Where to Eat For Free on Your Birthday

Feb 03, 2022   |   6 min read


Where to Eat For Free on Your Birthday


No matter how old we grow or how mature we act about birthdays, birthday is that one day when you expect a little extra love and lots of special treatment. Those 24 hours feel all about you and why shouldn’t they? After all your birthday is the time when you made an entry in this world and you should celebrate it. No matter how foolish it seems it is always cute to enjoy your birthday even if it’s as tiny as a cupcake or ordered food at home. But who says you have to treat yourself on your birthday when you can get free birthday dinner.

Yes, below we are listing some of the best free birthday meals and restaurants that offer birthday dinners near me.

Baskin Robbins

Nothing makes you happier than a free ice cream scoop that too on your birthday. All you need is to join the Baskin Robins birthday club and avail your free scoop, every year for the rest of your life.

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin donuts does not take a seat back when it comes to treating their customer’s right. Not for a day but this one helps you for an entire month. All you need is to sign up for the Dunkin donuts rewards program and get free drink for the entire month. The best part? You can get drink in any size.


What’s better than free birthday dinner? Free birthday dinner. IHOP is one of the best places to eat for your birthday especially for early risers. Enjoy a free stack of pancakes on the house and make the most of your morning on that special day. And this offer isn’t just limited to birthdays, you can also get free pancake on anniversaries. Just sign up the rewards program.


Dennys are going to trust you more than anybody when it comes to birthday freebies. They don’t demand a loyalty program sign up, no membership nothing, just you on that special day with your ID Card. Get a free grand slam and treat yourself.


Applebees birthday special is indeed special. Applebee's gives a complimentary dessert, meal, or appetizer to individuals who join their exclusive email club on their birthday. Keep in mind that this offer is only valid at participating Applebee's franchises.

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Chili’s give you a free dessert on your birthday that too special ones (they are hella tasty). The only thing they demand is you to be the member of My Chili’s rewards program. And there is a catch. This reward program is only available for people living in US and Hawaii.


To receive the world-famous Hooters wings and an annual birthday present, join the Hooters Hoot Club. Keep in mind that loyalty members receive ten free wings. They must enroll in the programme at least 7 days before their actual birthday.

Capital Grille

Finally, a birthday present that doesn't necessitate the use of your email account! On your birthday, visit the Capital Grille for a complementary dessert to round out your dinner. It's free, spam-free, and stylish.

Cold Stone

Cold stone takes birthday special treat and making your big day even better a one step ahead. And On your birthday, what could be nicer than ice cream with a friend? On your birthday, you'll get a deal on your ice cream and your friend's ice cream because you joined the My Cold Stone Club and took advantage of your BOGO offer.

Black Angus Steakhouse

Now that’s what we call a birthday dinner. Angus steakhouse will grant you a free steak dinner, a free dessert when you purchase and entrée on your birthday. The deal is you have to be a member of their prime club member. After the first birthday with Angus steakhouse, you will get a free cowboy cookie on upcoming birthdays.

Olive Garden

Something salty for the ones who feel a little salty on their special day. You can get unlimited breadsticks from olive garden on your birthday. They also offer you a free dessert. This offer isn’t just restricted to one day as you can use the deal seven days before the birthday as well as fortnight after the special day.

Bjs Restaurant and Brew House

If you join up for Premier Rewards Plus, you'll get a free Pizzookie on your birthday. It's a strange blend, but it's kind of like pizza... Wookie? No, hold your horses. It's simply a massive cookie which you will love so why not take a try?

Krispy Kreme

Something sweet for your sweet birthday and it’s okay if you are done with cakes and stuff. Krispy Kreme doesn’t disappoint, ever. To get your free Krispy Kreme donut, simply sign up for Krispy Kreme rewards and display your voucher in-store. Remember that this birthday special is only available at Krispy Kreme locations and not at concession stands inside other stores.


Maybe McDonalds was already on your go to list for birthday and here is yet another reason to visit there. After signing up for McDonald's email newsletter, kids can get a free Happy Meal on their birthday. Keep in mind that many McDonald's restaurants are owned and run by franchisees. As a result, each restaurant's management must decide whether or not to participate in a birthday club programme.

Pizza Hut

Some people can never get enough of pizza and there is nothing wrong about it. Pizza is a mood that never disappoints and especially for those who are feeling a little lonely on this day, a piping hot pizza will do the job well.

To celebrate their birthday, anyone who register for an online ordering account with Pizza Hut will receive free hot and fresh cinnamon sticks.

Pink Berry

You will receive a free yoghurt on your birthday and a free yoghurt after every 10 purchases you make, regardless of the day, as a Pinkberry loyalist.

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Smash burger

As a silver-level member of the Smash club, you can earn a free normal side on your birthday. If you spend $100 or more per year to achieve gold status, you will receive a free Classic Smash on your birthday. If you spend $500 or more every year to reach platinum level, you'll receive a free Classic Smash with a regular side.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many restaurants that offer special birthday dinner and similar discounts. You can enjoy free meals on birthday.

To get birthday discount, shop with special coupons and promo codes.

Stores like starbucks and dunkin donuts offer free drinks on your birthday. You can also use the starbucks coupon codes to get free drink.

Yes, with several stores introducing special birthday gift for their customers you can sign up to receive a free gift on your birthday.

The best way to shop and save on your birthday is to use special promo codes and birthday deals.