Every plate Vs Hello Fresh Checkout The Key Differences Of Their Meal Kits + Perfect Review

Feb 02, 2023   |   6 min read


Every plate Vs Hello Fresh Checkout The Key Differences Of Their Meal Kits + Perfect Review


Wondering everyplate vs hello fresh, which one should you have to try?  The sheer number of meal kit delivery services available today may be intimidating. Not just you, either. There are several companies that provide a range of price points and menu options. No matter who you are, sometimes being too busy leads us to forego preparing healthy meals in favor of quick and easy meals.

Meal prep plans are readily available for subscription, so there is no need to fight with time management or even cooking for people who aren't as confident. Because all the ingredients and recipes for the pre-selected meals are delivered, offering wholesome options that only take an hour or less to cook, it is a simple setup.

Even though there are several brands that are rising in this sector, I'll focus on two in my Every Plate vs. HelloFresh comparison to explain what each brand offers and where the differences are


The decision between HelloFresh and EveryPlate can be difficult. The first is a more affordable meal kit delivery service, while the second is more substantial.

We thoroughly evaluated both of these services and contrasted them using the following standards:

  • Cost: Total cost, which includes delivery, optional extras, etc.
  • Specialty diets: options for dietary preferences and restrictions
  • Add-ons: Provision of alternative snacks or meals
  • Packaging: ease and environmental friendliness
  • Ease of preparation: time and expertise required for meal preparation and cooking
  • Supporting materials: how well-made and practical the recipe cards are
  • Variety of cuisines and flavors: the taste
  • Customer service: simplicity of subscription modification or cancellation

Since HelloFresh actually owns EveryPlate, there are certain parallels between the two food delivery services. They are still two distinct services, and they provide very different offerings.

Here is our comparison so you can choose which is best for your family.

A little About Everyplate

Everyplate discount code, which competed solely on price, was introduced in 2018. This HelloFresh subsidiary began emphasizing low-cost meals so that customers could eat well while saving money.

This business, which was established using a similar concept to subscriptive meal delivery, stood out for its lower rates, kid-friendly selections, and ability to customize the meats or vegetables (depending on the dish).

This wholesome replacement is perfect for folks who don't have time to go shopping or cook a meal because it helps people save money and improve their health one mouthful at a time.

A little About Hello Fresh

HelloFresh Coupons has contributed to the growth of the concept of healthy food home delivery since it first entered the market in 2011, creating the empire it is today. Quality is the cornerstone of our business; from their high-end items to the comprehensive meal instructions provided, HelloFresh offers the greatest service.

This business initially started off on its own before growing into the HelloFresh group, which now includes five distinct meal delivery services based on areas, price points, and meal types.

While several companies now provide less expensive alternatives, HelloFresh is still the original (and frequently the most popular) option.

Everyplate Vs Hello Fresh- Pros And Cons



  • Affordable
  • includes a menu suitable for children
  • Various options for modifying vegetables or proteins.


  • The delivery box's ingredients are not organized.

  • Lots of plastic and individual packaging.

Hello Fresh


  • There are numerous recipes and possibilities for weekly meals.
  • Great possibilities for add-ons.
  • Increased focus on sourcing and sustainability.


  • Costs are higher.
  • Takes a lot of time.
  • Lots of plastic and individual packaging.

Everyplate Vs Hello Fresh- Menu

Everyplate Meal Options

EveryPlate and HelloFresh appear to have comparable menus at first appearance, but HelloFresh has a far larger selection with a wider variety of flavors and ingredients. EveryPlate offers a small selection of dishes with international influences, such as Sweet Potato and Poblano Fajitas and Cuban-Style Bean and Rice Bowls, but the majority of its 18+ weekly recipes are tried-and-true American favorites, such as burgers, pork chops, and meatloaf.

Although the entire menu is always available for ordering, EveryPlate provides four categories to help you focus your search:

  • Veggies & Meat.
  • Veggie.
  • Family Friendly.
  • Quick & Easy.

Hello Fresh Meal Options

Compared to EveryPlate, HelloFresh allows you to order up to six meals a week for a family of four. In addition, HelloFresh has more categories than its less expensive rival, allowing you to mix & match among these menus:

  • Meat & Veggies.
  • Veggie.
  • Family Friendly.
  • Fit & Wholesome.
  • Quick and Easy.
  • Pescatarian.

Despite having a bigger variety, HelloFresh's support for special diets is just somewhat superior to that of EveryPlate. Few dietary preferences are covered beyond meals that are calorie-conscious and vegetarian. In the end, HelloFresh has the advantage in this field thanks to its extensive menu.

Everyplate Vs Hello Fresh- Cost

EveryPlate markets itself as a supplier of affordable meals. Plans for two or four people may consist of three, four, or five meals each week. When we joined up to try EveryPlate, we received a $39 discount off our first box. We decided to go with the two-person, $ 5.90-per-week option. Without a first-time-use coupon, the same product would cost $57.90 plus $8.99 delivery. Each dish costs $5.79.

As of October 2022, HelloFresh offers discounts to new customers despite being more expensive. HelloFresh offers alternatives for two or four people, with the option to select two, three, four, five, or six meals per week. The more meals you order each week, the less you pay per dish. For instance, a standard meat and vegetable plan costs $11.99 for each serving, or $58.95 total, which includes an $8.99 shipping fee, for two individuals to enjoy two recipes each week. Contrarily, if you select a plan for two people with six dishes per week, you will pay $112.87 for the week, which also includes an $8.99 shipping fee and $8.49 for each meal.

EveryPlate is more economical than HelloFresh overall because its cost per serving is about half that of HelloFresh.

Everyplate Vs. Hello Fres: Specialty Diets

The target audience for HelloFresh and EveryPlate is the average American household without any serious dietary requirements or food allergies. However, HelloFresh is easier to utilize if you have specific dietary needs.

Both EveryPlate and HelloFresh provide vegetarian meal plans, but HelloFresh also has a pescatarian option (for those who only consume fish and shellfish as meat). It also provides a low-calorie option for people trying to lose weight. If you follow one of these diets, Green Chef (also owned by HelloFresh) would be a better alternative because neither service, however, provides many vegan options or gluten-free meals.

So in this everyplate, win the criteria and get the numbers in specialty diets…

EveryPlate vs. HelloFresh: Add-ons

You can add on extra ingredients for an additional cost with a number of at-home meal kits. Breakfasts, snacks, sides, extra protein portions, shopping items, and microwave meals can all fall under this category.

However, just a few of these options are provided by HelloFresh and EveryPlate. Fortunately, they also offer more expensive premium meals than their standard menu. Even better, they provide gourmet dishes with a wider range of ingredients. Several meal delivery services, including Factor (owned by HelloFresh) and Hungryroot, provide a selection of additional grocery goods.

Both EveryPlate and HelloFresh are similar in this category of review, so we can say it would be a tie to judging them according to add-ons.

EveryPlate vs. HelloFresh: Creativity of Dishes

We noticed a good variety of dishes in EveryPlate's ClassicPlate collection. There were five chicken alternatives, one beef, four hogs, one fish, and three vegetarian options among the 14 possibilities we had for the week. There were references to American, Asian, Italian, Mexican, and Middle Eastern food styles in the cuisines. Typically, meals consisted of a protein, a vegetable, and a starch. We also saw rice bowls, tacos, burgers, noodles, and hearty soups.

There were 25 meal alternatives for the week when we chose the HelloFresh Meat & Veggie option. There were seven chicken, six beef, two pig, one turkey, two seafood, and seven vegetable dishes in the protein breakdown. Food was prepared in American, Asian, BBQ, Italian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Moroccan, and Tex-Mex styles, among others. Flatbreads, meatloaf, tagines, pasta, tacos, shawarma bowls, Banh Mi, quesadillas, and lettuce wraps were among the appetizing meal setups.

We thought HelloFresh's choices and meal setups were more intriguing and interesting because it offers almost twice as many meal alternatives each week and exhibits a little more diversity in cuisine styles.

EveryPlate vs. HelloFresh: Nutritional Value

We discovered that EveryPlate and HelloFresh place a greater emphasis on hearty, homey meals than they do on particular nutritional and dietary requirements. Since they are both owned by the same corporation, it is possible that we did not discover one to be more health-focused than the other. Despite being on the heavier side, our meals did contain veggies. Although the meal included hamburgers, caramelized onions, roasted potatoes, garlic-chipotle mayo, and a hamburger bun, we wished our EveryPlate burger had some greens. The majority of meals consisted of protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables, along with a sauce to bring everything together.

Food frequently appeared to be heavy in fat and carbohydrates. We were even told to add sugar and butter to several of the recipes. Instead of using sugar and butter, some home cooks or people seeking healthier options would have selected coconut aminos and olive oil.

EveryPlate vs. HelloFresh: Taste

Overall, I thought the HelloFresh and EveryPlate dishes I tasted were delicious and had generous serving sizes. The vast assortment, wholesome recipes, adjustable menus, distinctive goods and flavors, and the sheer volume of weekly meal options offered by HelloFresh, however, ensure their success.

EveryPlate offers about 20 different meal options each week, whereas HelloFresh offers about 50. HelloFresh is also adaptable; you may alter the protein in a few dishes. With dishes like Spiced Chickpea Fritters & Chicken with Greek Salad, Pita & Garlicky White Sauce or One-Pan Sweet & Spicy Cashew Shrimp Tacos with Gochujang Sauce & Tangy Slaw, HelloFresh's meals also feature a wider variety of ingredients. Chicken Ramen from HelloFresh in a Shoyu-Style Broth with Crispy Onions, Chili Garlic Oil, and Mushrooms

However, the meals available on EveryPlate are primarily limited to chicken, beef, and hog. The only option for seafood is an expensive lunch. They also stick with cheaper vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and zucchini. EveryPlate's creamy dijon chicken with zucchini and herb potatoes

Despite this, both EveryPlate and HelloFresh provide a respectable assortment of American cuisine, homestyle dinners, comfort food, and kid-friendly dishes. We tried both of these services and a lot of delicious foods. However, HelloFresh has the edge.

HelloFresh vs. EveryPlate: Packaging

The packaging used by EveryPlate and HelloFresh is one of their main differences. To keep your food fresh and chilled, both meal packages are supplied in recyclable insulated boxes with reusable ice packs.

The similarities stop there, though. The fresh ingredients for your meals are all placed loosely in the box with EveryPlate. As a result, some of your goods may get damaged while being transported (especially if the box doesn't stay upright).

Before beginning to cook, you'll also need to gather your ingredients. The pre-portioned components for a meal are neatly packaged with HelloFresh in a paper bag that is labeled and sealed. Additionally, meats are kept apart. This makes meal preparation and cooking simple. Simply remove the appropriate bag of ingredients and the meat from the refrigerator.

In this comparison, hello fresh has won the section with its awesome packaging.

Every Plate vs. HelloFresh: How to Sign Up

Customers must have a straightforward mechanism for signing up, or else interest will wane. With these brands, there are no problems because both maintain consistency at all times.

Both approaches begin by going through the same three steps:

  • Make a plan, decide how many people will be eating, and decide how many meals you want to make each week.
  • Include personal data like your email, delivery address, and credit card details.
  • Start selecting meals for delivery that first week.
  • It only takes that to get going. After the transaction is complete, clients may access their accounts online to choose future meals, skip weeks, stop subscriptions, alter plans, or even cancel.

HelloFresh takes care to break down the overall cost to provide a view of the whole (and actual) cost of the subscription, whereas Every Plate presents its $5 pricing in the setup selection. Because HelloFresh doesn't hide its pricing under the "per serving" moniker that many of these businesses employ, it stands out from the pack.

EveryPlate vs. HelloFresh: Customer Service

We routinely visited the exhaustive FAQ page on EveryPlate. Additionally, the service offers a live chat function that is accessible 24/7 and a phone number that is available Monday through Friday during business hours. The chat feature requires you to select the subject of your inquiry or concern from a wide range of options, such as "delivery area info" and "plan preferences." When we used the chat tool to get in touch with customer care, we were connected in less than 30 seconds. The customer service agent was kind, interested, and really helpful.

When we voiced our displeasure with the needless small single-use plastic packaging, the person said, "Oh, I see that's a great issue indeed. Your suggestions were also pertinent because we're in the process of redesigning the packaging for a number of our products. The woman assured us that she would note our comments. We enjoyed the interaction and decided to follow the associated link to submit the feedback form.

HelloFresh offers comparable customer care options, such as a detailed FAQ page, chat support, and phone support. We like the live waiting time indicator provided by phone help. When we called HelloFresh, a helpful customer care representative answered right away. The live chat feature was also put to good use by us.

So Both of them offer great customer service to their customers and solve all their problems and answer all their queries politely.

To Sum Up

EveryPlate and HelloFresh are two of the most well-known and affordable meal kit delivery businesses. They are both owned by the same company. HelloFresh offers a wider range of meal options and ingredients, some healthier dishes, and simple packaging for a more effective cooking process.

A comparable but less expensive substitute for HelloFresh is EveryPlate. In general, knowing the differences between the two services can aid you in selecting the one that is ideal for your household.

Frequently Asked Questions

For people or families that enjoy cooking and preparing meals, sister brands EveryPlate and HelloFresh both offer full, hearty meals. Even though HelloFresh offered more meal selections and a wider variety of foods than EveryPlate, we preferred EveryPlate's lower price point.

EveryPlate is more affordable than many other comparable businesses because it offers meal bundles that start at just $4.99 per dish. In addition, you may completely customize your menu and pick from a selection of 17 recipes each week, some of which are vegetarian and suitable for families.

If you've ever had to stop receiving deliveries, you'll find that EveryPlate makes it much simpler for consumers to do so. Simply, it's easy to cancel EveryPlate.

EveryPlate is a lot less expensive than HelloFresh. Both memberships include a set $8.99 shipping price, despite the fact that EveryPlate meals cost $4.99 per serving and HelloFresh meals normally cost $8.99. Whether you're looking for a two-person plan or a supper for four people, both boxes should have one that suits your needs.

The success of HelloFresh depends on its superior supply chain management strategies and strong relationships with the best suppliers and delivery partners.

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