Best Items at Five Guys

Jun 16, 2022   |   5 min read


Best Items at Five Guys


Imagine opening up a burger joint with your brothers just so you could skip further studies and then realizing your love for burgers is what’s going to make you rich. Truth be told, it isn’t as easy breezy as this sounds. Jerry and Janie Murrell’s sons worked day in and day out to stick by their decision of opting business over studies.  

While the young lads were persistently kneading the dough for their buns, the parents were keeping a strict check on quality control. From the very beginning they made everyone abide by a code of conduct. The Five Guys cheeseburgers are known for their freshness. Rightly so, from the dough to the meat and the sauce used. Each item used in their preparation goes through a freshness test.  

Often people raise concerns as to why Five Guys is so expensive. Luckily, we were able to come to a conclusion. Every item they use is fresh, costing them a lot more than it costs other fast food joints. Resulting in their higher prices. However, we all can agree the difference freshness makes is undeniably worth the price. 

We short listed some of Five Guys most popular items to save you the search time. Don’t forget to use the Five Guys coupon code available at Mysavinghub for extended discounts and offers. 

Bacon Burgers  

Who doesn’t like some hot grilled bacon strips? We all do. What makes Five Guys bacon burgers top our list today is its freshness and rich original flavors. Bacon burgers are yummy for a reason. Grill them wrong and you’d know how all the magic ends. Luckily, at Five Guys the staff pays extra heed to the grilling process. And then stuffing them with cheese inside freshly hand-made sesame seed buns is what steals the show.  

Did we mention, you can get extra toppings from Five Guys? That too as many as you like free of charge. 

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Loaded Cheese Ham Burger  

Do you know what makes ham burgers worth buying? It is the meat-to-fat ratio in its patty which makes it super juicy and moist. Then comes the sauces and oil in play that helps bring out the flavors. Five Guys make these patties in olive oil on a hot grill. The meat is well-cooked and flavorsome. Topping it with loaded cheese makes the burger fulfilling and satisfying. 

Five Guys make sure the buns they use are kneaded well for a fluffy, soft texture topped with seeds and brushed with butter. If you are a chicken burger lover, here are reasons you should stay loyal to KFC. Use KFC discount code for more discount offers.  

The Little Burgers 

Five Guys little cheeseburgers are known all across the globe. It’s like small bites from heaven. Fulfilling, cheesy and scrumptious. Little cheeseburgers come in all flavors. Ham, bacon and little cheese burgers. The patties and buns used for these little burgers are exclusively grilled on an apple-wood grill in American style. Five Guys believe in less spices more sauces, which is why there burgers are so full of taste. 

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Cheese Hot Dog 

There goes a saying; the simpler, the better which adequately fit hot dogs. At Five Guys, you can find all American style grilled patties and other junk food. Hot dogs are among most eaten, taken away meals in American culture. However, the question is what makes Five Guys hot dogs stand out among all the rest? The answer to this is quite simple, it is the caramelized buns and onions grilled length wise.   

You can add as many topping as you like in hot dogs as well as burgers at Five Guys. The simple cheese hot dog is among our top recommendations. Although, Five Guys also offer four different styles of hot dogs, which include: a simple hot dog, cheese hot dog, bacon hot and a bacon cheese hot dog. For someone who loves extra meat in their hot dog, the bacon cheese hot dog will be suffice. 

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Five Guys Milk Shakes MIX-INS 

Five Guys are known for their taste which never seems to change or disappoint. However, recently the restaurant has started to experiment with their menu. Their recent addition is in the beverage category. You can now get milk shakes at Five Guy. Not just our regular, ordinary milk shakes but milk shakes where you can add chunks or chopped version of your favorite flavor and topping.  

For instance, in strawberry shake, you can add chunks of strawberry and other fruits. Top it up with any syrup. However, we recommend you to try the home-made maple syrup at Five Guys. We bet it’ll leave you wanting more.  

You can add cookies to your malt as well. Our favorite is the Oreo cookies flavor. You can also add peanut butter, vanilla and salted caramel cookies. Five Guys know how to justify their pricing so before you judge their meal prices, we recommend you to try their burger and other American style meals prepared with love and scrumptiousness.  

Frequently Asked Questions

The restaurant is known for being expensive because of its freshness. Each item used to prepare is ensured to be fresh. That means they have to either purchase or prepare items regularly which cost them a lot.

Amusingly, yes. The restaurant believes in providing their customers fulfilling meals which is why their fries box is larger than all other fries boxes at burger joints.

Yes, all meals prepped at Five Guys are gluten-free.

There are certain locations where the restaurant does not charge any delivery fee.