Why Amazon should be your Number one Store in 2022

Jan 11, 2022   |   8 min read


Why Amazon should be your Number one Store in 2022


If you like online shopping, it is impossible to have stayed away from Amazon. Due to feasibility and the pandemic, many people have started opting for the digital experience. Millions of people begin to fill up their carts from the comfort of their homes and use Amazon's store card to book all of their shopping.

While there are many online stores available, it is not a secret that Amazon has surpassed all of those. It ranks as the number one place everywhere and the reason is quite simple. Not only is there a huge variety of products available at the place, but the Amazon grocery store makes sure that they never run out of your favorite items.

Whenever you ask people for the reasons why they love shopping at Amazon, the response generally stems from its origin. People are impressed how it started from a small book store to this globally recognized chain. You can find Amazon outlet stores in any city whatsoever which means that not only are the users satisfied with the online site, they also prefer to go to the outlet to satisfy their shopping.

Listing down all the reasons why Amazon is the number one store is probably what you need before your next shopping trip and we are here to serve that purpose. Walk with us through the advantages that this place has over the rest that makes it such a delightful store to shop at.

1.Huge Variety

There is not a thing that you would search for on Amazon and be scared of not fighting it. Be it any home appliances, toys, clothes, or unusual gadgets, Amazon's shopping store has everything. The vendors on the site are some of the best in the country and if you request the products, they even present them on-demand. Of course, the user experience is brilliant because you can assess ratings, reviews, and comments to decide whether you want that particular item or not.


2.Free Delivery

While not every Amazon resale store has this option, it is becoming a widely-used idea. Sometimes, you shop for a maximum of $50 and you get rewarded with points that help you waive off the shipping fee. In some countries like the UK, no matter how small or insignificant your package is, you are liable for free delivery. Hopefully, the practice would be adopted in the US too and you can hoard as many items as you want without worrying about the fee.


3.Prime Membership

Since it was originally meant to be a book store, it makes sense that they have a subscription that allows you to pick any movie, music, or book you want that not all customers have access to. The Amazon prime store card is applicable on almost all items and allows you to hold on to the product, especially if the store is running out of it. You can sign up no and get a 30-day free trial period.


4.Return Policy is Superb

We are not kidding when we say that you can return clothes and shoes bought from Amazon even after a month. It seems like a lot of pressure getting things changed within a week because you never know how some items turn out before you use them. This is where this policy comes in handy. You can go to an Amazon discount store any time and ask for an exchange any time within 30 days. Just make sure the product is not damaged or used and it would be replaced instantly.


5.Payment Security

One reason why people are skeptical about online shopping is because of the payment scams. You enter your card details and get stuck in a phishing case. Well, not with Amazon. All the cards require verification here and only you, who has access to the emails and the number the card is attached to can review it.


If you have an Apple security system, that is even better. You can just use biometric verification to make payment. Amazon cares a lot about its customers and has made shopping extremely convenient and easy.


6.Negotiable Prices

All those buyers who love to chat with the sellers in order to get the prices reduced already love this place. If you are looking for an Amazon store near me so it is well-suited to the prices you suggest, check out their locations page. When you click on a product, you can see if the price the seller is offering is negotiable or not. This is usually on all the used products but if you believe in your skills, go for that option and get the price that you desire easily with Amazon.


7.Excellent Deals and Offers

No other place does deals and offers like Amazon. It doesn’t even wait for the holiday season. Of course, Christmas and New Year's are special occasions but even other than that, whenever you browse through, you see a multitude of different price slashes which is amazing for online users. All you have to do is log in to your account and check out the deal for the day. Amazon professional beauty store as well the grocery category, all of these will contain one offer or another to make your shopping trip successful.


8.Warehouse Discounts

The greatest thing about chain stores is that they never hold back. First of all, they have a huge inventory which means they are seldom running out of any item you require. On top of that, they have warehouse deals where you can get anything you want from there for almost half the price. The items included in this sale are usually damaged, used, or defective. They might not be in perfect condition but are still usable.


Sometimes, they are also just out-of-season clothes and shoes that are looking for you to pay attention to them. So, check out all the s and see how you can use them to your advantage.


9.Delivery Tracking

As soon as we receive the message that our shipment is on the way, we all just sit on the couch right beside the window, hoping it would magically just appear. However, the text just means that they have released your item and it could be with you at any time. The annoying part about this was that you could never keep a track of where your parcel was and as a result, you would have to plan your schedule around it to receive it.


Thankfully, Amazon listened to the customers and now you can easily track your order and see where it is before working around your entire routine just to see it getting delivered.


10.The Book Store is a Hit

Even though hardly anyone remembers how small the place used to be because it has grown up massively in the last decade, the core of Amazon is its books. Any reader who has been following their offers since the beginning would tell you that they love the Amazon kindle store because it is so easy to find books there.


No matter which genre you are interested in, you will find a huge variety, even the first editions. With the kindle device itself, you can store millions of books on it and carry them anywhere with you. It truly has become the dream of any reader so whether you want self-help books or want to grow your understanding of different cultures, Amazon is the place to come to.

So, these are some of the reasons why Amazon is such a huge hit among the customers. Honestly, the kind of success that this particular chain has seen over the years would have been impossible if the customers were not so heavily invested in the plans and strategies. You can deduce that it is a user-friendly store that prioritizes you and makes sure you leave the outlet satisfied with the clear intention of returning.

Frequently Asked Questions

The obvious answer would be that their shipping is like no other. If you are ordering in bulk, you can save a massive amount of money, and that too with discounts and deals of the day.

The safest option for any buyer looking to have a delightful experience is to go to Amazon.com and get the sellers to reduce the price as per your desire. With Walmart, this might not be a possibility.

If you are someone who orders a lot, you would be saving a lot on shipping with the subscription. Plus, you will have exclusive privileges like getting to watch any movie or stream any music supported by Amazon.

More and more sellers are registering on the site to increase their market. If your product is not on Amazon, it doesn’t exist for billions of people and you are just wasting huge potential.

Of course, it is their number one feature that gets all the traction. You have multiple price slashes that help you buy products at cheaper rates.