10 Exciting and Loving Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day This Year

Apr 29, 2022   |   6 min read


10 Exciting and Loving Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day This Year


You fall she is there, you cry she is there, you need someone to relax a little, your mom is here. Moms are always a blessing that we wish to live with forever but as the hard truth strikes we realize that we should do everything in our power to make her feel special while we can. And even though a single day every year is not enough for that, Mother’s day is just a way to treat your mom extra special and make everything about her for 24 hours straight.

And even though your mom lives far from you that should not stop you from making her feel special. Below we will cover some wonderful, unique and loving ideas to make your mom feel valued and loved more than ever whether you are close by or miles apart.


 We all take joy in Christmas decorations and birthday celebration but the truth is decorating is just a way to mark the importance of an event and for mom mother’s day is probably the biggest way to celebrate so this year, let’s talk about mother’s day celebration. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant or loud but a few flowers, a tiara or a sash will do the job well.

Place some flowers and petals right by her bed and light some candles so when she walks into the room she feels all relaxed and loved. You can also cut out few cute messages and meaningful cards and paste them on the mirror. Use your chance to get crafty and hoard up on craft supplies with hobby lobby promo codes.

Breakfast in Bed

She is the one who is running up and early in the morning making sure everyone is well fed but have you ever cared about is she even full and charged for the day? How about you take charge on this day or from now on. Get up early in the morning before her (although its hard but your mom deserves it), prepare a nice fresh breakfast with what she love, set a table with a nice smoothie, a refreshing morning scented candles (we recommend checking the bed bath and beyond scented candle range), and set a tray to have her one of those memorable breakfast in bed experiences. We guarantee she will love it.


Some moms can’t just without shopping so give your mom a chance to shop till she drops. It’s probably the best gift for her as she will have the freedom to buy what she wants and you will be her credit card for the day. Don’t worry, you can get her treated through the Mother’s day special sales and not break your bank on a single day of shopping extravaganza. Use Amazon Coupon Code to avail Discount on shopping

Surprise Party for Moms

Do you and your friends want to do something special for your moms this year which you haven’t done before? Then here is an idea. Get all the moms at one place through one reason or another and throw a surprise party. Have some wonderful drinks, snacks, party foods, party games and some sort of music for moms to chill away, relax and throw all of their troubles into the pit. This little party time will give all the moms a wonderful time to bond, have fun and loosen themselves up a bit.

Simply Help Her

On Mother's Day, some moms may long for a break from domestic obligations, while others may only desire a helping hand. Use the day to assist Mom cross something off her to-do list that she's been putting off, such as cleaning the coffee machine or fixing a running toilet.

Movie Time

What’s her favorite movie or her favorite TV show? How about building a cozy in home theatre setup where you both can sit together and watch a wonderful movie together. Get some pop corns, amazing drinks and a nice piping hot fresh pizza order maybe? Use the Papa John’s pizza promo code and it’s a mother-daughter date duo.

A Nice Weekend Away

Her and her friends or maybe your mom and dad or maybe you and she can have a nice little time away from the daily life chaos into the hills, a camping trip or nearby the beach. A little weekend away is the right way to cool off and enjoy some time to ourselves. Book your two days tiny tip with pink jeep tours promo codes and get exciting discounts. Let your mom travel and rest to one of her favorite destinations and you will love the glow up of a nice getaway on her face.

A Nice Little Picnic

The feeling of being outside in the fresh air is always uplifting. Spring is a great time to go to a park and look for all of the beautiful spring flowers.

Consider bringing a basic picnic. If your mother lives close, leave a picnic basket on her porch! Pack a cooler if you're living together for a scenic drive through the countryside.
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Mother’s Day Card

Don't forget about the important Mother's Day card while you're busy planning the best Mother's Day ever. She will, without a doubt, eagerly await your personal message. Always remember to write from the heart! Don't take any chances with Mom; sending her an SMS on Mother's Day is a big no-no. 

Special Gift

If mother’s day even complete if you don’t gift her something? Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. We know we all can be limited on budget but that’s no excuse to skip a present for someone we love so dearly especially when there are cheap and amazing mother’s day gift ideas for as low as $20?

Frequently Asked Questions

To make your mom feel special on mother’s day there are bunch of exciting things you can do. Take her to her favorite restaurant, cook a nice meal for her, gift her something or maybe plan a day with her full of fun activities.

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Mother’s day gift are a well-known tradition arising from the past and no mother’s day is complete without getting a wonderful gift for your mom.

Based on her interest you can pick from many items and ideas to gift to your mom. Thankfully you can get a gift in low budget as well as an expensive smart gift too.

Anna Jarvis, Ann Reeves Jarvis's daughter, was instrumental in establishing the official Mother's Day holiday in the early 1900s. Anna Jarvis created Mother's Day after her mother died in 1905. She wanted to commemorate the sacrifices mothers make for their children.