12 Best Annual Stores to Shop in 2021: Top Sales All Around the Year

Mar 24, 2021   |   6 min read


12 Best Annual Stores to Shop in 2021: Top Sales All Around the Year


Sales on special events are common and most of the time many of these events’ sales are missed because we didn’t know the stores that were going on sale. And for those who have been through this, know that there is no regret greater than a missed sale for a shopaholic. If you are looking for a reliable year planning that keeps you updated about all the annual sales then you have come to the right place.

While sales are a great way to shop it is also one of the smartest ways to shop (other than coupons). Even though the crowd gets a little too crazy whenever there is a huge sale but that’s no excuse to spend those hard earned cash on something which you could have gotten for 50% lesser price. So how about get yourself prepared for the best guide of annual sales throughout the year 2021? It’s time to put those clocks on reminder and those calendars with saved dates because this collection of annual sales is going to be the best you have ever seen.

Mark your Calendars - Annual Sales 2021

annual sales 2021

Although a sale with just 10 to 20% off doesn’t seem like too much beneficial but it does save you some. And little by little you can make an impact. For a buyer who needs to buy a lot of items all year (all of us), nobody can drain their entire savings on something which they could get for less later on.

After all nothing breaks your heart more than buying something then seeing in on the half price the next day. To play safe and prevent yourselves of that heartache it is better to foresee and plan ahead. Thus the annual sales, with the annual sale schedule on your hand you can wait to shop because you know there is always a sale coming.

1.Amazon Annual Sale

Amazon does not need a reason to treat its customers with the best discounts nor does it have any reason not to put on those amazing sales. Even though the Amazon sales are recurring and always happening the short time when there is no sale seems like a burden and a hard wait for many buyers. As amazon has started now with the spring seasonal sale with the best spring collection don’t forget to keep amazon in mind with every changing season. Also the Amazon prime day is approaching so brace yourselves!

2.Walmart Annual Sale

We are pretty sure you must still remember the Walmart Black Friday Sale 2021. It was nothing less than a treat for shopaholics and if that’s the case this year the black Friday sale on Walmart will begin way earlier then November 26. Well that’s too far in the future but still mark your calendars.

Talking about Walmart and the amazing sales there is no reason you shouldn’t check Walmart for the annual sales. After all the store had the best Black Friday how come it will miss any other special event? Not to mention it’s just the first quarter of 2021 and the New Year’s Sale happened at Walmart is still fresh.

3.Sephora Annual Sale

Beauty Queens and makeup lovers wait for a chance to save at Sephora. Whether it’s the Sephora employee discount or any other coupon that could earn you benefits, Sephora is one of the most desired stores when it comes to makeup and stuff. And Sephora holds special activities during the year, in addition to a number of seasonal shopping days and first-time promotions, such as the Sephorathon in December and the Welcome Back Sale in August. Some of the not to miss Sephora sales include:

Sephora Spring Savings

Spring gets in full breeze so does the Spring Sales. Sephora gives a kick start to April with the best Sephora spring savings event. By just becoming a loyalty member at Sephora you can earn straight 10% off on your first order.

Sephora Beauty Insider Sale

This sale happens several times around the year (April, August and November) and it is a golden chance for all the Sephora beauty insiders to get up to 20% off on all Sephora items and products.

4.Macy’s Annual Sale

As if the coupons and promo codes released by Macy weren’t enough! Macy’s sales simply beat the competition out of the water and many people admire Macy for being more than enough to treat them with the best shopping deals. And what could be better than a store that offers you best collection of clothing, accessories, cosmetics, kitchen items and much more?

Macy’s Semi Annual Sales

Macy does not stop at annual sales but it also has the best semi-annual sales. These semi-annual sales can offer you as much as 75% discount and you can enjoy free shipping too.

Macy’s Friends and Family Sale

This jumbo sale happens two times in a year and this is simple one of the best sales from Macy’s. The early spring and mid-winter sale lasts up to a week and this week could be the best time of your shopping spree throughout the year depending on how much you make of it. It is known that Macy offers up to 30% off on this wonderful occasion which is known as Macy’s friends and family sale.

5.Target Annual Sale

If we tried to sum up all the Target sales at one place it would take an eternity or maybe even more. To put it simply, target does not need a reason to put any sales but it creates the opportunity itself. And to describe the target’s sales best, these sales occur every week don’t get us started on the Target’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. To sum it up, they are THE BEST! But for now:

Target’s Summer Sales

Back in 2018 and 2019 target released a sale without any special reason but the sales were special enough to treat the customers amazingly. One sale offered 30% off for the entire day and do you know what other one did? It gave the chance to avail 50% off on apparel, toys, home items and many-many other things too.

Target Deal Days

The little kids probably remember this sale. The target deal days is one of the best collection of 10 days every year. Typically this deal day happens somewhere between the end of November and start of December. The deal days offer great discount on toys, so great that you cannot resist.

6.Kohl’s Annual Sale

Kohl’s is pretty generous when it comes to discounts and promo deals and this is true to say that Kohl’s doesn’t need a reason to do so. The sales happen every other day, they are easy to spot as everyone is talking about Kohl’s (why shouldn’t they?) while the Black Friday sale at Kohl’s is one of the best it is the semi-annual sale that gathers the most attention.

See Kohl’s Discounts and Sales

Kohl’s Semi Annual Sale

Named as Kohl’s semi-annual intimates sale it is one of the best opportunities for women to shop high quality intimates for them. Last year the Kohl’s’ intimate discounts reached as much as $40 off. Who knows what will happen this year? So better to keep an eye this March and August!

7.Nike Annual Sale

We all wait for sales on Nike! And as much as it is understandable part of the reason is that the Nike sales are the best. Imagine getting something worth so much and only to get if for 40% of the price? Yes that happens at the Nike sales all around the year. Although Nike does not put recurring sales for no reason it is also a known fact that when the sales happen, they are pretty memorable.

And the Black Friday sale on Nike is not to be missed, so mark your calendars because Nike really gets some attention on Black Friday.

8.Starbucks Annual Sale

Just like any other store concerned for the best of customer service and high preference to making their customers happy, Starbucks puts the best sales. Whether is a discount as minimum as 15% or something wonderful as 70% Starbucks annual sale is a treat for customers.

9.Old Navy Annual Sale

Did you know Old navy has the best annual sales? Whether it’s the spring season sales, end of winter sales, start of summer sales or any occasion old navy has got it all covered. The clearance sections are one of the best sales at Old Navy and when you have the old navy coupons who does even need to wait for the sales?

10.Home Depot Annual Sale

Home Depot is eager to build a great home for you. With many DIY decorative projects for your home, home depot offers unique ways to save money. And the typical home depot sales on black Friday, cyber Monday, president day, thanksgiving and all the special events around the year? Yeah don’t miss those.

And as the spring approaches so does the home depot spring sale. With the weather taking up a little warmth it’s the right time to decorate that pretty garden of yours and who needs a better reason to stock up those high quality gardening tools and items from the home depot spring sale?

11.Nordstrom Annual Sale

Nordstrom's sales are, without a doubt, the most talked-about of all the retailers' sales. This is due to the fact that their designer duds and other high-end clothing (and shoes) have the lowest discounts available.

The year's most famous sale July Nordstrom Sale; kicks off just in time for back-to-school shopping. It provides deep discounts on discounted products as well as new fall merchandise. According to their subscription rank, Club owners get sneak peeks and early access to the auction. And as you go shopping to one of the best annual sales don’t forget the take the nordy coupon with you.

12.Ulta Annual Sale

If you have been shopping already with the Ulta coupon then you might not be looking for extra discounts as you already have the best but sometimes the more the merrier. The Ulta annual sale is not just a single event but a series of events that happen all around the year. Starting with the Ulta’s 21 days of beauty this sale can save you as much as 50% off on entire Ulta products. For those who don’t know what’s it about? The Ulta’s 21 days event happening March and September is new items featured each day for 21 days straight.

Ulta's Spring Haul Event

The Spring Haul Event is similar to the Fall Haul Event, in that it takes place in the spring. It includes discounts of up to 50% on your favorite products.

Ulta's Gorgeous Hair Festival - May and October

About the fact that the Beautiful Hair Event saves you up to 50% on your preferred hair care items, the Jumbo Love Sale in January and July saves you over 70% on the same products. And don’t forget the Ulta Valentine’s Day offers. It’s better and bigger each year!

The Annual Sales Not the Only Way to Save

While annual sales form an extensive web all around the year. These sales may occur once in a while and on special events when each of your favorite store goes on a discount at the same time. Who has got that kind of budget to hoard stuff from all places at once? While sales are amazing something more helpful than these sales (and you don’t even need to wait) are the coupons!

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