Father's Day Gifts - Precious Ways to Surprise your Dad this Father's Day

Jun 11, 2021   |   6 min read


Father's Day Gifts - Precious Ways to Surprise your Dad this Father's Day


Is it the first time you are hearing about the approaching Father’s Day this year? We all know how father’s day doesn’t get its fair share of fame and popularity as compared to a mother’s day.

Not like kids don’t love their dads, like duh who would buy them toys and pay for their tuitions instead? Fathers are often seen as tough figures and not the emotional kind who showers you with hugs and kisses (unlike Moms), but that doesn’t mean they don’t have hearts waiting to be warmed with the perfect Father’s Day gift ideas.

If your daddy doesn’t seem too emotionally invested on events like Father’s day or any other day to be honest, nor care about what year is it, then you must remind him that Father’s Day is a big deal to you.

After all who can shower you with unlimited love without expecting anything in return? It’s A Dad’s heart that is full of care and generosity and never-ending love for their child. It’s about time you return a little bit of care.

With our ideas of father’s Day gifts you can make him happier than ever and if you get lucky enough maybe a show of emotions could happen.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $25

Sure, Fathers deserve all the great things in the world and there shouldn’t be a look out for cheap gifts for your dad but sometimes we are limited on budget and that shouldn’t be an excuse to skip the gift this Father’s Day. Here are some father’s day gift ideas under $25 that are affordable but priceless when you gift them to your daddy.

Personalized Book

This is something very cute yet affordable. Get him a personalized book with all the photos of him and you as well as some cute messages. Tell him why you admire each snap with him and thank him for the bunch of wonderful memories you have made together.

Personalized Bookmark

A great father’s day gifts from kids, the personalized special bookmark is great for a book lover daddy. You will be amazed how much this little gift means to him. You can get a photo printed or get a sweet lovely message written down that he will admire so much.

Bamboo Pizza Paddle

If he loves cooking or even pizza then a bamboo pizza paddle is a great idea. Gift him a customized pizza paddle with a special message. Once he is done eating his heart will become full with the special message written on it.

Insulated Coffee Mug

Another one from the list of best mugs for dad. This coffee mug is different because it will keep his coffee warm longer than usual. With a funny humorous message written on this mug, your dad will have a laugh or two every time he takes a sip of fresh coffee.   

Super Hero Dad Book

You see him as the strongest and kindest superhero it’s about time you tell the world too. Gift him a personalized superhero book with some amazing ways to remind him how he is the best protector. This is a great father’s day gift from daughter who know there is no one in this world that would protect them like their daddy.

Personalized Beer Bottle Art

Dad and Beer go hand in hand. A personalized wall décor with an attractive message will be the center of attention for many people. And when they notice the large wall art, they are sure to notice the cheesy yet lovely message written on it. One might think this gift idea will cost you a lot but it is a lot more in $20.

Personalized Socks

While we are on the list of personalization, special socks for your dad will make his feet warmer and his heart grateful. This is a cheap gift under $25 and it will be something he uses a lot. There are many messages you can get written on a personalized socks or even choose his favorite color to glow his smile.


A great Father’s Day Gift from daughter is a customized keychain. Make him never lose his keys again with a customized key chain that he will always keep closer to his heart. Get anything written lovely or cute. For those who have a hard time putting their feelings in word in person, this keychain is a great start.

A Pen

A pen could be the tiniest thing on his study table but it will be extremely useful. You can get a pen with special message or even something shiny and stylish. A simple gesture such as a smooth pen will make him happier than you can imagine.

Personalized Family Print

One of the best father’s day gift ideas is to gift him the most precious thing in the world. His family. This idea to get a personalized family print with a cute message will remind him of how blessed he is. It is a cheap gift idea that goes a long way and he can mount it above the bed or even place it somewhere in the hallway.

Coffee Mug

A Coffee mug with a lovely message is a good idea. This mug has a simple yet very meaningful message get the World’s Greatest Dad coffee mug with a nice white color and a shiny interior. Made up of ceramic this mug will keep his coffee warm and his smile wider. And the best part? You can get any message written on this piece of gift.

Printed Glass

Printed mugs are too mainstream, but a printed glass is something new and creative. Gift your dad a beer printed glass with a lovely message written on it. For a badass dad the message could be a little humorous yet fun.

Expensive Gifts for your Dad

Luckily if you are a little loose on budget there is no harm in spending something extra for your dad. After all he is someone who deserves all the amazing gifts and what’s a better occasion to show love than Father’s Day?


Inspire him towards a healthy lifestyle with the perfect fitness tracker. This Fitbit from Amazon is something that will keep his heart rate on track and make him healthy. It is available is three colors so you can choose the right choice. The Fitbit fitness tracker also offers compatibility with smartphones so he can stay connected wherever he is.

Air Pods

If he needs a lovely musical experience or need a wireless piece of ear sets for his workout then gift him these apple air pods from Amazon. They come with charging and case. You can get as much as 20% off on apple air pods and the gift is something expensive yet worth every penny you spend.

Noise Cancellation Headphones

For him to have a wonderful music experience away from all the noise gift him active noise cancelling headphones with Bluetooth connectivity. He will be grateful to enjoy wonderful sound effects. And this gift isn’t too expensive as one might think.

Smart Speakers

While we are at making his sound experience better and more fun, this echo dot speakers with clock are a great addition too. This gift goes great for his nightstand and he will enjoy the modern design with an even more impeccable quality. You can use this smart echo dots to control lights, thermostat and even secure the door with locks. No more fighting over who will lock the doors before coming to bed.

Coffee Maker

The amazon basics coffee maker is not a cheap gift but is worth every penny you spend on it. The 25 ounces coffee maker comes with a glass carafe and has a reusable filter. And the price you pay for it will definitely be amazingly affordable. This coffee maker has many functions so your dad enjoy freshly brewed warm mugs of coffee each morning and who knows he start making coffee for everyone in the home?

Customized Vape

Does he love to vape? If yes then you know what to get him. Vapes are very stylish and for a vape lover we don’t think there is anything more important than this, no Kidding! Get a vape from his favorite store or even use a printed message on it to make a lovely impression.


Cuban cigars have always been the symbol of luxury and aristocracy. Trinidad fundadores, Romeo y Julieta Churchill or Cohiba Siglo ii, these are the cigars that will be a great gift for your Dad. If your Dad likes mild- to medium-bodied cigars, then you can choose Cohiba Siglo ii as they have exceptional value for their quality. 

Homemade Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Nothing speaks love more than the time you spend for someone you care for. Since, your dad is the most important being to you in the world is there any excuse you shouldn’t be working hard to make him the best gift?

Even if you buy a store purchased one the thought and searching process counts for something. But we guarantee you, a homemade personalized gift will make him happier than you can imagine. Sure it is time consuming but here are some easy ideas you can try.

A Special Card

Starting with the basic but not too basic, a father’s day card from a kid will make the dad excited than ever. It’s about the love and care shown in the each thought you have put into that card. Whether you want to showcase your artistic skills or write a long loving note with grammatical errors, the point is showing him no love no matter how silly or imperfect. To him it is the world!

A Photo Frame

Do you have a photo of him and yours that you love so much? Or maybe he enjoys a particular memory more than others. Every time he talks about it there is a shine in his eyes. If there is something that pops in your mind while reading this then capture it and frame it. Write a beautiful message or even some lovely doodles will do the work. 

A Nice Meal

Yes as simple as that! Aren’t fathers great? He will be happy with a mug of coffee let alone a full flash meals. But don’t just settle for coffee after all he is your dad. Make him a fancy dinner with his favorite ingredient or for a different idea? Get him food delivered from his favorite restaurant. This will send him over the moon with joy.


Is there a way to gift time? You know we have talked enough about the importance of making memories. Maybe you should try making new ones this year. Gift him time this Father’s day by planning a special day with him. Take him to breakfast, movie, shopping or maybe even sit beside a beach and have some fun.

Father’s Day Gift Baskets

What’s better than a single gifts? Many gifts! Now you must be wondering about the budget limitation and who could fight the urge to gift everything to your dad? We don’t think it’s easier to let it go. If you can’t decide on a single item or don’t think anything is good enough for your dad then making a gift basket is one of the most oldest yet smartest father’s day gift ideas.

A gift basket could contain anything from chocolates, perfumes, wallet, headphones, snacks, bottle of vine or something that he would love. And you can also purchase customized gift baskets for the man of the house we don’t think there is any limitation on the choices and what you can get.

Father’s Day Gifts for Grandad

Grandads are just like your dad but they love you more (the way you want), and who could be better worthy of a father’s day gift than the person who always spoils you with unconditional love?

Thanks to our collection of father’s day gift ideas there are many options you can choose from to make your grandad happy.


Grandfathers admire comfort and why shouldn’t they? Gifting him a customized cushion will be a good idea since you will see him taking it everywhere he sits to rest.


Your grandad is very specific about things so why not gift him a special mug that stays close to his heart? Get him a personalized coffee mug with a wonderful message written on it.


To make his feet comfortable and feel soft at all times. The softies or soft slippers for your grandad are a good choice since he needs those soft feels against his feet all day.


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