22 Fun & Exciting Ways to Throw the Best Virtual Super Bowl Party

Jan 26, 2022   |   10 min read


22 Fun & Exciting Ways to Throw the Best Virtual Super Bowl Party


Just because with the upsurge in Covid cases you are not going to watch super bowl at the stadium doesn’t mean you have to sulk in despair and not enjoy this once in a year amazing event with your friends and family. Even with miles apart, practicing those strict social distancing guidelines, the best virtual super bowl party isn’t just a dream anymore. Below are some wonderful hacks to throw the sassiest and most fun super bowl virtual party you have ever been too.

Plan Some Tasty Meals

Satisfying the taste buds equals to satisfying your mood. Especially if you and your clan is a foodie one. We recommend you not compromising on the taste buds just because you are too afraid to order online. The great idea here is to plan and prepare your menu ahead of time. Since everyone will be too engrossed in the game and even if you are not a football fanatic you shouldn’t be in the kitchen while everyone is cheering outside in front of the TV.

Our advice is to take a paper, a pen and do some research, curate a perfectly tasty menu and go out for the grocery run. In this way you can easily shop all you need and not run out of ingredients at the last minute. Secondly, if you are too afraid or lazy to go out, you can also get grocery delivered or even better all the ingredients delivered with dinnerly promo codes.

Order Online

This one might contradict with the above point but to order online is also to have fun. Especially if we talk about those juicy grilled burgers and piping hot pizzas. And as you should know, super bowl is the time when various food joints introduce the biggest disocunts. Buy one get one free buy two get three free and no offer is less than the other. If you are not able to find any you can always use the papa john’s promo codes as well as the Habit coupon code for some juicy grilled beef burgers.

Get Energetic

What energizes you for the day? Is it a quick workout in the morning? A warm mug of coffee or something as cold as an energy drink. Either way, find it out and use it to get energized before the big game. After all you don’t want to look too dull to think of comebacks when your team is losing. And don’t you need to cheer up whenever your team scores? We can also suggest the best discounts on lattes and coffee when you use the starbucks coupons.

Join Online

We have learnt how to form a virtual connection over the past two years better than ever. Gathering virtually could be the best thing you could do to watch the super bowl with the lingering fear of pandemic. And just because you only use zoom for meetings and hate it doesn’t mean it is all bad. Gather together on video calls and enjoy watching games. You can also share beers virtually and make fun of each other upon losing or winning.

Virtual Reality Kits

Grab some virtual reality headsets and allow your visitors to get up close and personal with the game without having to pay high ticket charges. With compatible gear, use the Fox app or website, Sling TV, YouTube TV, or Hulu live TV. Encourage guests to bring their own or rent them from a company that specializes in event technology. Between users, remember to clean and disinfect them.

A Little Super Bowl Décor

Few banners, few cut outs of football, helmets and anything that relates to the event can bring out the best super bowl vibe in your home. This can instill the spirit even more and you will enjoy the game spirit in the best way. And for those connecting with your virtually will also see how you are too excited about the game.

Don’t forget the dips

With lots of finger food gracing your table on super bowl it is essential you don’t get too dry for the party. This means your food must have some dips to accompany them. After all what’s a super bowl party without a cheese dip for your fries or finger chicken to go in? And if you want a variety, you can keep mustard, hot sauce as well as a blend of above three calling it a magical dip.

Use Technology for Added Fun and Ease

You can now use Google Home and Alexa to help you prepare for the Super Bowl. When preparing for the party, have these set timers for cooking or provide answers to popular football trivia questions. You can use your voice assistant to keep everyone up to date on the score, mute TVs during commercials, and even order extra beer and pizza for delivery during the game.

Super Bowl Charity

Super bowl is also a great time to raise some money. You can choose any association, combine with your friends and enjoy the fun. You can also support an orphanage, hold a tiny football competition amongst them. Support a community that teaches football or even distribute some football goodies among the less privileged kids, the smile you put on their face is going to steal the show.

Super Bowl Games

Adult party games such as team and city trivia or football bingo will keep the competition going. If your visitors are more interested in the commercials than the game, this Super Bowl commercial bingo is guaranteed to be a hit. To give away as prizes, bake some football-shaped cookies. And you can also play harmless bet games about who is going to fun. All of these games don’t need you to be physically present with each other so that’s the best part.

Theme Food

You don't need a million football-shaped dishes, but please! This is the time to get a little corny and indulge in some team and sports-themed fare. Brownies in the shape of footballs are a terrific place to start.

Super Bowl Quiz

Something to kill the time before the game starts or to blow off the losing steam after the game ends, a super bowl quiz is the way to go. Test your party guests' knowledge of this year's Super Bowl or previous Super Bowls. Include information about players, coaches, teams, and even sportscasters in your trivia. Prizes should be given out or games should be played for bragging rights.

Football Pinata

Pinatas are an essential of party but to get a football shaped piñata during the super bowl will definitely make you the talk of the town. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy this game to the most and include everyone in this fun. This type of super bowl décor is rare hence people are going to admire you for thinking this way.

Don’t go Lazy on the Drinks

Football would be a fantastic American sport if it didn't have a terrific American beverage to accompany it. Before the party, grab a local beer from one of the contending teams' cities or one of your favorite low-cost beer brands. Choose a trademark cocktail for each team based on their city, mascot, or team colors or jersey if they don't drink beer. To match each team's jerseys, make a pitcher of each drink ahead of time with a dash of food coloring.

DIY Food Bar

In a DIY food bar, let everyone create their own meal with typical toppings and some unexpected additions. Nachos, tacos, pasta, personal-size pizzas, wings, and popcorn are all popular choices. Combine "regular" components such as sharp cheddar cheese with "strange" ones such as toasted coconut strips. You can make drinks in the same way!

Foam Fingers

Do you remember Joey with his huge foam finger? How about bringing on that vibe alive. Foam fingers are a staple of any game but when it comes to super bowl they fit the best. The greatest thing about this idea is it’s as easy as a DIY project, just cut two foam finger and paste them with some space for your hand in between. If you love a little variation, you can also paste some glitter on the surface to make it shiny and pop out.

Photo booth

For people who have paid dollars to make a football jersey, you think they aren’t going to Instagram it? Think again! Moreover, what speaks fun and good times more than photos? Especially with situations like pandemic we all have realized the value of living each moment to the fullest.

Hence dedicate a wall and make it a photo booth so the other can enjoy, (even those who don’t like super bowl) you can put in some props in football shape, make a backdrop in any colors you like (make it relevant). Also a tip? Keep it away from the television so the people taking photos don’t keep on crossing the screen several times a day.

Outdoor Décor

You might have thought about the indoor décor but a little outdoor décor can set a whole new vibe. Especially to the guests that are coming over and the people living nearby. You will definitely make them feel that you are excited about super bowl more than ever.

Jello Shots

Color-match your Jello layers to the colors of the competing teams. Use tastes that are influenced by the cities of the teams. Tropical fruits like mango, for example, would be ideal for Florida. And once you are done with Jello shots, is there any fun better than taking pictures with the colorful tongue?

Building a Snack Stadium

Your center table is too precious to bear the dips falling off on and the sauce messing it up. Hence this snack stadium idea is a win-win situation in many ways. Construct a snack stadium to be the envy of all your friends (and the star of their Instagram stories). Put all of your favorite goodies in a couple cardboard boxes or metal pans. Make a field out of frosted cake and set it in the middle.

Face Paint and Flaunt

Make a competition to see who in the group has the most (and most creative) team spirit. Prepare a face painting kit or buy one, as well as bright streamers and hair color spray. Construct a fake catwalk for your buddies to show off their team spirit and challenge them to make the craziest outfits. The people supporting the same team can even match the painting on their faces. You can also set a bet on whoever loses has to flaunt the ‘loser’ tag on their face.

A Football Shaped Lantern

If you're trying to fill a vast room, place a giant football lantern in the middle to create a unique focal point. If you're working with a limited amount of room, consider scattering at least a dozen medium lanterns throughout. Try football-shaped fairy lights if you just need a little extra light and whimsy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting the party too early not only guarantees that you'll run out of food before halftime, but it also invites your friends to drink too much too soon. The party should begin about 90 minutes before kickoff.

Yes, hosting a super bowl party is fun and you should be the host, but if several people are coming you can also switch places for each game to divide the load and keep the budget intact.

By inviting your friends over, joining them over for drinks, making the best meals and playing some games, you can celebrate the super bowl party in the full spirit.

Sit and invite your friends’ virtually to connect through video calls and online chats. This way you can connect and enjoy their company the most.

Super Bowl 2022 will begin on 14th February 2022. You can also check the game schedule to plan your party and game settings accordingly.