What to Buy On President Day 2022 and What to Skip

Jan 17, 2022   |   10 min read


What to Buy On President Day 2022 and What to Skip


2022 is the year of self-care and fresh starts, especially considering the kind of havoc that unfolded in the last two years. Dealing with the pandemic was as difficult as it could get and you have to do it in isolation, nonetheless. All the events were celebrated at home without family and friends so now whenever any moment of festivity arises, people are more excited to enjoy it to the fullest because they have realized how important it is to have close ones by your side.

The holiday season passed recently and you could finally see some sort of normalcy return to the markets. Both retailers and buyers were happy because everyone could be together once again and therefore, the sales presented were also out of this world. Now, with the beginning of 2022, people have managed to retain the same enthusiasm and are willing to head to the stores even at the smallest mention of the word festivity.

If you are one of those, you would also be excited for President’s Day 2022 which is falling on 21st February but all the sales and discounts have already begun to welcome the customers to the stores. Whether it is Amazon or Best Buy, every store is revealing the products that will be available for you during the Present's Day sale to take advantage of.

Before we begin with our guide on what to buy and where to buy it from, let's talk a little about the day itself. Even though every citizen of the United States is already aware of the importance of the celebration, just to give a summary it is the birthday of George Washington, who was one of the founding fathers of the country. It is taken as the day to celebrate the lives of all American presidents who have contributed to the change in the world and hold a position that can be so challenging for the world order.

Like we said, President’s Day is still a month away but you should start with the preparations instantly to make sure you snag the best deals during the first grand sale of the year. Before this, you would also have to deal with Valentine’s Day so just sort out your budget and begin planning for gifts beforehand.

When Will the Sale Begin?

Usually, the discounts and offers are revealed in the first week of February but after looking at the excitement of buyers that is inspired by post-pandemic happiness, many stores go for a different approach. They start their sales by the end of January so customers are left with ample time to shop to their heart’s content.

So, the big question is what to buy on President’s Day? Just like the holiday season, pretty much everything goes on sale. That leaves you with a lot of choices in theory but when you actually go out to get stuff, it can get a little confusing. Don’t worry because we are here to hold your hand and tell you exactly where to head to make the most out of this sale. There are certain things that you should skip during this season too because you will have better options later on. Let’s begin.

Go for Christmas Décor

It is not a secret that as soon as the holiday season is over, Christmas décor goes on sale. In fact, even if you go out and buy these items one day after the actual day, you will get them for far less money. So, if you are smart enough you won't for the next holiday to arrive to get your Christmas tree and stockings at discount.


Just buy them now and store them for later so when December eventually rolls in, you are not worried about decorating your house for the guests and leaving a huge dent in your pocket with the shopping. Now you might be thinking that what if this type of décor goes out of style next season and you are dealing with the leftovers while your neighbors bring out the most modern set of decorations.


To solve this problem, you can just for things like fairy lights, stockings, bells, Santas. These will never grow old and you can still save a lot of money with President’s Day sales at Best Buy.


Don’t Go For Furniture

You are always looking to decorate your house, no matter what time of year it is. Most people head to the furniture section during the holiday season sales because they are expecting guests at dinners. They might get a good bargain then but if you go out during any other sales for furniture, chances are you wouldn't be rewarded.


President’s Day sales of furniture are quite limited because there is not much variety to choose from and you would end up selecting something that would be too far away from your taste.


Go For Television

No matter which type of sale it is, televisions are always a hit. People keep talking about incredible laptops and mobile screens replacing the flat screen but honestly, nothing beats the feeling of watching a movie on a 4K HD TV[IR1] while everyone is huddled on the couches.


You even need it for the cinematic feels of a personal day when all you want to do is park yourself in the living room and watch Netflix all day. Usually, Cyber Monday is when people go crazy for television but is a wise decision to get it during President’s Day deals. Best Buy and Walmart have some amazing options so do check them out.


Don’t Go For Gym Memberships

We know that everyone’s New Year resolution to get fit results in the skyrocketing of memberships. That also means all gyms would be providing discounts to the customers but don’t fall for that trap. It is more than likely that you wouldn’t be able to keep up with the membership and that money would just go to waste.

More workout places offer packages that look great at the moment and this is the reason they sell more. But like we said, these plans might not work out. So, if you want to try a workout this year, strategize and only then go to a gym.


Go For Fitness Equipment

For the same reason as gym memberships, fitness equipment is also available for discounted prices in January. More and more people bought items like dumbbells and machines during the lockdown period which is why the demand is not very high. Make use of Macy’s President’s Day sales to get all the popular products and try to make a home gym.


Even if you don’t start working out instantly, it is still a good enough investment because it would be in your home and you can begin training any time. Things like bikes and weight machines are available during Walmart President’s Day sales so get your hands on them.


Don’t Go For Toys

Since the holiday season is over and people generally delay all the gifts going till the next one, you won't find good sales during the President’s Day discounts. So, if you are considering these imported items, it might not be wise to buy them.


Maybe you should wait for February when off-season arrives and the items do go on sale but they are usually in the gift-giving section so it might be difficult to buy them for a lesser price. However, if you find a good enough price slash, don’t miss it and keep the stuff for later so you are not rushing to the stores for last-minute purchases. The best stores to buy toys are Best Buy and Target because they have a lot of variety, hence you might find a diverse price range too.


Go For Bed & Bath Home Sale

January is known for white linen sales which means that things like linen, towels, and sheets are available for discounted prices. The stores bring out their collection from the inventory which as a result are put on sale. Most of this stuff is leftover from the holiday season and is therefore of premium quality. We promise that you would love everything about it.


The prices go as low as 70% and the best stores to check out for Bed, Bath & Beyond sales are Macy's, Amazon and Belk, and Dillard's. You can easily use this opportunity to redecorate and ensure that by the time summers roll out, you are all set with an airy and well-decorated house.


Some Deals From Last Year

This would give you an idea as to what to expect from President’s Day in 2022. More and more stores are readily revealing their discounts so you need to hurry up and see which one would you be heading out to fill your cart.

1.Apple AirPods

In 2021, Amazon's customers were positively surprised to find a discount worth $50 for their favorite pair of earphones. Very rarely do you find for such a lot price and that too with the noise-cancellation feature? The reason why they are a massive hit among the users is due to the wireless charging case that keeps them alive for almost 24 hours non-stop. AirPods are expected to go on sale again this year so be on the lookout.


2.Sceptre 4K HDTV

The heaviest traffic in any store is in the television aisle because this is the discount that customers value the most. People were able to save a whopping $240 last year with this tech because it remained the best-selling item of the season. We don't even blame them. The TV features HD picture quality that will make every thriller worth the watch. You can connect your phone too as it supports Android and has a built-in Google Assistant.


3.Nectar Memory Mattress

Many experts have ranked this as the best mattress of the season and rightfully so. It was last year that this product became a massive hit among the customers because it went on sale and they even received free gifts with it. The mattress is highly comfortable and durable so you can say that it is a one-time investment that will provide benefits for a long time. Just pre-order it as soon as it goes on sale and receive $399 worth of presents too.


4.Apple Series 6 Watch

It is impossible for someone to not have a smartwatch now because it has become such a huge necessity. You can link your smartphone and all your devices with it so there is no need to check your phone or PC several times.


Last year, customers were able to get a $20 price cut on Amazon on this 40mm piece that has an S6 processor which has been deemed excellent for function. From blood and oxygen to your heart and breathing, everything can be monitored while working out. Say hello to good health by snagging this marvelous deal during the President’s Day sale.

So, here is a complete guide of what to buy and skip in January and February so you are well-equipped with the knowledge of where to head. We have also listed down some products that were among the best sellers last year around this time. Just make sure you know what you want when you enter the store and start shopping as early as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

People generally do prefer to buy new vehicles during the sale due to cheap leases and high discounts.

The sales are great but you can't sell or buy stocks because it is a federal holiday.

Best Buy and Target have some amazing options for appliance sales.

HP laptops, Bed Bath & Beyond white linen sheets, and Apple watches are available for discounted prices.

Yes, they have great discounts on mattresses and you can buy home décor items for huge price slashes.

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