Cheap yet Chic Golden Goose Dupes You Must Buy

Mar 16, 2022   |   4 min read


Cheap yet Chic Golden Goose Dupes You Must Buy


If you follow fashion on social media, you would know that the Golden Goose shoes have been trending all over it. For the uninitiated, Golden Goose shoes are designer tennis shoes that are known for their distressed and scuffed looks. Venetian designers Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo designed the Golden Goose in 2000, which set the trend for the ‘ugly sneaker’. Comfortable and stylish, these pre-distressed sneakers are meticulously handcrafted with precise attention to detail. 

Just the way one size doesn’t fit all, the shoes were admired by many, but disliked by others. Another reason is that these shoes are pricey. However, they became famous thanks to quite a few celebrities who set the Golden Goose trend. You might also like these famous looks for Sundance Film Festival.

Whether you dress them up or down, we can bet you would love having these shoes to compliment your wardrobe. You can also enjoy the look without breaking the bank, though - as we have enlisted here, the best Golden Goose dupes for you to try! Also, check out shein coupon code. And this Goyard Tote bag review.

Vintage Havana

Are you big on comfort and style? Then Vintage Havana is the go-to brand for you to get Golden Goose dupes from. Complete with the lived-in look and the large star detailing, you can find these dupes on various retailers and on sale as well.

Steve Madden

The Golden Goose dupes on Steve Madden are high-quality and comfy at the same time. With a price tag of around $100, these offer a large variety of colors and styles to choose from. Steve Madden shoes have been around since the ’90s. This brand offers a variety of star sneakers for women, including glitter and colorful animal prints, perforated stars, and patch stars. We guarantee you to find yourself an impressive pair here.

Red Dress Boutique

You will garner compliments when you wear a pair of Golden Goose dupes from Red Dress. Fashionable and comfortable, these dupes offer brilliant designs and quality at a reasonable price. You’d be happy getting yourself a pair of these! 
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Goodnight Macaroon

If you are looking for cute and stylish, high-quality designer dupes, we recommend the Golden Goose dupes at Goodnight Macaroon. This brand offers trendy and unique styles and designs that will surely please you. Better yet, these are the closest-to-the-original Golden Goose dupes available thanks to the famous distressed look. 


Another good option is to buy Golden Goose dupes from Walmart. These shoes on Walmart are frequently out of stock because of their amazing quality and value for money. So, grab your pair before they run out again!


If top-notch quality means everything to you, Macy’s is the brand for your Golden Goose knock-offs. Even though they are pricier than the other alternatives on the market, you won’t regret paying a little extra for these amazing Golden Goose look-alike.


You can find literally almost everything under the sun at Amazon. They also have super-affordable fake Golden Goose sneakers on offer. These cute pair of fake Golden Goose are comfortable yet trendy enough to complement your personal style. You can also choose from a variety of colors and styles - just be careful to size up or down according to your fit. Don’t miss the Amazon Women’s Day sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Golden Goose are more affordable in Europe because they are made in Italy.

It is recommended to wear no-show socks with Golden Goose sneakers since most of them are low-profile. These shoes are very breathable so you don’t need to worry about sweat - you can go without socks too if you prefer.

They have a scuffed, unkempt look because the ‘dirty’ aesthetic is what the brand intends to have for these sneakers. They are supposed to look worn and lived-in, so small marks and scuffs are added to each shoe to achieve that look.

These shoes are made in Italy in the Veneto and Riviera del Brenta region, including minor production sites around the peninsula.

You don’t need to tie the Golden Goose shoelaces in a neat bow. These shoes should look like you slipped them on when on the go–which means you can leave your laces untied. This is how: 1. Put on your shoes and ensure they’re tight enough to fit you well. 2. Tie a little knot at the end of each shoelace And you’re all done! Isn’t that effortlessly cool?