Apple Watch Series 6 Updates

Feb 28, 2022   |   8 min read


Apple Watch Series 6 Updates


Ever since Apple announced its new series 6 watch, users have been lining up to know what the new features are and how can they upgrade to the watch. If you have been a smartwatch user for quite some time now, you know the thrill of getting new updates every two years or so, especially if the company is an expert like Apple. Previously, this tech was primarily meant for sports wearers who wanted to time their workout sessions and monitor their heart rates. However, with time this has grown into so much more and now you can just connect your phone to the watch and use it as an alternative as well.

Smartwatches attend and decline calls, play music, let you browse through the internet, and carry out all the functions that a sports watch does. Brands like Apple have completely changed the game for so many of us and it is not a surprise that people are always excited for the new update. Just like the previous collection, Apple did not disappoint this time either and has come up with some amazing specifications for you to benefit from.

We suggest that you read through all of these and decide whether or not it is the right time to upgrade to the Apple watch series 6. As per Jeff Williams who is the Chief Operating Officer of the company, “Apple Watch Series 6 completely redefines what a watch can do. With powerful new features, including a Blood Oxygen sensor and app, Apple Watch becomes even more indispensable by providing further insight into overall well-being.”

He might not be completely far off because we are blown away with some of the aspects introduced in the watch, especially because they operate so smoothly. So, let’s begin with our dissection.


Since you pretty much know how the user experience with Apple smartwatches is, we are going to be listing down all the updates that the company has introduced this time around.

Blood Oxygen Sensor App

Without a doubt, something that we could all benefit from the Blood Oxygen Sensor App comes as a great gift. The series 6 watch has worked to make the health gadgets in the system more pronounced which explains the inclusion of this particular feature. Now you might have heard of many sports watches that already have this specification, so what makes Apple Series 6 watch so special? The thing that stands out with this product is that not only does the watch measure the oxygen saturation of your blood but it also plans your workouts according to them.

Oxygen saturation is reported as SpO2 with the gadget and it represents the percentage of O2 that is being pumped from your lungs to the heart and subsequently the entire body. It is an excellent feature which is being lauded by the health sector as well, especially in the light of recent events when it has become greatly important to take care of your health.

Now you might think that with such strict monitoring, it might be possible to give out inaccurate results. Well, the reason we love Apple is that it covers all its bases. To make up for this, the Blood Oxygen sensor in the watch has four clusters of green, red, and infrared LEDs as well as the four photodiodes on the back crystal. What these parts do is that they measure the light reflected back from the blood and so it is very rare for you to get inaccurate results.

The mechanics behind this feature is that Apple watches series 6 uses an advanced custom algorithm that is linked to the Blood Oxygen App on your phone. It measures blood oxygen between 70 percent and 100 percent. When you are sick, you can even request special oxygen measurements with it and it will gauge the results of your active hours as well as the sleeping time.

This is why Apple watch series 6 is the perfect present for your parents who suffer from any sort of illness. It helps them remain up to date about their health so when things look even slightly wrong, they can head straight to the doctor. Also, all this data is updated regularly on the Health App in your phone so you could be miles away from your parents and still be able to monitor their health.

The watch has been deemed useful by the health sector that has now undertaken the device for research. They want to check whether or not the way Apple conducts these tests is accurate. The company is fairly confident in the findings and hopes that its tech would be used in future health applications.

This really is a welcome step into the future as the measurements of oxygen levels can tell you about a lot of illnesses immediately so you can easily seek medical advice if the watch indicates so. University of California, Irvine, and Anthem have collaborated with Apple on the watch and they will look for ways the watch can help manage blood oxygen as well as control condition like asthma.

How are the Design and Performance?

Apple watches series 6 has been gaining a lot of attention for its blood oxygen monitoring feature. However, that is not the only attractive thing about the watch. With the newest collection, the company has further tweaked the performance and incorporated a lot more in the small design. A new dual-core processor based on A12 Bionic in iPhone 11 has been introduced and S6 SiP is upgraded to run up to 20% faster. Don’t worry, this doesn’t take away the battery time at all as you can still operate the watch for 18 hours after a full charge.

You also get the U1 chip and Ultra-Wideband antennas with Apple watch series 6 so all the wireless location ranges that were previously missing in the tech would be enabled. Apple always plans ahead so when you finally have the digital keys of your car in the phone, it would unlock smoothly even with the smartwatch.


With the newest model, you can also charge it faster which further increases the performance. For instance, if you have drained the battery for the day, you just have to plug it in for a maximum of 1 and a half-hour, and the watch will be up and running for another 18 hours which is great for prolonged runs and workout sessions.


Always-On Retina is another feature that is being appreciated a lot in Apple Watch Series 6. The display is now 2.5 times brighter than the previous model so this means that even when you are outside, you would be able to view it better. Usually, with the older collections, when your wrist was down, you had to press on the dial a couple of times to see the time or the progress of your workout. The new tech means that even with your wrist down, you can see the face of the watch.


Since smartwatches were primarily made for detecting directions and GPS so that people run frequently and like to explore new routes don’t get lost, Apple has enhanced the always-on altimeter in the gadget. You can get real-time elevation with the smartwatch as it has become far more efficient and powerful than the previous models.

Of course, you get the upgraded GPS and a range of Wi-Fi networks for that. The altimeter is helpful in a way that it can detect even the smallest of changes when you are moving higher up from the ground. It helps with hiking so you are aware of your surroundings and what the weather high up is like.


We can never forgo the style when it comes to the Apple watch series 6. This is why a new set of bands has been released by Apple with this and you can now sport your smartwatch in interesting colors like silver, space gray, as well as gold aluminum case options. Since stainless steel models are more trendy right now you can find the watch in more shades on the site and the newest surprise for us is the updated classic yellow gold color.

So, upgrade your watch now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it has a lot of updates from the previous collection so it is definitely worth it.

It costs $339 but you can find good deals on Amazon.

Yes, along with a lot of health apps it has sports features like GPS and altimeter.

It works for 18 hours and can charge in 1.5 hours.

It is water-resistant so you can swim with it but you have to clean it afterward.

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