All You Need to Know About Fox Rent a Car

Mar 18, 2022   |   8 min read


All You Need to Know About Fox Rent a Car


Are you someone who always faces a hard time while making travel bookings with car rentals? Either the car is unsuitable or the fares are extravagantly high. Most of the time, car rental service providers make false promises or trap us into an elaborated hoax. The bad experience leads us to never trust another car rental.

Luckily, we have service providers like Fox Rent a Car who are not only well-reputed but have been able to keep up their promises and standards for the longest time. For Rent a Car reviews are reliable and unbiased. The service is rated the number one car service on multiple travel sites. Including, Expedia. You can get discounts on your trip by using Expedia coupon codes. Did we mention, once you become a member, you can get 10% off on all your bookings?

Another excellent feature Fox Rent a car takes immense pride in is the comparatively low costs. We all know how costly renting a car can get. Fortunately, Fox Rent a Car has multiple deals which are budget-friendly. To help you learn more about their services and offerings, we have gathered details of all you need to know about them

What cars are available for rent? 

The most common query while opting for a car service provider is what cars are they providing? Amusingly, Fox Rent a Car has categorized its cars into four categories.


All cars under this category have space for a max of 4 people. For someone who has a small family or is traveling with their partner, we recommend the economy category. Usually, the car is Chevrolet Spark, Nissan Versa, and other similar models. Grab a Starbucks on your trip and get discounts on your coffee. Fox Rent a Car Phoenix provides the best economy cars. However, you can simply google Fox Rent a Car near me and select the car you wish for.


 Are you on your honeymoon or a mini getaway with your partner? If yes, then the cars listed under the compact category will serve you well. Latest model cars in top-notch conditions are available for us. Ford Focus is among the most liked in travelers. The car is spacious and its other advanced features make it to our highly recommended list. While you’re opting for A-list cars. Might as well get golden goose dupes for the trip.


This is another category of cars at Fox Rent a Car. Under this category falls Toyota Corolla and Prius kind of cars. They can easily accommodate five people along with their stuff in the boot. For small families or long vacations, this category of cars serves well. Plan a trip with your college buddies and don’t forget to get back to college discounts on other travel essentials. Wherever you have travel plans, Fox Rent a Car Miami or Fox Rental Car Las Vegas the service is always top-notch.


For avid car travelers or people who love to take road trips, SUVs are the best car partners. No matter if you are traveling with your partner or the whole family along with your dog. Jeeps and trucks can accommodate up to six people. Don’t have second thoughts while planning a road trip up hills, always go for SUVs. You can pile up your essential stuff in a Goyard tote bag. The bag carries a lot of stuff but surprisingly takes little space.

You can rent almost any car with Fox Rent a Car while planning your trip. The providers allow us to request modifications as well.

How do I make a booking at Fox Rent a Car?

Fox Rent a Car has a ridiculously convenient booking process. All we need to do is follow the steps and use Fox Rent a Car promo code.


 Before any booking, you must decide on a pick-up and drop-off location. Set it on the map and be specific about it.


Once you have decided on the pick-up and drop-off location, the next things you must set are the dates. Whether the pick-up and drop-off area on the same date or weeks apart set it precisely on the process icons.


While making the booking decide on a pick-up time and drop-off time, so the service provider can manage accordingly without causing any nuisance.

Use Discount

After setting all your primary travel details, you can proceed to use any discount code or membership coupons. You can use the Fox discount code. Moreover, people above 50 can avail the AARP member discount. AARP is a USA-based travel program for the elderly. The organization has over 38 million people registered on its application network. To make memories, don’t forget to carry an Amazon Wyze camera with you.

Submit Verified Documents

Fox Rent a Car has a very hassle-free booking process. We don’t have to wade through our passport or other personal identifications details except for a valid driver’s license and an unexpired identification card. For someone who has plans to travel outside the States, a road permit and a valid passport are also required. You must carry these with you on the trip.

Is there any age specification for drivers?

Luckily, there is no complication for drivers except a valid US driver’s license. The age specification varies from country to country. However, in the States, you can be 17 and rent a car. As long as the original driving license is with you.

However, as there is a limitation on age, Fox Rent a Car abides by their law. Drivers under 25 have to pay more compared to drivers who are 25 and above. Fox Rent a Car under 25 fee applies on such cases. Sadly, certain cars are off the list for drivers under 25. Be it in the States or outside. Luxury cars are not for rent to young drivers.

Another important detail you may not know of is that not all Fox Rent a Car affiliated locations cater to drivers under 25. The age 19 and above program is only available for 9 States in the USA. You need to bring a valid identity card and a driving license to certain Fox Corporate addresses. The location is based at airports in 9 states. You can use the Fox Rent a Car coupon codes for massive discounts. Learn more about the Fox under 25 car rental on their website.

Are Fox Rent a Car drivers trustworthy?

The answer to this commonly asked question is a simple one. Yes, the drivers are trustworthy. If you are wondering what makes us say that, then you must know about the driver’s hiring process. Each driver’s strict background check is scrutinized. Their original documentation is kept safe at Fox corporate locations.

You can check each driver’s total trips and reviews at the Fox app as well as other review portals. Travelers often receive a free upgrade and are appreciative of the driving skills and car’s clean condition. Waiting timing is reportedly minimal which makes Fox’s drivers more disciplined.

Another amazing feature available on Fox is, if you are on a trip with another car rental and the experience is traumatizing you. You can simply update your location on the Fox booking process, and the driver will come to pick you up from the exact location. In case of any drop-off delay, the traveler is not charged a penny extra.

Are there any Fox Rewards?

Luckily, yes. Fox Rent a Car has numerous reward programs which are automatically upgraded by the end of each trip we take.

Gift Card

Isn’t it the hardest to gift a trip to your loved ones? They don’t want us to bear all expenses yet we want to be a part. The easiest way to do so has been introduced to us by Fox. Now we can send gift cards to our loved ones. The company uses tango cards.

Let us explain how it works. Imagine you took a trip through Fox, at the end of the trip certain points got added to your profile. You can collect those points and once the number gets strong, you can simply use it to buy gifts. From food, beauty, gadgets, and even from deal sites. The point-earning limit is limitless. You get a $25 gift card once you have 2500 points. And similarly, a $125 card for 12,500 points.

You can also use these points to get a good reduction on your next trip. The redeemable points are known as FoxBucks. Simply log in to your Fox account, check the points available and redeem them under the FoxBucks option. However, the points under this category are only redeemable for certain corporate locations.

There are Fox Reward programs that are upgraded often. You can use the Fox Rent a Car discount code as well as access the safety program once you become a member of the Fox Rent a Car family

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. There are Fox shuttles at gateways A1-A13 and B11-B13 at the Orlando airport.

Yes, a certain deposit amount is charged before our trip.

Once the booking is complete, an amount varying from $150 to $1000 is charged depending on our trip details.

The Fox Corporate office is based in New York City.

In all honestly, no. a specific car or model cannot be promised at Fox.