9 Exciting Ways to Celebrate Holidays Eve

Dec 22, 2021   |   6 min read


9 Exciting Ways to Celebrate Holidays Eve


Holidays is one event of the year when you get to celebrate all the festivities with your loved ones and relax by visiting your hometown. The stress of the work is finally over and it is time to plan all the events and dinners with your family and spend your evenings baking cookies, playing games, and just having an overall nice time.

Some people want to go all out with the Holidays celebration and they hold extravagant parties to celebrate the occasion while others just enjoy a nice and cozy time with their loved ones. No matter which category you fall into, we have some of the best ideas for you to make the most out of this holiday season.

1.    Elephant game

You have most probably heard of this one. The White elephant game is all about competition especially if you have a huge family. All the members get involved and you have to hide the gifts in different corners and make sure yours does not get stolen. It is quite engaging and all the adults and children can participate to make sure they have a fantastic time.

2.    Holidays cookies

Winters is all about baking and having a great time in the kitchen. If you are obsessed with savory goods, just get all the guests involved in making cookies for dinner. This way, you wouldn’t even have to worry about the dessert. The kids can get involved with the icing of the cookies and cupcakes and just generally have a great time displaying their artistic abilities.


3.    Ugly Holidays Sweater

One of the best Holidays eve celebrations is to just host an ugly sweater-themed party. It started as a mock tradition but now people host these parties un-ironically and we suggest you get on board too. Have a night where people come wearing the tackiest sweater in their collection and the best, or rather the ugliest one gets to win. If you like sewing, you can even make the sets for your family and friends. The best option is to go and buy them as they are usually available for discounts.


4.    Holidays Cards

The tradition of the card is long lost now. But, whenever you talk about the history of Holidays celebration, it is necessary to mention these bits that have the event so festive. Channel your nostalgia by asking the kids to make DIY Holidays cards and send them out to your loved ones. We are sure that not only will they appreciate these but also reply to yours with the same excitement. Your kids will also get a hands-on experience with crafts and you can enjoy great family time.


5.    Care Package

Most of us are struggling with the last-minute gifts to get for our loved ones and while stores like Amazon and Walmart are always open to serve us, it might be nice to put together a care package for the underprivileged. Holidays is also about giving back to the community which means that you shouldn’t forget those that suffer outside due to the cold and look at celebrations and Holidays lights thinking of their loved ones. Send out these care packages to your local shelter or old home and teach your kids the importance of community.


6.    Holidays crafts

You would probably be heading out for Holidays decorations and making sure your guests are impressed with the house. However, if you have time, we have a better idea. Invite your friends over for a fun evening and craft all the decoration pieces yourself. Find, glue, paper, and stencils if you are not very experienced and get to work. You can even have a competition with the kids and hang out the best ones on the door for everyone to see.


7.    Letter to Santa

The children might be looking around and wondering if all the Holidays celebration near me is just a wide scheme to welcome Santa. Well, give them what they want. Gather the kids around and write a letter to the favorite gift bearer of all times. This is a fun idea that requires minimum effort and you can just hand the letter to yourself or anyone that gets them the gift they want.


8.    Gingerbread House

Like we said, baking goods speaks of instant warmth during the holiday season, and a gingerbread house is one symbol of Holidays that takes us all back to wonderful times. You can get lots and lots of DIY kits on Amazon for making gingerbread houses or just bring out the contents and get to work with your own expertise. We suggest you make the layers first and let the kids go wild with icing and toppings.


9.    Read Holidays Classics

Holidays eve is filled with work as you have a lot of guests to welcome the next day. It is understandable if you cannot pull a Disney Holidays celebration for the kids amid so much stress of getting all the things done. However, do spend an hour or two with them and read a classic from your own childhood. The Night Before Holidays or A Holidays Carol are all nice holiday season books to make them remember the essence of this holiday.


So, make sure your Holidays eves are as celebratory as the main event itself. Have a great time with your loved ones and take a day away from all the stress of the outside world.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is the classic animated movie that you can watch with your kids on Holidays eve.

It is the hub of Disney so all the characters usually get in the Holidays mood.

They hold a service right on the eve of Holidays and then, the celebrations go on all night long.

Nothing beats the classics like Joy to the World and We Wish You but do check out the playlists on Spotify?

Take a stroll out and see all the Holidays décor, watch your favorite movie, call over your friends.

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