Fun Things to do This Veteran’s Day

Nov 05, 2021   |   6 min read


Fun Things to do This Veteran’s Day


Events like Veteran’s day come once in a year but hold great importance in everyone’s life. Since spending your life as a veteran or a military personnel demands a lot of sacrifice for a major portion of life Military people need to be appreciated for their efforts. From educating your kids about Veteran’s day to taking your old ones to see Veteran’s Day Memorial there are many Veteran’s day fun activities one can try.

If you are also looking for Veteran’s day fun for kids then here are some fun things to do with your teens Veteran’s day and let them appreciate this day even more.

Educate them

Assist children in comprehending the role of veterans. Adults frequently refer to veterans as soldiers, uniformed individuals who live on military posts. Of course, these things are true, but for children who are unfamiliar with military families, they can seem quite abstract. And it's possible that children will come into contact with many veterans on a regular basis, even if they are unaware of it.

Retired Home

Veterans are nearly always found in assisted living facilities. Organize a party in their honor with the help of the employees. This could involve things like food and songs, as well as a peaceful visit where you read to them, talk to them, or play games with them.

Let Them Hear Stories

If you know someone or any kid in your class has someone from the Veteran’s background how about getting a firsthand session? Veterans can speak about their efforts better than anyone and also bring up some exciting stories for kids to enjoy. Get them a session or chat with a retired military person or even a present member in uniform. They will love to see their heroes’ right in front of them.

Donate to the Veterans Charity

Consider donating to your local Veterans Affairs office or another organization that assists veterans and their families. While you can donate on your own, strive to make a bigger effect by enlisting the help of friends and family and setting a goal.

Practice and Teach Them to Say Thankyou

Set a good example for your kids. Simply thank a veteran when you see him or her. Our children observe us and learn from us. Discuss with them why you thank the military in the grocery store and the soldier you see at the airport. It's a small gesture of gratitude, yet it has a big impact.

Make Cards

If someone in your family is from Veteran’s background. Here is a fun activity. Sit with your kids to make cards for the military members. Sure, you can buy cards and post them but nothing says love more than some nice handmade cards with their cute sloppy handwriting passing on the message of appreciation. However, if you live nearby sending some cookies or a box of chocolates along with the card doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

Buy From a Veteran Owned Business

Find veteran-owned small businesses in your region and make it a point to shop or eat there. With a little work and social media, you can even make this a community-wide movement.

Volunteer in a Veteran’s Hospital

They do a lot for us its time you give some of it back to them too. Check to see whether your local Veterans Association hospital requires volunteers, and then go for the day to assist them with anything they require. Choose another day when you can make a difference if they're currently swamped with requests on November 11.

Attend a Ceremony

Veterans Day rituals and parades are held in many communities and schools. Check your local community calendars to see which ones you should take your children to. Attending a parade or ceremony with your kids can make them realize how big of a deal this day is hence they will have more respect for these great people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Veterans Day is celebrated every year on 11th of November to honor military heroes.

Attend a ceremony, meet a veteran thank them or send them gifts, you can do many activities on Veteran’s Day.

Veterans Day is an annual federal holiday in the United States that honors military veterans on November 11th.

Yes, Veteran’s day fall on 11th November which is a National holiday.

By sending them gifts, making card, thanking them, you can honor and make them feel appreciated.