5 Fashion Inspirations to Try in February

Jan 20, 2022   |   8 min read


5 Fashion Inspirations to Try in February


Are you someone who loves vintage trends? If yes, then this article will keep you hooked till the end. We know how fashion plays an eminent role when it comes to expressing our personality. While some people religiously keep up with fashion inspirations, some take fashion design inspiration and add their elements to create a new style. 

Remember back when Tom Cruise rocked a bomber jacket in Maverick Top Gun and all the lads went gaga over it? Well, we are all guilty of either distressing or adding our element to leather jackets to get the same look. Luckily, we have multiple fashion stores and brands that save us customization time, as they take street fashion inspiration and blend it with the latest trends.

Stores like Macy's, Hanes, and Old Navy are among the oldest stores that are always bringing us popular 90s fashion in creative new ways. We have gathered a list of the best stores where you can find 90s fashion inspiration that is a must-try in 2022. 

Cashmere Sweaters from Etsy for 90s Winter Fashion Inspiration
Do you still have a hardcore crush on Rachel from friends? Nobody can rock cashmere sweaters as iconically as Jennifer Anniston. She flaunted each sweater from Bloomingdale's where her character worked in the sitcom. You can find Bloomingdale's cashmere sweaters at Etsy. Etsy is a hub for fashion trends. Old, new, streetwear, and formal. You name it, and Etsy will have it.

The store has dedicated a range to 90s sweaters. The Bloomingdale’s 90s 00s cashmere is available in soft pink tone color at Etsy. It is a classic vintage flaunted by many other celebrity crushes. If you are wondering whether only 90s celebs wore the kinds of cashmere, you will be surprised to know that Zoe Kravitz recently flaunted an orange stunning cashmere sweater.

You can find the mock neck sweater in the color grey at Etsy. There is an extensive range of turtle neck sweaters available at the store. Sleeveless, long arm-length sleeves, and even mid-length sleeve sweaters are found under their sweater collection. We love the Vintage Talbots cashmere in black and white cheetah print. Leopard prints never go out of style and this sweater will serve you for many winters.

Midi Dresses from Macy's for Summer Fashion Inspiration
Did you notice how the 90s fashion inspiration is reviving? Anyone who is a bit into fashion can tell you that midi dresses were introduced to us in the 90s. And ever since then brands keep innovating their styles. Macy’s is a popular fashion store with multiple brands under its roof including Macy labeled brands for casual and formal wear. 

You can find a full range of floral, printed, patterned, and solid midi dresses at their store. Be it, Kendall Jenner or Meghan Markel, each fashion icon gave us measure 90s fashion inspiration when they got papped wearing a midi dress. One of Macy’s labels Connected is known for its extensive range of midi dresses. We love the floral print chiffon dress available at Macy’s. You can wear these dresses on your Valentine's date as well. Check out what more can you wear at 10 Super Cute Date Outfits for Valentine’s Day

You can also find a floral print with a ruffled sleeve by CeCe. The dress is knee-length, available in rick black with pink floral print all over it. CeCe’s midi dress collection is available at Macy’s in full range. You may get your hands on Kendall Jenner’s look-alike midi dress. If you love Miranda Kerry then you know how obsessed she is with 90s fashion. You can find Kira's lace dresses at Macy as well. Get a discount on Macy’s Macys $10 Coupon | Discount and Promo Codes - January 2022

Karina Dresses for Summer Fashion Inspiration
Let us ask you a question, what is your favorite season to dress up? For most of us, it's summers and springs. No other season lets us flaunt our bodies the way summer does. And what better way to stay comfortable and look sensual than to get a flowy, short-length dress? Karina dresses is a store that offers dresses all year round. You can find sensual as well as casual dresses at affordable prices only at this store. 

The Nora dress is among our favorite and top-picks from their summer collection. Reason one to love it is its design. Sleeveless, knee-length and flowy, perfect for our summer wear. The falling leaf pattern in multiple colors makes this dress a perfect one for even in autumn. The sleek design comes with two side pockets and a waistband for a more petite look. You can also get casual summer dresses from Kohl’s, The Best Kohl’s Casual Dresses to Buy at Kohl’s | Shopping Tips

You can also get wrap dresses to blend 90s fashion with ongoing fashion trends. The wrap dresses are loved by celebrities. Ashley Graham is among the top celebs that embraced their body type and encouraged other women to stand for #bodypositivity. Karina dresses is a firm believer in fashion for all. And that’s why all their collections are available in all sizes. The Ruby Wrap dress is their top-seller. You may also like the Blue Heaven under Plus-size dress collection. 

Nordstrom Polo Shirts for Street Fashion Inspiration

Christian Bale, the Batman who took our heart and we still refuse to ask it back did a polo shirts campaign back in the day and the world went crazy. Sometime later, Daniel Craig commonly known as James Bond wore a solid black polo while taking a brisk walk and the streets could not stop raving for the longest time. Do we need to tell you more about who else looked handsome in a simple polo?

Polo T-shirts are sold by various brands. However, our favorite for affordable and durable polo t-shirts is Nordstrom. For anyone who likes to dress up decently on the streets, Nordstrom’s polo range will serve you well. The Travis Mathew blue and white striped polo is our top pick. The moon indigo color is suitable for casual and streetwear fashion. 

You can also get Nike Golf Polos from Norstrom. We know how many of you are not aware of Nike’s polo edition. Only Nordstrom has a full range of Nike polos. Each polo has Dri-Fit technology, which allows you to wear these polos at sports events. Did we mention, Roger Federer wore the seafoam color in multiple matches. 

Amazon for Polka Dot Tops and Sailor Moon Fashion Inspiration
Every 90 kid around the universe was obsessed with the sailor moon cartoon series. The cartoon was dubbed in 10 different languages. Including US English, which made its obsession grow among teenagers and adults. Kids love to dress up as their favorite sailor moon character and flaunt the beautiful dress. Luckily, we have found you the perfect place to buy sailor moon-inspired dresses at affordable prices.

 Amazon, the mega all-inclusive store for all possible goods is the place where you can find sailor moon dresses for adults and kids. The YOUMU star moon dress is a must-wear for evening occasions. It has stars and a moon all over it with net outerwear. The waistband elevates a sensual look and makes one look petite. Place your order here YOUMU Women Summer Chiffon Dress Stars Moon Print Embroidered Skirt Long Puff Sleeve Princess Dress at Amazon Women’s Clothing store

Another popular 90s fashion trend is the polka dots. And Amazon loves to keep every memorable trend alive. You can get polka dot tops in all sizes from the store. Polka dot long dresses are also available under their women's dress section. Get a discount on your purchase by using Amazon Promo Code 20 off Anything/any item 100% verified

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, anything and everything that reminds you of your childhood crush are vintage. Not to forget, we got some major trendsetter statements from 90s fashion.

The answers depend on what fashion is for you. We believe confidence and freedom of expression are what fashion is all about. Always wear your confidence on your sleeve.

Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Amazon are among the top places to get 90s classic fashion pieces. Etsy is another must-visit store for a blend of the latest styles with vintage classics.

Karina Dresses is a hub for all dresses. You can find dresses for all occasions, seasons from their store.

A bomber jacket with patches is an iconic jacket worn by Tom Cruise and many other celebrities in the 90s. A polka dot dress also yells 90s fashion.

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