Easy Meal Ideas to Cook for your Loved One this Veteran’s Day

Nov 04, 2021   |   6 min read


Easy Meal Ideas to Cook for your Loved One this Veteran’s Day


With the holiday coming up on 11th of November, we have come up with a list of meals that are easy to cook and will keep the loved ones at the table all happy and fed. You can get the ingredients delivered right at your doorstep with the dinnerly promo code. So, it is really about you cooking the best military recipes to remind everyone of the American taste.


You want to start the day with a good meal that is also easy to make? Go with waffles. The best thing about these waffles is that you can put in anything to go with them. Serve them with a scoop of red, blue, or white ice cream. Or go crazy on the Nutella sauce that is about to turn that crunch of a bite into a hazelnut mess in your mouth! Add blueberries, strawberries, and whipped cream for the perfect meal. It is one of the best holiday recipes because it brings the whole family together right in the morning for a fresh start!

Mac n Cheese

Mac n Cheese is the simplest and most American dish that anyone can ever think of, hence falling first on our list. A simple combination of the soft macaroni combined with the creamy cheese that will melt in your mouth and a hint of pepper and oregano is something you will always come back to. It is an easy dish that can be used as leftovers and be heated every time you wish to eat it. Moreover, you can add in any spice or vegetable to add to the taste of the dish but it always tastes best in its original form.

Chicken Paninis

This is another easy dish that will leave your tastebuds wanting more. You only need bread, chicken, and a grill. The rest of the customization is up to you! But we hope where we are going with this because you can turn your outdoor setup into a barbeque party! You can grill the chicken to a light char for a healthy crisp and combine it with succulent sundried tomatoes, melted cheese, a homemade sauce and top it off with the bread! Ah, delicious!


You need to beat the heat with a slush. But the innovative thing you can do with the slush is you can turn it into a series of red, blue, and white. Now, what speaks about veterans day food like the American colored food? And they are incredibly easy to make even if you have to make it for the whole family. Combine it with a fresh bowl of fruit salad and you will have yourself a nice evening to spend.


If you want the best army recipes to ever cross your mind, you should not leave steaks out of the equation. Every veteran loves the taste of the tender beef moist with sauce that melts in your mouth. You can pick any sauce as per your liking, a creamy sauce, mushroom sauce, or even a pepper sauce. Cook this for dinner so that everyone can sleep thinking of the great dish and great soldiers this country has given them.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular dish has to be the steak. It is an all-American dish that every single person in the country loves to indulge in, at all times. Any type of steak does the trick but the prime rib steak is the most popular.

Apple pie takes the vote in terms of popularity. The sweet taste of apple combined with the hint of cinnamon and the crunch of the baked bread has left everyone with a taste of delight.

You can order things directly from any online store and it will be delivered right at your doorstep. You can use the Walmart promo codes to save on online orders.

Apart from the cooked meal, you can ask someone to bake a cake, or order fresh flowers to give it to the veteran in the family. However, they will surely find it appreciative that you are making them a home cooked meal and spending time with them.

Veterans prefer eating any American food. Because of the fact that they have been out of the country for so long, they find any American dish a treat for their trip back home.