Best Retailers to Buy Rugs for Your Home

Jan 19, 2022   |   8 min read


Best Retailers to Buy Rugs for Your Home


Do you miss the good old days when we could buy rugs at ridiculously discounted prices from wholesale shops? What we don’t miss is the crowd and chaos fighting over rug pieces. Gladly, in today’s times, our go-to stores took upon the responsibility to bring us a colossal range of rugs, in extensive designs and color ranges. 

Now the real catch is to find stores that deliver us rugs in pandemic times. We all know how Omicron has emptied the streets and marketplace. It is best to stay safe at home and look for the best websites to buy rugs. These floor pieces have the potential to instantly change the look of any space. If you are not willing to revamp every corner of your house, it is best to add a antiquate or modish piece of rug to that area. 

Luckily, we have narrowed down a list of the best places to buy affordable rugs. You no longer have to search where to buy cheap rugs as the list down below covers stores that are all-inclusive, dedicated to home improvement and are among the best places to buy area rugs. 

Buy Allen + Roth Botanical Runner Rugs from Lowes

Are you someone who likes to shop for home improvement goods from stores that are solely serving this purpose only? If yes, then Lowes is about to become your best friend. We are certain you are acquainted with Lowes. The retail store for home improvement tools and stuff is located in 2000+ different areas around the US. 

You can find DIY tools, convenient appliances, décor, and everything that falls under the category of home improvement goods. What better way to improve your home than that to add a rug? The store has a collection of Allen + Roth rugs. The brand is under Lowes’s label which makes its product range even more reliable. Their Botanical runner rug is a long rectangle-shaped gray floral print rug. What makes this rug our top favorite is its material. 

The yarn has a comfy texture to it and is durable. For someone who is sick of cleaning their rugs or someone who has pets, this rug piece is a must-have. It is built with easy to clean technology and the material is pet-friendly. No matter how many times your fur friend scratches the rug, it won’t get worn out. Place it on your front porch or entrance, and it will set a warm, welcoming tone for your guests. We recommend you use the Lowe’s coupons for a discount on your purchase.  Check out the coupons here Lowe's Coupon Generator and 10% Off Coupons | January 2022 (

Buy Abstract Rugs from Walmart

Have you ever looked for a contemporary art piece in the most exotic places only to find out its exuberant version is available at your go-to store? As disappointing as it is, it is equally relieving. You no longer have to drive upstate, as Walmart is next door. We don’t need to brag about Walmart’s inclusivity or top-quality. The store is serving us for the longest time. And still manages to expand each section with unique, extraordinary items. 

Under their home improvement department, you can find rugs of different styles. The store’s extensive collection of rugs leaves customers appalled. We know how exorbitant antique rugs can be, but at Walmart, you can get them at unbelievably low prices. Just like everything else at Walmart. The store is under the top 5 best retail stores for groceries as well as other goods. Check out here Top 5 Grocery Retailers in the USA (

The stunning Home Dynamix abstract rug piece is a perfect area rug. For someone who is into abstract arts and likes to add an aesthetic vibe to their home. The medium-sized rug will serve the purpose well. Illusions of black and gray articulated in deep waves will keep your guests intrigued. You can also get the Better Homes & Gardens Abstract indoor rug for your living area. The rug is available in black and white, brown and grey textured colors.

Buy Washable Accent Rugs from Target

How often do you wish to buy everything at your go-to retail store? We know one-stop shops have a massive collection of everything we need. However, what most retail stores lack are the range of accent goods and unique pieces. Luckily, we have Target at every corner of the street. We all shop for cheap, durable apparel, accessories at Target. But did you know the store recently expanded their home goods department? It is under Best Home Stores in the US. Check who else made to the list Best Home Stores in USA | Home Décor and Furnishing (

Under the rugs collection, there are sub-categories for different area rugs. We recommend you the Kitchen rug section as those pieces are not available anywhere else at such discounted prices. You can get Target coupons from Target Online Promo Code, Coupons and Discounts | Up to 70% off 2022 ( According to us, kitchen rugs should be durable with guaranteed longevity and contemporary designs. The Flatweave accent rugs fit our description well. The Flat Jute Oval rug is a classic hit. 

The rug is two-toned which keeps the color theme of your kitchen highlighted. There are other durable, weaved rugs available at Target. If you are looking for accent rugs, then the Vintage Persian Medallion in color red will be an instant eye-catcher. The rug comes in small size and color red by Threshold. You can also get striped vintage rugs by Threshold at Target. Threshold’s complete vintage rug collection in different colors and designs is a popular buy at the store. 

Buy Patterned Runner and Rugs at Home Depot

We’re all guilty of settling for a lower-quality rug because it looked good. There are home goods stores that lure us by presenting a beautiful piece of the cheapest quality. Sadly, the rugs are either thrown away or cut into pieces as regular coasters. We are glad we have a store like Home Depot which has never compromised on the quality of its items while offering relatively low prices. If you are wondering when is there a sale on Home Depot? Check out Best Time to Shop at Home Depot (

The store has a massive collection of rugs. Accent, Regular, Free-style, traditional, and whatnot. You will find it all at Home Depot. Traditional rugs have a regal vibe to them. No matter where you place them, they will bring vibrancy and an opulent vibe. Home Depots’ traditional rugs as just as beautiful as their contemporary patterned ones. You no longer have to google rugs near me as Home Depot actively delivers as well.

The Bixel Tufted Rug is a masterpiece. You will not find a similar design at any other store. Project 62 is known for its unique art pieces. They design rugs as if it is empty canvas. The design is spectacular and so is the quality. These rugs are stain-resistant and have in-built quick absorbent technology in-built. Another impressive feature is the dust resistance which is very uncommon to find in rugs. You can also get the distressed patterned rug from Home Depot

Frequently Asked Questions

Retail stores like Walmart, Target, and Amazon are a hub for home goods. You can find affordable, cheap yet durable, and good-looking rugs for all home areas under their home goods section.

It will be unjust to name only one store for area rugs. As there are many stores with reliable feedbacks from customers. However, Target, Wayfair, and Lowes are among the top-rated retail stores with a massive range of area rugs.

Reliability is our biggest concern while purchasing online. Luckily, Wayfair is an e-store for all home goods. You can find a colossal range of rugs at their store. JCPenney is another good option. Learn The Ultimate Hacks for JCPenney Free Shipping (

Accent rugs are of a smaller size and catchy design while area rugs are of a large or medium size usually of a simpler patterned design. You can get accent area rugs from Amazon as well. Similar to these Luxe Weavers Rug – Modern Area Rug - 8445 Abstract Print, Blue / 5’ x 7’: Everything Else

The placement of a rug depends on where you want to keep the focus. If you want to brighten up a room, place the rug in the center. And if you want the rug to compliment your décor good, place it under the sofa.

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