Everything You Need to Know About Bed Bath and Beyond’s Bridal Registry!

Jun 20, 2022   |   9 min read


Everything You Need to Know About Bed Bath and Beyond’s Bridal Registry!


Are you getting married soon? Do you have no idea where to register? Well, we hope that there is still time but maybe Bed Bath & Beyond’s bridal registry can help you fix up everything in a small timeframe. 

The bed bath and beyond bridal registry is quite an interesting registry to get signed up for! It has everything you need. From the small things to make an attractive décor for your home to the big things to make life easy for you! But yes, it might be hard to get your head wrapped around the whole setup. This is why we are here! 

In this blog, you will know how to set up the wedding registry, how to get the bed bath and beyond bridal registry discount, and the best way to get the most out of the experience. So, let’s not waste any time and start right away! 

  1. How to Set Up the Wedding Registry at Bed Bath and Beyond? 
  2. Head to the Wedding Registry homepage on the website. 
  3. Click on the button that says, Start Your Registry. 
  4. Fill in your name, wedding date, and all the details to set up your account. 
  5. Skim through the virtual guide to find out the items available.  
  6. Make an appointment at the store or download the application to shop online. 

How to Use Bed Bath and Beyond’s Bridal Registry Through Knot?  

Many people also use Knot to get themselves registered at Bed Bath and Beyond. It is almost the same thing but with a few extra perks. You can sync them both and you will have yourself an elaborate yet concise wedding registry as a newlywed couple.  

Knot gives a few extra features along with Bed Bath and Beyond’s basic pros. You can get a 20% off flat on the remaining items on your registry, once it has been dusted off by your loved ones. In addition, you can get free gifts that can put the cherry on top of your life as a married couple. Here is how you can set up the registry through Knot; 

  1. Create an account on Knot and get yourself registered.  
  2. Search the retailers for Bed, Bath and Beyond. 
  3. Fill in the contact details and the wedding information. 
  4. Shop away! Your registry is now synced with Knot. 

Benefits of the Bed Bath & Beyond Bridal Registry  

You are probably wondering if signing up for this registry is even worth your time! So, let’s discuss some of the benefits that this sign-up would bring. And then you can decide whether it is time to spend the big bucks on it!  

Expert Registry Consultant 

Are you confused about the process? The setup? What to add and what to skip? These are all common doubts that may trouble you. But Bed Bath and Beyond does not want you to have a doubtful experience with them. They want you to make the most of your registry which is why they allow you to consult with an expert!  

20% Discount 

Once your friends and family buy off the products on the registry, there might still be a few items that you may need to purchase. If you complete the checklist by making the remaining purchases, you can get a flat 20% off on your order! Yes, we know it is a huge discount. But will you use it? 

Free Announcement Cards and Thank You Cards 

Do you need to subtly let people know that the registry invite is open and clear for them to shop? Here is something fun that is both creative and useful. The brand allows you to hand out free registry cards unveiling the big date. This makes it easier for them to remember to come and allows them to choose their desired gift. Plus, you can even put these announcement cards in the bridal shower invites to make it trendier! 

Once you have received the gifts, you can return the favor and send innovative bed bath and beyond bridal registry cards to them as a token of gratitude.  

Ease of Shopping 

It has never been easier to shop for wedding gifts. Bed Bath & Beyond knows how important people’s time is and how little they can spare to get a good gift. But without compromising on the gift, they have come up with an excellent initiative. 

Anybody can find a local shop near their house and shop for the products from the registry. These shops are spread all over the region so there would be no trouble finding the local store. In addition, if there are no local shops nearby, you can always opt for online shopping through a simple tap. Just search for the desired registry and shop away! 

Customized Gifts  

The best wedding gift for the couple is a personalized gift. Something that has their names on or their favorite quote or the lyrics to the song they both equally adore. Things like these add a special sentiment to the gift that they can keep for years long gone and look back at the cherished moments.  

Bed Bath and Beyond allows couples to customize the gifts to their personal taste. They can buy towels or pillows and put their print their favorite photos and memories on them. 

Additional Features of Bed Bath and Beyond Bridal Registry  

Here are a few extra things you need to know before you sin sign up for the bridal registry at Bed Bath and Beyond; 

Incentive Program  

Here is a treat that you will like! You can choose vendors as per your liking before adding things to your registry. When you do that, simply fill out the voucher and send it to them. Once you follow through with this process, you may be eligible for a free gift! Yep, vendors like to make newly wedded couples happy by sending in a few additional gifts if they purchase from their shops.  

Rock Your Registry Events  

If you want to turn up the game for your wedding registry by making it fun, here is one thing you will like; the Rock Your Registry Events. This feature allows you to manage your registry through the help of experts at the local store near you. Along with expert advice, you can get free goodie bags, snacks, and all the suggestions about making your registry rock! However, you should note that not all stores host such an event. So, call in before you head out on a hunt. 

Return Policy 

You don’t like something that your friends or family bought? Here is a little incentive by the Bed Bath and Beyond workers, you can return them! Yes, with a simple gift receipt, you can return the gift to get either store credit or the chance to exchange the product. No, they won’t know about it! And you can use up the store credit for up to a year after you make the return! 

What to Add to the Bed Bath and Beyond Bridal Registry? 

You can buy a great number of things from Bed Bath and Beyond. From décor that will add elegance to your newly furnished house to things that can make your honeymoon adventurous, there are over hundreds of pages you can skim through to make your registry according to your taste. In addition, your friends and family will know what to buy according to their desired budget.   

The popular things kept in the wedding registry are kitchen appliances, bathroom items, décor for furnishing, storage boxes, linens and comforters, various gadgets, and things for your travel and outdoor needs.  


We hope that our guide was enough to tell you everything that you needed to know about Bed Bath and Beyond Bridal Registry. The process is simple, the setup is easy, and the shopping for a variety of products is fun. Plus, with all perks, it makes it an experience that you can cherish as a couple about to be married. The prices are not that bad in the store if you would like to buy things apart from the registry. But if you want to buy all your favorite items at a discount, use Bed Bath and Beyond coupons and try it out for yourself!  

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s easy! All you need to do is use the name of the bride or the groom under the bed bath and beyond bridal registry search and a number of profiles will pop up. Select yours with the right location and date and you will have found the one you have been looking for!

You should avoid adding things that you would never use. Or are according to the recent trends because such things are only cool for a limited time. Moreover, do not add gifts that are too expensive. Your friends may pitch in for a gift but single people may not always have the budget.

Anything close to $100 is an appropriate amount to spend on the wedding gift. You can increase it or decrease it as per your budget or judging the fact that how close you are to the bride or groom.

Yes, there is a 2.5% transaction fee charged by Knot.

You can return and exchange the gift at Bed Bath and Beyond. They have quite a simple return policy that allows you to make the exchange without any hassle