How to Make a Greeting/Birthday Card with Supplies at Home?

Mar 01, 2022   |   5 min read


How to Make a Greeting/Birthday Card with Supplies at Home?


Let us ask you a question. Are you someone who is an introvert and finds it hard to express love or are you someone who loves to get creative and express their feelings? Frankly, whichever category you fall into, expressing love remains a priority. Back in simpler times, people used fur as a pen or typewriter to jot down their heartfelt words. Luckily, creativity only got better with time. Take greeting cards as an example.

For someone who likes to keep it low-key yet put to be expressive, homemade cards serve well. Be it birthday cards for mom or birthday cards for kids, you can always find different greeting card ideas to communicate your affection. Furthermore, let us all agree that making cards have its fun. The process brings out our creative side and allows us to personalize the greeting as per our liking. However, there’s a misconception associated with making cards, people assume that the fancier items you use, the better the card is. You can get all your crafting supplies at beyond reasonable prices at Kohls.

Well, that is simply untrue. At times, all it takes is a simple card sheet and a color box to make your card creative. You can try origami techniques to give an innovative shape to your card or you can sprinkle glitters to add shine and fairy dust vibe to your greeting card. There is a zillion of mind-blowing ideas you can use to design your cards. We have gathered a list of a few DIY ideas that are easy to make with supplies at home. There are shows dedicated to serving this purpose, you can watch them on Amazon Prime. Don’t forget to use the Amazon coupon code for a discount on a subscription.  

Gather Adequat Supplies

 Do you know, you don’t need to spend dollars on card supplies? Well, you read that right. All you need to do is, find adequate ones at your home. A used, creased shopping bag can replace a card sheet and a little amount of eye shadow can excellently do a glitter pen’s task.

Use Toothpicks for Shapes

Every house has toothpicks and that’s what you will need to make fun shapes for kids’ birthday cards. If you are an adult, looking for ideas to make a birthday card for your little one then add as many colors as you can. The brighter, the better. We suggest you keep your base color bright. To do so, use an old machinery box, they are mostly in bright colors. While you do so, don’t forget to check out stores that offer a lifetime warranty.

Keep the Colors Bright

Try to find yellow color as it symbolizes energy and positive vibes. Other household supplies such as stamps, faux flower petals can instantly add a stunning look to your card. If you are designing a card for an adolescent or kids in general, you can cut shapes from old magazines and paste them into your card. Kids love animals and their old books are full of them, bring them to use.
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Use Bowl for Cutting Curvy Edges

 For someone who wants to get creative, we have a quick suggestion. Don’t opt for square-shaped cards with edgy corners. Go for curves on the edges. To do so, simply place a bowl at the edge of the card. Use a cutter to cut accordingly.

Simple Designs for Elegance

You can get as creative as you want with the shape. However, if you are making a card for an adult, keep the card edges square as it shows elegance. You can opt for simpler designs when it comes to adults. The lesser, the better. We believe a few geometric lines can do the trick. We recommend you use a ruler to draw multi-dimensional lines.

Use Multiple Markers

 Are you someone who believes, only one color should be used to design or write on the card? Well, you’re right. Studies show a bar of silver or gold can add value to your card. However, if your card’s color is of a lighter shade then you can opt for multiple colorful markers. Especially, in kid’s birthday cards. Follow the CoComelon or any other theme. You can set the DIY card vibe by putting on the BOSE QC 45 as they have built-in noise cancellation technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

A writing pen, a piece of sheet, and a geometric ruler are the three main essentials.

When it comes to choosing the right size for your card, always prioritize the purpose. For a birthday card for him/her, a 4.5” x 5.5” is a perfect size. However, for a greeting or well-wishing card 3.3” x 4.5” looks best.

We highly encourage the use of home supplies while making your card. However, Amazon has a whole dedicated session for arts and craft goods. You can also check Walmart’s crafts collection.

Yes, card sheets can easily be replaced by old paper bags as well as magazine papers. Any material that allows writing and pasting can be used as a replacement for our regular card sheets.

You don’t need a glue gun necessarily. A normal glue stick would be sufficient. However, if you plan on pasting stones and other hard-to-stick material then a glue gun is your savior.