super bowl game. It’s on 23% off at Amazon as well. Now that’s the deal you don’t get every other day.

Get Jerseys

Amongst the crowd of 20-25 people how would you remember who to cheer and whom to boo? Only when you have a matching feature. Yes super bowl jerseys are only going to double up the fun of watching game together. You and your same team supporters can get a similar jersey and even prepare a little celebration dance. While you are at it shop with discounts and check the reebok promo codes for added savings.

The Lesser the Kids the More the Fun

Children are adorable and we have no beef with them, and you may enjoy them 364 nights a year...but this is the Super Bowl.

Kids don't want to sit around for four hours watching football, and they'll tell you when they're bored. You don't want six or seven little children conversing or asking who Colin Kaepernick is throughout the game. Leave them with their nanny or maybe a playdate where all the kids are busy and enjoying. The bottom line, no kids! And this rule should be declared before.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Super Bowl is consistently one of the most viewed athletic events in the globe. Among American television broadcasts, it usually draws the single largest audience. The Super Bowl is the world's second-most-watched annual sporting event, behind only the UEFA Champions League final.

You can stream super bowl on various platforms but the main streamer will be the NBC Live for the super bowl event.

From the Super Bowl Itself, you can also enjoy the super bowl memes, super bowl games, pets, free food deals and super bowl ceremony with your friends and family.

This is also a very common question since many people are excited about the super bowl ceremony and half time show. However, this year on super bowl you will see Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar performing in the super bowl.

Yes even though the upsurge in cases of COVID stadiums will allow a crowd only with certain restrictions. You can also wait till few days before the event to learn about the SOPs followed for the event.