11 Books Every Book Lover must add on their New Year’s Reading List

Jan 07, 2022   |   8 min read


11 Books Every Book Lover must add on their New Year’s Reading List


 Most New Year nights begin with the promise of book lovers that they will start reading more and 2022 is no different. If you have the habit of reading a lot ad amid the busy schedule you were previously finding it difficult to catch up, you must have vowed to change it this year.

The first thing to do whenever you make such a resolution is to track your progress so, at the end of the year, you actually have solid results to show. This means that you either keep a manual record or install an application that can help you with the process. Regardless, reading is one habit that should be instantly restored because it helps in your personal development.

Coming to your booklist, if you have been out of touch with reading, it is quite possible that you don’t know which writers are trending or have written on the subject that you like. Or, you might just be looking to upgrade your already-made list, in which case we are right here to take care of the problem. Millions of books get published every year which means you have a huge variety to choose from.

As a book lover, the decision can be intimidating. However, you need to start somewhere. Go through the titles listed below and see if anything matches the genre you are interested in.

It is also a great time to give new writers and themes a chance so you can explore a completely different variety. Just remember to get through the first 50 pages, the rest will get easier. So, let’s begin.

1.Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

Starting with the classic that has literally reigned an entire century as the best book of all times. It is a fascinating fact that this one has been completed 100 years but the ideas narrated in it remain relevant. The book is based on the life of Buddha but not entirely.


It is fiction and narrates the story of a man who wants to seek the meaning of life. You will see different stages as the protagonist learns various crafts, falls in love, and eventually finds peace. In the light of recent events, this has gained massive attention as the a lot from it.

2.The Aeneid by Virgil

For anyone interested in Latin poetry, this book will truly turn out to be a gem. It is about the journey of Aeneas who is a Trojan man, famously talked about in many legends. You will notice how Aeneas goes from Troy to Carthage, then Sicily, and of course The Underworld.


It was written between 29 and 19 BCE which automatically makes it an exciting read, especially if Greek and Roman mythology is your jam. All those people who love Iliad and Odyssey are instantly going to fall in love with it.


3.Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

This is one of the few memoirs that exist from the time of the Holocaust. As everyone is aware that the World War II saw one of the worst massacres in the history of the Jews which also led to most of the literature and accounts of the events being destroyed. However, Viktor Frankl survived the torture and later became a psychiatrist.


In this book, he narrates the horrors that the Jewish families had to face and what happened to countless of them. The story eventually reaches a catharsis with Frankl's commentary on the meaning of life.


4.The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

This has now been adapted into a TV show but the hype of this book just doesn't die down. It is dystopian fiction, depicting the miserable lives of people who have to survive under a theocratic government which also means that women's bodies are heavily policed.


They are used as vessels of reproduction and can be used in whatever way desired by the authorities. Again, this is a social commentary on the lack of body autonomy and independence of not just women's oppression but also how life is under a totalitarian government.


5.Walden by Henry David Thoreau

If you are considering book lover gifts and cannot figure out which title to gift your friend, here is a perfect one. It is a philosophical read, the impact of which cannot be denied on modern society. "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation" is still the line mentioned widely among .


The work of fiction is a classic as it narrates the story near Walden Pond in Massachusetts. No matter what age you are at, you will find some amazing lessons here as it gives you a complete code of life.


6.Metamorphoses by Ovid

This is a poetry book that has been translated into English and is known for the unique structure the poet has employed. It has a series of short stories that cover topics like transformation and the best part is that all of it can be connected to one context and the other.


David Reburn has translated it into hexameter verse that fits its original Latin meaning but it got lost in the translations. You would find a lot of analogies of Gods and how they carried out their revenge on mortals so it will constitute an interesting read.


7.Hamlet by Shakespeare

The playwright's most famous work, Hamlet is a story about a gloomy Danish prince who goes to kill his uncle after receiving inspiration from his father’s ghost. He takes on the facade of a madman to escape the repercussions but the lines of fiction and reality blur for Hamlet as he realizes the weight of his actions.




8.Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Often cited as a love story Pride and Prejudice is definitely more than that. It depicts a family comedy and poses a social commentary on the plight of women and relationships in the Victorian era.


Austen has set a different precedent with this novel as it has served as an inspiration to many young women around the world. The dynamics in the novel are lovely and you can read the book any time to fall in love with their romance all over again.


9.The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was one of the most phenomenal writers of his time and is relevant even today. His personal life and works he created during his lifetime are still celebrated today and with this particular novel, he brought to life Victorian London.


The story begins with how Gray receives a portrait of himself which seems to age. He loves the concept at first but then the painting reminds him of his own ignorance towards youth and old age. It keeps wasting away and as more time progresses, the twists and turns draw everyone with its horridness.


10.Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

This book is included in all school curriculums so it is hard to find anybody who has not heard of it. Along with the novel, however, the 1946 rendition of Great Expectations is considered to be the best movie produced by British industry.


The outright gothic element in the book is something unique. As most of us know, the story revolves around our hero Pip who wants to create a new life for himself and is full of motivation. However, as he moves to London, he gets lost in the streets and begins to lose his own identity.


11.The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald

You might not like this book initially because of the narrator and how dull he seems but Nick’s life gets interesting when he goes to the suburban area and meets Jay Gatsby. The plot is rather complex and shows the extent to which lovers can go for their beloveds.


The greatness of this book lies in its simplicity and we promise by the end you would be too stunned to move. You might have seen the allusion to green light in pop culture too much to ignore this book.


So, these are some of the must-haves in your reading list if you are beginning your New Year resolution today.

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Fiona and Jane by Jean Chen Ho and The Maid by Nita Prose will be released soon.

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