Creative and Fun Super Bowl Games to try

Jan 26, 2022   |   8 min read


Creative and Fun Super Bowl Games to try


Super Bowl is one of the most popular events in the country. Even if you are not a hardcore fan of the event or of football, you might be a fan of the Super Bowl parties. It is hearsay that the Super Bowl parties are the most popular themed parties in the country and are celebrated by fans and non-fans alike.

But hosting a party can be quite the headache. If you are one who is planning to host the event, you might be thinking of ways to keep the party running. Because if there is one thing that will make people leave one party for the other, it is boredom. We all remember Monica’s birthday party for Rachel!

Anyway, let us help you find some creative super bowl games that can keep your party shining and will remain in people’s minds until next year’s event. If anything, there might be people who are not that much into the event or the game or even the players. Hence, you need a bunch of games that can keep them and all entertained. After all, games always bring out the best and worst in people. Here is a tip though, select games that can be of fun for you too so that you are not just organizing the party but having fun around the event as well.

Games for Adults

Let us start with the main theme of the party. If there are adults, how would you entertain them? It can be a hardball as there are so many options to roll around and it is hard to entertain everyone. Your best bet is to find a few general games that may be popular amongst the majority and a few games that can accentuate with the minorities as well. As for our list, here are some creative super bowl games that can help you out with your party.

You Said it!

This particular game is one of those games where you can ban an annoying word. Pick any word you hate and any time someone mentions that word, the respective person will have to do a task. It could be a pushup or a squat or asking them to say they love a respective team even though everybody knows they hate it, etc.


You can host a MasterChef competition for the day! Bring in all the cooks you think would be a major hit in the party because nobody would like the taste of uncooked burgers for the evening. It is up to you to play it safe. Anyway, plan the cookoff for a specific time and let the party members be the judge to the tasting. Or you could just let the contestants bring something from their homes. Plan a prize for the winner.

Super Bowl Bingo

We all know how to play Bingo. Well, let us just say this is one of the countless editions of the game that you can play. For the special event, you can sort out commercials, fans, timeouts, and cheerleaders for the game. Then, see who stands out as the champion with the most crosses.

Minute to Win it 

You can plan a series of minute to win it challenges for the contestants. This game can bring in all the players who have a competitive streak running against each other. Moreover, this can be sort of a little tournament apart from the real event for people who do not like football. Whomever wins the most games can get a prize at the end of the day. 

Mini Football

You can engage the whole group in this and play your own mini football. Take any ball that you feel like would make a good football, two people in a team, and a bin. Yes, it is that simple. Keep the bin at a distance and make one person throw a series of balls in the bin. Once a ball goes inside the bin, the next person standing near must run and take it to the finish line situated at a distance from the bin. The team with the most balls snatched to the finish line wins. 

Pool Dish

This game has been quite popular on the social media platform but you can turn it into a Super Bowl game. In this game, you will need a table, a paper ball, and a few prizes and punishments for the contestants. What you will need to do is lay down the paper ball in parallel to the line of rewards (money, tickets to any event, chocolates, gadgets etc) and punishments (pie in the face, a water balloon, a salty milkshake etc). Next, blow the paper ball with your mouth and see where it lands. Whatever is your fate, will welcome you.

Football Trivia

If you are planning a party for the football fans, then you might as well plan a game they would absolutely love. You would have to do a bit of research but if the trivia is good and the contestants are willing, it could turn into an all-nighter. You can simply break the trivia into small rounds to make it more interesting. Announce the winner at the end of the party and keep a small prize for the winning team and a challenge for the loser team.

Games for Kids

Are there some kids around the party as well? You need to plan a few games for their benefit as well. Figuring out games for kids is much harder than to plan for adults because they get bored quite easily. However, we took a shot and this is what we came up with for the version of creative super bowl games for kids. 

Coloring Pages

This is pretty basic but quite a distraction for kids. You can print out some uncolored pages from the internet related to the event. Anything from the football, match, or players would enchant the kids. This will keep the kids busy while the adults hang around peacefully. You might even find some adults hanging around this corner as well but that is a secret you can keep!

Word Search

You can keep the kids busy in this game of word search that is based purely according to the events of the Super Bowl. The kids might not know much about the event but the list of words needed to be found amongst the jumbled words will keep them busy. They might even turn competitive if you set up a prize for the toddlers.

Football Toss

Not all children are fans of indoor games. Some like roughhousing and running around until they are drained of their energy. In such cases, you can play this game to distract them. Take a real football or a paper ball and see which kid can toss the greatest number of balls in a basket. Set up a competition to keep everyone involved in the game.


To wrap up, it is safe to say there are a number of creative super bowl games that you can play to make your party shine. All you really need is to keep the spirits high for the event and hope your favorite team wins. If you have one. Otherwise, keep the party running late, right? Good company above all.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should try planning the party at least two weeks in advance. This will give you ample time to plan the invites, the food, the games, and you will know the outcome of the tournament by then as well; which team goes to the finals.

Pizza is quite popular during the Super Bowl event as it is easily delivered to the respective address. Some of the other popular foods are nachos, cheese crackers, tacos, burgers, and similar snacks.

Super Bowl is scheduled to start on the 13th of February at 6:30 pm ET and 3:30 pm PT. It will be played in the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

You will find 5 music professionals to be using the magic of their voices to entice the audience. The list of singers includes Mary. J. Blige along with the infamous rappers of all time, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Kendrick Lamar.

If you are the fan of the event, you can see it on your television screens. The whole event will be covered by NBC. However, if you do not have cable or TV antenna, then you can stream the event on applications like the Peacock and the NBC Sports application.