15+ Best Things to Buy For your New Baby from Walmart

Feb 09, 2022   |   10 min read


15+ Best Things to Buy For your New Baby from Walmart


Baby stuff is always precious and can make anyone aww with love. Buying baby stuff isn’t just putting the cute stuff in your cart but as a matter of fact it is much more than that. You need to be careful about the stuff, quality, durability and the safety of babies. And not to mention the price, yeah baby stuff does cost some serious bucks and only wise buyers know it is not smart to spend thousands of dollars on baby stuff since your baby will be outgrowing it all in a matter of few months.

That being said, new parents or parents to be are always on the hunt for the best places to buy baby stuff. While we can list down many stores, we don’t think all of them stand a chance against baby stuff at walmart. Yes, the comfy walmart section and the baby things at walmart are just too cute to ignore and the best part is that they are pretty affordable too. So let’s put all the parents to be and new parents out of despair. Here is a checklist of essentials to get from walmart for your baby.

Swaddle Set

Swaddle that tiny piece of jelly who is just too wobbly in your big hands. New born are a tough affair and their fragility keeps you on your toes all the time. But that doesn’t mean it will stop you from holding them in your arms and smooching them all day.

After all they are that cute. Hence to make your wishes come true walmart has a swaddle set that will keep your baby comfortable and also make them safe to be held. Aden & Anais' super-soft, lightweight, and breathable blankets come in a variety of designs and colors and may be used for a variety of purposes more than simply covering a baby in a burrito.

They may be used as a summertime blanket, an on-the-go changing pad, a burp cloth, and even a nursing shield that's airy enough to allow baby breathe beneath it while keeping you properly covered. Moreover, they also suffice as walmart pampers swaddlers, so is there anything wrong about getting multiple benefits off a single product?

Changing Pad

This is not just an ordinary changing pad but walmart has the most effective solution when it comes to keeping your hyperactive baby safe. We know babies have the most fun and the greatest urge to tease you when they are on a diaper change. Not only they laugh out but they also move a bit too much and you are scared of them falling off the changing table. Well not anymore, with this changing pad with sloped sides your baby can be themselves while you can collect all the happy memories of them looking at you with the greatest love. This changing pad's high, curved walls, non-skid bottom, and security strap keep your baby safe even when you're looking for diaper cream.

Comfortable Recliner Chair

Now you must be thinking this one isn’t for the baby to sit in. indirectly this product is best for both the parents and the baby. This comfortable recliner chair from walmart is essential for the rest you need especially during that nursing or burping time the recline can even be your magical place for a power nap and allows you to remain calm and near your baby without straining your back. It could also be a regain place for you and your baby when they grow up.

Bed Side sleeper

During the first few months, when they're the tiny and need to be fed every few hours throughout the night, a bedside sleeper is important. This one has six relaxing tones and two lulling motions to help them go asleep. It also doubles as a portable bassinet and a wipe-clean changing station.

Baby Octopus

At the mega-retailer, this Baby Einstein Plush Toy is one of the most popular baby toys. As your child snuggles with the lovely octopus, he or she will be exposed to different sounds and colors. Each leg is stitched with a different image. When you squeeze it, your baby will be told the color of the object and a classical tune will be played in response.

Baby Gate

Is your baby often found in laundry and are you having nightmares of your baby heading straight for the oven. Living with babies is both loving and tiring at the same time. Not only you are physically fatigues but the mental stress of keeping them safe takes a toll.

Hence whether it’s a path leading to the staircase or to a place where you keep all the tools, walmart has the best solution. This baby gate is 30 inches tall so it suffices a baby of growing age. You can get variety of openings and extension thus it is a diverse solution for different size of pathways.

Snot Sucker

Not many parents know the essential things they should add on the baby list but you will find this one really helpful. We know this one sounds pretty gross but hey it’s your baby. And simply this is not what you are thinking exactly.

The NoseFrida's clever design keeps snot out of your mouth, making it more practical and comfortable for babies than using a bulb aspirator to remove boogers. It allows your baby to sleep well hence you sleep well.

Best Baby Walker from Walmart

Yes let your baby walk all their way into the amazing childhood with this safe baby walker from walmart. We love the little giraffes on the top but we are getting ahead of us. There is more serious stuff to like about this cute walker. It's simple to see why over 1,000 Walmart shoppers adore this adorable giraffe-themed baby walker by Baby Trend.

The large tray will assist your child with sitting or standing without your support, and the multi-directional wheels will let them to travel in whatever direction they like. There are three different height settings on the walker, so you may modify it as your child develops.

Also it is completely foldable and portable to take with you on your baby’s visit to the grandma. Who says they should compromise on their walking time?

Air Purifier

Your baby comes out of their safe space into this polluted world, even if you sanitized their nursery thousand times a day they need to be well taken care of. Especially during the dry winter months when allergens are out to get them and their little sensitive skins are exposed to all kinds of harmful particles. This air purifier from walmart definitely is the best choice for babies due to many reasons.

This one not only adds moisture to the air, but it also functions as a nightlight and a diffuser, allowing you to add a few drops of essential oils like lavender to aid sleep or eucalyptus to help with sniffles. However, before using essential oils on your child, always consult with his or her pediatrician.

Baby Sock Monitor

Those cute feet are too cute to be covered but this product will make you decide otherwise. For the extra sensitive and extra loved babies, this sock comes with a monitor that tracks their heart rate and oxygen level. Enough to say you are no more worried about your little one having not so normal breaths.

The monitor connects to an application in your phone and you can detect any abnormality. As opposed to other monitors this one is comfortable, cheap and hassle free. It doesn’t seem as an out of the basic thing sticking to your baby.

The 4 in 1 Baby Crib

Delta has created a four-in-one crib that will grow with your child. It begins off as a standard infant cot, but it transforms into a toddler bed, a daybed, or even a full-size bed with a headboard with ease. We also like how it has a clean, simplistic design and a neutral white color that would complement any nursery or children's room. And the best part, this crib is definitely the most affordable option you will find.

Car Seat

Not just any ordinary car seat but the walmart baby carrier car seat, yes you heard it right. The baby carrier car seat from walmart is a onetime investment and hear us out before you turn back due to the price. This car seat grows with your baby. Yes, so you won’t be out buying new car seats each time your baby grows a few inches.

The easy to install car seat is spacious yet safe enough to hold the tiniest baby and take them until they head out to the Elementary School. It also fits well to the car and is safe for babies when you are driving.

Graco Baby Swing

Swing your baby for a happy time and swing your baby for those cute cheeks to get flushed with laughter. We have the best baby swing for new born to infants and walmart takes lead yet again.

This Graco swing is one of Walmart's most popular things for a reason. It has six swing modes as well as 15 various music and sound settings to help your baby go asleep. The swing also features two vibration settings and a soft toy mobile for visual simulation.

Your baby will be safe and secure thanks to the five-point harness, while the padded seat will keep them relaxed and supported.

Stroller Hook

This hook is useful for attaching bags and other items to your baby carriage. It's simple to use; simply hook it onto the carriage and voila! Any bag can now be attached to your hook. A must-have for every mom who lugs about a lot of baby gear!

Bath time Flower Mat

For your little princess or your boy who loves the pretty flowers. Your baby in a lotus blossom is a sigh to cherish and here is a chance to do that every single day. Yes this cute flower bud bath time walmart baby mat is worth all the praise and attention. It is comfortable, pretty, easy to wash and very safe for the baby.

They will love the shower time and the practical mat will keep your baby happy during their bath time. How about taking out camera and clicking few adorable clicks of them while they are on it?

Baby Monitor System

It also functions as an intercom, which some reviewers said they liked when their children grew older. It can charge and be wireless, though (again, based on the reviews) it appears that the charge isn't normally enough to last a whole night - it must be plugged in for that.

Frequently Asked Questions

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