Berrylook Reviews: Expensive Fashion in Cheap Prices

Jun 09, 2021   |   5 min read


Berrylook Reviews: Expensive Fashion in Cheap Prices


We all dream of affording latest fashion and stylish accessories. Though it is a desire of every person to style themselves gracefully and in an attractive manner. While your wardrobe might be full of designer clothes, fashion is more about the way you carry yourself. After all nothing looks smarter than confidence and truth be told you need a killer outfit to get that confidence to show off.

Berrylook reviews and the famous brand berrylook itself has taken internet by the storm. The brand is prominent for a versatile and gorgeous apparel line, affordable clothing and many-many accessories. Though the berrylook reviews are promising themselves but is the brand really a depiction of expensive fashion in cheap prices?

Our unbiased and deep insight into berrylook reviews will help you discover the following truths about this brand.

Learn everything you need to know about berrylook before spending that hard-earned money of yours on this Hong Kong based fashion brand.

The Truth about Berrylook

Fashionistas know there is no better place than internet to shop for the latest fashion and extensive clothing. Also, the pool of brands selling unique ideas and creative designs appeals both men and women. After all, who can guide you better about the genuineness and authenticity of a product other than the customers themselves?

The freedom of speech and reach of social media is no joke. All you need to learn about a service/ product is available online. The wise shoppers learn about a brand way before they are actually going to make a purchase. The berrylook reviews are somewhat similar of a helping hand in this world of ambiguity where everything is nothing but a chance of hit or miss.

Though it is no hidden fact that berrylook has gathered some bad press over the past few months and ever since the brand has been established since 2017, it isn’t true either that all they sell is scams and illegitimate products. Head quartered in Hong Kong, China as well as operating from California berrylook does have some reasonably priced and diverse products.

The quality is also promising but sometimes despite the products being good enough and the prices too light on budget, a brand isn’t strong enough to have many die hard lovers. What makes berrylook the reason of anguish amongst people and why do some really love this brand and keep coming back for more? Maybe it’s the poor customer service or the long wait of the package being delivered. Could be the price or a tiny defect in fabric.

Here you will find the most legitimate and genuine concerns raised upon berrylook and the final conclusion whether or not to add those items to the cart.

What Will You Find At Berrylook?

After the interesting history of berrylook and the long list of praises on internet, the first question that pops in the mind of fashion seekers is what to get at Berrylook. Sure, berrylook promises “Your satisfaction is our top priority” and when evaluated through the diversification in product line, the brand really does sell some wide category and classes of products for both men and women. These products include:

  • Dresses
  • T-shirts and casual shirts
  • Blouses
  • Shoes
  • Pants
  • Trousers
  • Jumpsuits
  • Swimwear
  • Jewelry
  • Accessories
  • Scarfs
  • Bags

Though the men product line is recently launched and isn’t much developed as compared to women but the prices are observed to be as much as lesser than 40% compared to other brands. The discounts released at berrylook are self-introduced and they really don’t need a reason to cut on those prices. For instance the 70% off on this simple V-neck dress really does ring some bells whether the deal is too good to be true?

Berrylook Dresses Reviews

The brand goes with the title cheap dresses online for the berrylook dresses line. They also promise to have a huge selection with worldwide shipping. Though it is true that they have dresses of many kinds for women such as maxi dresses, bodycon dresses, skater dresses and shift dresses. The prints range from floral to basic as well as something unique for the versatile lady in you.

The fabric choice is also pretty vibrant and detailed by the brand and the style of the berrylook dresses is also commendable. And as you look at the prices, the deals seem to be really affordable for an average buyer trying to look their most stylish self.

Berrylook Shoes Reviews

Their shoe line is also very extensive nonetheless and it is safe to say they cover every style, fashion and taste when it comes to shoes for both men and women. You can find sandals, flats, loafers, pumps, sneakers, boots, mid-boots, ankle boots and long boots. Speaking about the quality, customer have had different experiences with the product no matter what the category and the shoe line has also had its fair share of praises and criticism.

Berrylook Reviews

When it comes to reviews for a brand there are several criterion upon which a name is judged or evaluated. Same is the case with berrylook. The berrylook reviews can be divided into multiple categories and before we dive into particular product or the intent of reviews, it is important to check the each box separately.

Berrylook Shipping


This is by far the most troublesome area as highlighted by the customers. They are not very much pleased with the shipping speed. Nonetheless, the brands make the customer wait for their products for days (read: Feel like years for a buyer), and on the top of that some have really experienced missing products in their orders. Like Really? Too bad!

Berrylook Return


“WARNING!!!!!!! They will not exchange your product or give you a refund for unwanted items. 9 times out of 10 you will be highly unsatisfied and stressed after purchasing from them. Please do yourself a favor and shop somewhere else but make sure you read the reviews first to save the disappointment.”

The original words straight from the heart of a disappointed buyer or to be more precise an angry buyer. The rest doesn’t need to be clarified as the exchange and return claims by berrylook are criticized 90% of the time.

Berrylook Sales


The difference in sale price as compared to the original price has been noted by few buyers. And this is a cause of concern for the brand who isn’t sure enough about the price tag they put on their product.

Berrylook Clothing Reviews


Some are actually pleased with their dresses section and many people love the variety of clothes combined with affordable prices. Few of the berrylook apparel reviews are from their pleased customers. They claim that the images posted on website show the product they deliver and the quality is good too.

Customer Service


Sure, it is an overseas fashion brand but the promise of worldwide delivery does come with a responsibility. And berrylook doesn’t seem to be responsible enough. Many people claim berrylook to have the worst customer service.

Berrylook Policies

The shipping policy stated on the berry look’s official website makes the product seem genuine and legit. But the company doesn’t seem much aware of the policies they talk about. Ironic enough? They have promised free shipping over orders of $69 which they adhere to. However, the non-fulfillment of promise to deliver goods in 15 days is what makes the majority of customers angry. 

Secondly, the return policy which states you can return the product within 30 days of purchase if unsatisfied is the biggest scam of all. Not our words. They also promise full price refund except the shipping charges which seems a fair deal only if they stick to it.

Berrylook Customer Reviews – What to Believe?

A few bad reviews is a given no matter how amazing the company has been but the trouble arises when the brand is hit by negativity over negativity and they don’t pay a heed to the cries of customers. Berrylook is bombarded with all kinds of accusations and claims and it seems like the brand merely responds to the wailing customers (at least that’s what our research says!)

Berrylook Positive Reviews

Many people find the customer service and shipping by berrylook really good but these reviews haven’t gotten that much appreciation. There are also many customers who have had a good experience with the company but it is true that positivity doesn’t get much hype on the internet.

One customer review regarding berrylook commented ‘delivered as promised’ and that has something to say about the quality. Another one also claims that ‘fits as expected’ and this might be one of the reasons why berrylook is still operating. However an angry customer had nothing to say for this company but just a single word: Scam!

Berrylook Negative Reviews

Where to start! The internet is filled with the negative reviews regarding berrylook. After all there is a reason for the trending “Is berrylook a Scam?” question online.

The company's products are of low quality, according to several Berrylook complaints. Some consumers also said that when they tried to return an item to Berrylook, they couldn't find a return address and weren't given one.

Others claim that Berrylook defrauds clients by offering a reimbursement for a returned item that never arrives. The negative reviews and complains regarding the berrylook clothing line and service can be summarized in few points below:

  • Products were not the same as shown in the image
  • The shipment tracking wasn’t available
  • Late delivery
  • No refund or returns entertained
  • The store is located in China only despite being promised to be in California too
  • Improper sizes sent

Utterly disappointed, saddened by the quality and no response received are some of the common phrases used for the berrylook by their so loyal and naïve customers.

Berrylook Coupons

Though the brand has gained various complaints but the few lucky ones who received the products as promised are happy with the price. And even luckier ones used the berrylook coupon to get better discounts. Imagine the joy of receiving a product better than the price you paid for it. Sure it is a risk to shop with berrylook but the berrylook coupons are being used by many people. And we have heard they save you as much as 80% on the store prices.

Berrylook Reviews: Is It Worth the Risk?

Following a thorough examination of Berry Look’s complaints, reviews, and policies, it appears that Berrylook is most likely a fraud. While a tiny fraction of consumers may obtain a high-quality goods in a timely manner, this appears to be an uncommon occurrence. Secondly, numerous consumers claim that Berrylook defrauded them by sending those things that were not what they ordered.

The unresponsiveness of customer service to most of their customers show the little to no concern the company has about their buyers. This is the most disappointing way in which a company can treat its valued buyers.

As a result, for a firm that has only been established for four years only, there are an unusually huge amount of unfavorable Berrylook reviews which is alarming and a huge risk is involved in making a purchase.