Dell President Day Sale | Gaming Desktops, PC, Laptop and Tablets

Feb 10, 2021   |   4 min read


Dell President Day Sale | Gaming Desktops, PC, Laptop and Tablets


Sad about missing on the Black Friday Sale? Dont worry as the president day sale is here to make amends. Just like all the smart and famous brands Dell has taken its stance on dell president day sale. With pocket filling discounts on laptops, gadgets, and PC you can avail the best from Dell President Day Sale. Check all the Dell president day sales here but for the finest picks and most favorites keep scrolling. As we have our best picks from dell president day sale.

Gaming Laptops

dell presidents day sale gaming laptop

Who said laptops are only for office professionals and people with 9-5 jobs. While laptop is considered sophistication, it is a great deal of collection that can handle heavy duty tasks. To make gaming more fun and portable the dell gaming laptop is a deal to die for. With a whopping discount of $300 this product is surely here to amaze many gamers and raise their gaming experience.

With a large 15.6 inch display the Alienware m15 gaming laptop has an i7 core with 16GB RAM to hold all your games and stuff and not compromise on speed at all.

Gaming Desktop

The Treat for gamers isnt over yet. If you are not a fan of laptop to minimize your game and stay put with all the controls at one place then the Dell gaming PC is an ideal solution for you. With great make and a beautiful design this PC is here to give you some real life goosebumps just because of the nearest to real gaming experience.

To improvise up your gaming experience get the Alienware R10 gaming PC with 16GB RAM. With a roaring discount of $300 you are in for some amazing treat because of the eight core processor and competitive graphics.

Dell G7

dell presidents day sale dell g7

Another from the Gaming Laptop Collection, the Dell G7 Gaming Laptop is an affordable yet high value bet if you have limited budget and want to enjoy a wonderful gaming experience. The 15.6 inch display with a great resolution of (1920x1080), this laptop comes with an i7 core and 10th Generation Intel. You can enjoy 8GB graphics and play all the games while making the most of the gaming experience.

Dell Gaming Monitor

dell presidents day sale dell gaming monitor

With a great gaming PC you need a gaming monitor likewise. After all great things go together, and you need the great dell gaming monitor to enhance your gaming experience more than ever. And the best deal? You can use this PC for a whole lot of options other than gaming. Who knows the variety of options you can have with this product.

One of the best items from dell president day sale is this gaming monitor on which you save as much as 47%. With a half price this monitor offers 144 HZ refresh rate and a response time of one millisecond.

Enough about gaming PCs and Laptops, now is time for some serious talks. The dell president day sale has some of the best deals other than gaming items too. The huge offers and discounts on laptops and items from Dell is up for grabs and here are some of the most recommended items for you.

New Dell XPS Laptop

dell presidents day sale xps normal

Dell has made a great offer through its dell president day sale to save up more than $200 on each purchase. This product comes with a 15.6 inch display and a great IPS display. With an i7 core and 2.6 GHz with a 4GB dedicated memory. Ideal for everyday functions and great at completing your tasks, this product is an affordable bet and one of the best deals to avail from dell president day sale.

Dell XPS Touch Laptop

dell presidents day sale xps laptop

Similar to the XPS 15.6 inch laptop, this 13.3 inches touchpad is for people who would like to invest less but get the best. If you are okay with 2 inches short on the screen and not settle for anything less on features and quality, then this is the product for you. One of the best picks from the dell president day sale has an IPS panel touch display and 400 night brightness. You can avail up to 11 hours of effective battery life and 512GB storage.

Inspiron 2 in 1 Laptop

dell presidents day sale inspiron 2

For your children and you, this laptop is simple on both power and functionality. With easy to use features and the 2 in 1 laptop plus the tablet mode you can get this product from the dell president day sale as well as save a great deal of 25%. You can use it with the display mode to the tablet mode. With an 8GB memory and a 512GB solid state drive, this 10th generation Intel core 5 is a great appliance for you.

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