6 Funny Pranks to Play During the Holiday

Dec 24, 2021   |   6 min read


6 Funny Pranks to Play During the Holiday


The holiday season is the time to truly enjoy with your loved ones and make sure you build memories that last you a lifetime. From dinners and dances to taking trips together, families come together for a great bonding session that they remember for the rest of the year.

This is the reason why Holiday is a highly anticipated time of the year. One thing that is common in families along with the obvious love and adoration is amusement. You often find different outlets for increasing the laughter, be it watching a comedy film or playing competitive card games.

Sometimes, this amusement also comes off of your cousin who is visiting with their partner, and aunts and uncles love to recount hilarious stories from childhood in vain attempts to embarrass them. So, you can say that the overall merriment in the house is at an all-time high.

But you know what would add to the fun atmosphere of Holiday? Funny holiday prank ideas that you can practice on your loved ones and make sure you have amazing stories to relive next year.

1.Salted Cookies

Well, nothing speaks of evil like ruining someone's experience of baked cookies, especially on Holiday. This is the time of the year when cookies and brownies are just lying around for you to help yourself at any given possibility.


So, just gear up for funny pranks on holiday by making a batch with salt instead of sugar and serving it to your friends, and that too as dessert. When they would be expecting caramel goodness to melt into their mouth, they would be bombarded with a bitter taste and well, film it if you can to remind them of it every year.


2.Gooey Phone

Now, this is a that has been obviously inspired by Jim, the master prankster from The Office. It is usually recommended to pull this trick on your siblings or roommate because living in the same house will get you a lot of time for the preparation.


Put the put in a plastic covering for safety and mix it in jello. Freeze the mixture and give your victim a call, saying it is important. Watch their reaction as they try to free their phone from the gooey madness and applaud yourself for the stupid funny holiday phone pranks.


3.Smaller Shoes

The most are those that are subtle and the person cannot immediately figure out what's wrong. This one follows the rule of the book. Stuff a sock or napkin in the toes of your victim's shoe but make sure it is quite small so they don’t feel the difference. It would appear that their foot size has grown overnight. If you are smart enough, you can pull this prank for over a week and with every pair of shoes until the victim figures out what’s wrong.

4.Spider Attack

It is exactly what the name suggests but the spiders would obviously be fake. We don’t want anyone to land in the ER during such a festive occasion. It is one of the funny holiday pranks for neighbors and if you are close with yours, make sure you don’t miss this trick.


When they are asleep attach several small fake spiders to thin string right outside their door and then shut it. So, the gap between the top of the door and jam would be filled with these freaky beings. Call them to your house early in the morning and watch the magic unfold. We suggest videotaping this because the reactions are hilarious.


5.Car Prank

We are sure a lot of your family members would be coming to stay over or for dinner which means your driveway would be filled with cars in no time. Well, is there a particular cousin with who you have a love-hate relationship with and you never miss out on a chance to pull a fast one on them? Here is your golden opportunity.


Cover their car with plastic wrap and make sure you don’t miss any bases. From the tires and the rooftop to the windshield and even the doors and wrap it up like a gift. If you are feeling extra festive, place a bow on top and enjoy your funny Holiday present pranks as they walk out to leave.

6.Office Pranks

It is quite possible that you have to spend Holiday Eve at your workplace especially if you have one of those horrible bosses who are against all kinds of festivities. Well, no problem because you can bring the merriment inside.


Just be sneaky and install a chrome extension of Nicholas Cage on your co-worker’s computer so every time they open something in the browser, they see his image. It is one of the most hilarious, harmless but also irritating pranks that you can make someone fall for. Make sure you keep your laughter to a minimum so that it can at least go on for a day.


When you are pulling pranks on someone, it is important to remember to not cross boundaries. Go to extreme lengths only if you feel the person would be comfortable with it because it might lead to frustration and animosity. Most of the time though, it just leads to revenge so watch your back too.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can wrap their presents in multiple packaging so every time they open one, they have to do it all over again.

If you are getting something customized, buy a similar item with the wrong spelling or even a picture.

Make sure everyone is busy when you are planning your scheme and keep it subtle.

You can pretend as if you can’t make it to dinner and surprise everyone.

Yes, you can get a gift card for your friend that doesn’t work and obviously, the original one too.

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