Great Movies to watch this Veteran’s Day

Nov 05, 2021   |   5 min read


Great Movies to watch this Veteran’s Day


For big and special events like Veteran’s day nothing serves better than learning and educating yourself about the history, reason and all the special importance these days have. Veteran’s day is a federal holiday celebrated on 11th of November each year but not all of us rejoice this day to the full spirit. Though there are many things to do on veteran’s day we have gathered the best veteran movies to watch with your military heroes this year. And if you have the Youtube Movie Subscription, you can in great luck to stream these masterpieces in HD.

Hacksaw Ridge

An intense tale of a real life soldier who had to go through tough times to fight for the motherland. Hence this is one of the best movies for veteran’s day. This film is still playing in theatres! And it'll be well worth it. Hacksaw Ridge is based on the true account of American Army Medic Desmond T. Doss during WWII. He is a man who stands by his beliefs, refusing to kill while fighting with his brothers on the front lines.

Dear John

Well you needs lots of tissues to wipe the tear with this heart wrenching one. If you're alone tonight, this might be the one to watch. It's unmistakably a female film. It tugs on your heartstrings. Dear John depicts those situations with which we are all too familiar. Distance, longing home, love letters, waiting, waiting, waiting, and loving with such fervor every time they return to us.


The US Olympic men's hockey team, which was mostly comprised of Midwestern college students, beat the much favored Russian team in the medal playoffs and went on to win gold in 1980. The game is regarded as one of the greatest sporting moments of all time, as depicted in the 2004 film. It was not simply a classic underdog victory, but it was also a victory for American democracy over the harsh Soviet rule.

Gratitude Campaign

A great Veteran’s day movie for kids, this one teaches the impact of a simple thank you to a military member. And that too for the kids. This movie will teach you value of small things in life hence a great lesson for the little ones.

History of Veteran’s Day

One of the Veteran’s Day best movies, this one highlights the whole history and focus on this special day. Learn all about veteran’s day, the reason of celebration and all. It is indeed a great watch for kids, adult and everyone.

Our Vietnam Wars

A tale told by 100 of soldiers who served in it, this compilation is a must watch to realize and feel the fraction of what those hardworking patriotic soldiers did for the nation. A great amazon movies veteran's day, you can buy it off easily and sit with your entire family. Spine chilling.

Black Hawk Down

It's fantastic. It's unmistakably a "man" film... This film is based on a fantastic book about a mission that sent soldiers into Somalia to apprehend two lieutenants. The storey of the downed US Black Hawk helicopters is continued in this film. You witness the horrors of battle as well as the valor of our mighty military. Warning: it's going to be brutal, violent.

Frequently Asked Questions

By attending a veteran’s day ceremony, volunteering, donating to charity, sending gifts and learning about veteran’s day you can honor this special occasion.

Thank them with a thankyou card or a Veterans Day gift to honor them.

Veterans Day is celebrated every year on 11th November to honor the military members and personnel for their efforts.

Veteran’s Day 2021 is on 11th November

In honor of the armistice agreement that ended WWI on November 11, 1918, November 11 was initially dubbed