Easy Back to Office Clothes

Oct 12, 2021   |   6 min read


Easy Back to Office Clothes


After months of staying in our comfiest Pjs topped with a formal shirt to attend meetings on zoom, and repeating a same old tie for various meetings in a row, we all are in search for the office work clothes. Pandemic paid a long visit and that being said, most of us really lost the hold of Pre-Covid normal. From dressing up every day to commuting to workplace we find ourselves most comfortable in working from home.

But sadly not everything goes as per our plan and one should thank for the normalcy making its way back to our lives. This also means that now you need to dress up and physically show up in offices each day even if you weren’t ready to do so. Hence, the search for easy back to office clothes. Sure, you don’t want to spend a lot on office clothes but you need to look presentable on your way to going back to office after Covid. This article will cover some casual office clothes and some suggestions on where to buy office clothes?

Affordable Office Clothes

The word affordable turns the most heads because let’s be honest, those office clothes don’t come cheap. As much as they look graceful and pretty, these clothes must be cheap on the wallet. So before you are said welcome back to the office, here are some office inspirations and clothing brands for cheap office clothes to try.

Cheap Office Clothing That Looks Good

This statement is like a make a wish scenario. A brand that allows you to afford formal and casual office clothes for men and women but doesn’t break the bank? Welcome! Giving a makeover to work wardrobe is expensive hence here are some cheap stores to pick from and guess what? You can get extra discounts too.


Walmart is your go to place for so many things so why not another reason to hit the store? Walmart’s collection of clothing is casual and fun and when shopped right, you can definitely make an impression. This is why we have put walmart on the list of cheap office clothes for women and men.

But a trick to shopping from here is to keep your fashion sense in check and view all the possibilities to pair the best separates together. And while you are at walmart don’t forget to shop with the walmart promo codes.


Kohl’s is taking a lead in many things and simple office clothes are on the list too. From kohl’s you can get simple button down shirts and basic tees that can easily be paired with blazers. You can also get some cool yet comfortable dress parts. All you need to update that office wardrobe and with the kohl’s promo codes and offers we think the prices get unbelievably low.


You all might have heard about the nordy hacks and nordy racks. Women love nordstrom for various reasons. Let us reveal one. The collection of clothing at nordstrom isn’t just restricted to a single event or theme but they are a whole haul of wonderful clothing. You step there and you definitely are going to find something worth a purchase there. Though the prices there might seem high to some which is why we have the nordstrom coupons for you.

Old Navy

Thriving and succeeding in basic fashion since decades old navy is a minimalist yet wise place to shop. This store is made up of dreams as you find some of the most causal yet wonderful clothing options here. When you shop at old navy, take our advice, the old navy promo code is worth every while!


Is there anything you cannot get from Amazon? The Logo A to Z is real and lives up to its promise. Amazon back to office collection contains not only chic dresses but also an entire series of work from home supplies. Amazon is your complete store for whatever need pops up so whenever you need to shop head to amazon to get some wonderful ideas. Amazon also has wonderful offers through amazon coupons.

Easy Office Clothes Inspiration

You have all the vouchers to pick the wardrobe for office, have all the savings dedicated to spend on office items but if you don’t have the vision for where and what to shop then you are in deep waters. Hence, here are some things to look for when updating that office wardrobe for a wonderful work time.

Keep it Toned Down

You might find it easier to keep colors muted and your appearance neutral during the first few weeks. To put it another way, if your favorite baggy T-shirt is blue, go with a navy coat and purse to pull everything together. Khakis and creams also go well together, and you can add pops of color with your brighter sweaters or shirts as and when you're ready.


One blazer is not enough and no we are not an enemy of your savings, but a blazer is a wise investment. Get some blazers in shades of black blue and even white. Opting for nudes is also a great idea. The great thing about blazers is that you can pair it with any shirt and bottom and there you have a professional attire with a classy impression on clients.

Baggy Look

Working in creative industry be open and bold about your style but in a good way. Moreover, there's no need to start from scratch, especially if your office is more traditional. A suit that is a touch boxier than your pajamas can be just as comfortable. Change your heels for a pair of sneakers, close your eyes, and think back to the days when you worked from your bed.

Check your Collection

You used to go to the office before and everyone looked okay now you can do it again. After all, one of the most important truths to emerge from the pandemic is that we are purchasing far too many new items, which is harming the environment and the people who create our clothing. Most of the time, old things are just as exciting as new ones. As we return to the office, one of the simplest ways to simplify your clothing is to love what you currently have in your closet.