How To Buy Amazon Returns? All About Amazon Return Pallets

Sep 26, 2022   |   6 min read


How To Buy Amazon Returns? All About Amazon Return Pallets


Are you in search of good amazon return pallets? Wondering how to buy amazon returns? Whatever the reason is you can surely buy it then the article is for you. Despite the fact that Amazon has a fantastic return policy that appeals to almost all customers and online sellers due to its leniency. Online purchases are increasingly becoming the preferred form of purchasing for many people. There are several ways to start selling online, but Amazon return pallets are a straightforward, low-cost, and possibly successful option.

Amazon merchants are now exploring implementing flexible return policies in order to raise return rates and build up larger incentives. This is referred to as reselling, and it is growing increasingly popular and profitable. We all know that having an internet resale business is incredibly rewarding, but getting the right deals and purchasing the proper things may be challenging. Amazon firms may be interested in Amazon returns, where they will go, and how to buy Amazon returns.

So, if you want to start a product e-commerce firm, keep reading to understand how to acquire and profit from Amazon return pallets. When deciding how to get Amazon returns, use common sense to ensure you're getting high-quality pallets at a reasonable price. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

Amazon Return Pallets

Amazon return pallets are pallets of returned Amazon merchandise that are sold unseen to any retailer willing to take a chance. As an Amazon return buyer, you may make a lot of money by refurbishing and reselling used things online. The lower the cost, the more you are willing to buy. Amazon liquidated items are typically sold by the pallet or truckload.

When attempting to purchase liquidated merchandise from Amazon, the pallet or bundle will almost always have an "estimated retail value" and will almost always be sold by auction. If you've ever seen the show "Storage Wars," buying Amazon return pallets works in a similar fashion, but you're not permitted to inspect the merchandise. Amazon return pallet sites are often organized by category, lot size, brand, retailer, and location.

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What happens to Amazon Return Pallets

More than 25% of items ordered online are typically returned, compared to less than 10% in physical stores. Only online stores' sales are expanding dramatically year after year, therefore you can imagine the volume of returns. Many online retailers will not replace items returned by customers on their virtual shelves.

According to recent industry data, Amazon is the leading online retailer in the United States, with $386 billion in predicted sales in 2020. In the second quarter of 2021, they will have already topped $113 billion. If 25% of those billions return and a significant chunk of it does not return to the rotation, it shows that there is a considerable amount of Amazon liquidation inventory accessible for resale. Purchasing these items that Amazon chooses to liquidate is big business for resellers.

Buy Amazon Returns- Benefits You Get

There are numerous advantages to dealing with Amazon return pallets. The following are the advantages of purchasing Amazon Return Pallets:

Less Price

Return pallets are liquidated at a reduced price from their initial cost. As a result, if you're a small-scale merchant, you may easily buy return pallets and start a secondary reselling business. Reselling is a lucrative business that can earn you a lot of money. You can use the Amazon Profit Calculator to see whether it is worthwhile to resell specific items. You can resale the same product category from which you purchased it.

You don't need a lot of storage space

You will be a reseller rather than a full-fledged product seller. You may keep your inventory low while yet moving returned pallets to new clients. With the effective purchase and resell, you can manage inventory and storage, and you won't need extra storage space for arriving pallets. You only serve as a distributor for the products, not as the manufacturer or stockpiler. You can buy as many pallets as you like and then stock up after reselling them.

You don't need a large investment

Buying and selling return pallets on Amazon is simple and inexpensive. It does not necessitate a substantial investment because pallets may be obtained at a low cost and sold at a high profit margin. It is the simplest way to become an Amazon merchant and start selling. For small-scale entrepreneurs, reselling tactics based on Amazon FBA liquidations are simple and inexpensive. The model is a wonderful place to start with your internet store. There are no middlemen or technical skills necessary to complete the uncomplicated process. Once the process has been outlined, there is no need to include any more expenditures and you can operate pretty efficiently.

Things Available On Amazon Returns For Sale

Amazon returns truckloads are divided into four categories:

Small objects, sometimes known as 'Smalls'

Small truckloads of merchandise are loaded into small trucks. Because Gaylord pallets may carry many smaller items, the average piece count is relatively high. Some of the smaller items, like designer eyewear or watches, gadgets, and branded accessories, may be quite costly. This type of merchandise is perfect for both bin stores and internet sales. Because of the massive piece counts of potentially exceptionally high-value objects, these truckloads usually have the highest profit potential on resale. The enormous number of diverse products in these lots may take some time to process, especially if you intend to promote them online, but they should provide you with the best return on your first investment.

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'Bigs,' or huge items

These truckloads contain 26 tall pallets, the majority of which hold large products like televisions, large appliances, display cases, furniture, and other comparable items. These lots are ideal for larger retail firms that have the capacity to offer these items locally.

High-end retail

These truckloads contain, albeit in reduced amounts, the most popular resale items. They are made up of 26 pallets with smaller item counts than small truckloads, but they are more likely to contain the strongest retail items, which are especially sought after by online retailers. These lots will include some of Amazon's best-selling items, resulting in a faster turnover but a lower overall profit potential.


Clothes is a large area for Amazon, and because of the high incidence of clothing returns, there is no shortage of clothing in excellent shape, the majority of which is poly-bagged and ready for resale. Many buyers of clothes truckloads may obtain the items to resell overseas, where there is a high demand for American clothing. Each of the 26 pallets in these lots may hold up to 1200 articles of apparel or more. There is also a large selection of designer clothing and accessories such as handbags, scarves, belts, and more. Clothing lots are typically mixed with products for men, women, and children, while some lots may also include infant items.

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Amazon Liquidation Pallets And Liquidation Companies

The following are some of the liquidation companies that sell Amazon return pallets:

Direct Liquidation is a website where resellers can purchase liquidated items. This wholesale marketplace works with large shops like Walmart and Lowe's, and you may search by brand or store on the website. All sales are conducted via auction. As a result, if you decide to bid on a pallet, pay close attention because this site provides little information about the pallets you are bidding on.

One of the largest online liquidation companies is It works with a wide range of retailers and is popular among customers who buy Amazon returns for reselling., like Direct Liquidation, auctions off Amazon return pallets. Furthermore, does not mention what type of product is contained in each pallet.

B-Stock Supply is an online auction platform, similar to Direct Liquidation and Here, resellers can obtain returned merchandise from other companies. With prices ranging from $300 to $5,000, BStock Supply is similar to eBay for pallets. However, they only sell Amazon products in the United States and Europe.

888 Lots

888 Lots only sells Amazon pallets containing brand new products. Their website contains data such as the Amazon sales rank, product images, item descriptions, condition, ASIN, and Amazon reviews rank. You'll also get an estimate of each item's profit. They offer both small, individual Amazon pallets and massive bulk pallets. There is no minimum order or maximum spend, but you must purchase the entire pallet or SKU. 888 Lots demands a current resale certificate from consumers in the United States. Non-US customers must have a valid business registration. Shipping for lots is $12.00 per box. The price of delivering a pallet varies according on its size and weight.


BoxFox is a company that directly auctions off Amazon and other branded pallets from its vendors, such as the Amazon warehouse. You can keep track of live auctions by downloading an app, and registration is free. BoxFox only sells Amazon overstock and not Amazon returns. Their sales strategy is to only sell brand new items. Each item has an appraised value, however buyers may bid above or below the specified amount.

How To Buy Amazon Returns

When it comes to liquidating goods, large merchants want to do so as swiftly and cheaply as possible. Customer returns pallets and internet auctions are used in this case. You may start buying Amazon return pallets in a number of ways. But first, let's go over the basics.

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Check Amazon Returns For Sale Costs

Amazon return pallet costs will vary according on size, bidding parties, and liquidation businesses. Customers can still bid more or less on the value of each pallet. Depending on the quality of your product and the worth of your selected market, the lowest price for bulk pallets is $1,000 and the highest price is $6,999. Furthermore, the cost of these pallets varies. Some are worth $10,000 each, while others are worth much less, depending on circumstances such as the number of bids received or the duration of the auction.

Find a reputable seller

Consider other online resellers' experiences with the platforms you're considering. They may provide helpful suggestions on where to source specific categories and who to avoid. Another factor to consider is the consumer experience. It may protect you from suspicious transactions by merchants posing as trustworthy sources!

Look For Reviews On The Internet and other online review sites are great places to start. You must start gathering information, whether on an Excel sheet or by opening multiple tabs to compare pricing and different auction listings. Obtaining as much information as possible about the product, company, item quality, and return policies will help you make more informed bidding decisions. Every liquidation merchandise sale is usually final. Each shop and marketplace, however, has its own set of terms and conditions.

Liquidation via B-Stock

Your liquidation business will require much study to get off the ground, but you're already on the right track! You'll be ordering Amazon return pallets in no time. Remember that the first step is to register your company and receive a resale certificate; the rest can be done one step at a time. Visit B-Stock Auctions today to begin sourcing and purchasing liquidation goods from the world's largest B2B liquidation market network! Also, if you want to buy liquidation pallets from certain stores, you may!

Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon return pallets are things that have been returned to Amazon. These pallets are sold unseen at a discount to vendors who are willing to take the risk.

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If an item is returnable to an Amazon shop, you will have the option to choose Amazon Store Dropoff.

Your Amazon Liquidations orders will show as fulfilled by Warehouse Deals, a part of, on your invoice, Order History, and Your Orders.