Dos and Don’ts of Halloween Decor

Oct 20, 2021   |   6 min read


Dos and Don’ts of Halloween Decor


Every year, Halloween comes and we try to do better, spookier and more fun than the preceding years. Halloween is a tradition loved by people of all groups and ages and there is nothing wrong in saying that Halloween is an event for the entire family. From trick and treats for kids to funky costumes for the entire family, Halloween can make things exciting for everyone.

Whether you want to dress up as the incredible family or need to notch things up by dressing up your tiny ones in Elsa and Anna costumes we all know there are a lot of options to play from. But one thing you must think about is the Halloween décor. The Halloween home décor plays an important role in defining the experience of event and especially if you are throwing a party at your home, people are going to pay heed about indoor Halloween décor more than anything.

Thankfully there are many Halloween décor 2021 ideas that will be gracing your home with the right amount of grace and spookiness thus you need to keep reading to find out the Dos and Don’ts of Halloween Décor.

Be Fun

Scary things are simply downright scary but you are not in for the horror movie of the year. Don’t forget to keep things a fun even if you are opting for something really scary and spooky this year. Especially if you are getting too dark with the décor, fun will tone it down so the neighbors’ kids don’t scream as soon as they step in.

Don’t Play with Blood

While it’s just temporary color or even ketchup make sure you don’t go too overboard with the red. People have all kind of traumas and triggers and exposing blood like a common thing can be damaging to some. Maybe someone has a bad memory associated with an accident or maybe they miss someone they lost recently, using blood type show for Halloween indoor décor ideas doesn’t serve right.

Use the Surroundings

Thankfully, Halloween lands during the autumn season which open up a lot of opportunities to play with. You can make use of the surroundings to catch the vibe. Fallen leaves, dry thorns and busy plats all play great decorative when it comes to Halloween setup. Just gather some scattered leaves and get some artificial bones. You can create the nearest experience to a haunted cemetery.  

Don’t Leave the Wires hanging

When you are using a lot of Halloween décor such as lanterns and fairy lights (more like witch lights) then there are going to be many loose cables. This is extremely harmful especially when you are having people over for the party. Extension and power wires should ideally be kept off sidewalks, hallways, and other areas where people walk.

However, it is occasionally unavoidable. If necessary, tie your cords to the surface with duct tape; this will lessen the likelihood of individuals tripping because they won't be able to trap their toes under the wires.

Wall Décor

Pay serious attention to Halloween wall décor. The walls are your best friend and biggest canvas when it comes to setting things up for Halloween. You can easily go with Halloween ghost décor on the wall and also create some fun vibe just by hanging a spooky banner. And the best part about Halloween wall decors? Take them off and use them again.

Some Vintage Collectibles for Scary Vibe

Vintage is pretty attractive and it can also suffice as both a Halloween décor and a show piece later on. Find cool-looking vintage items to utilize as Halloween props and contribute to your scary atmosphere at a local junk shop, thrift store, or your parents' attic. Old hardback volumes are very useful for this, and can be found for very little money at used bookstores.

Candles and Lanterns

When you see lanterns you must think about 19th century, but lanterns are more fun than you will ever know. You can combine the lanterns and candles to get a cool Halloween living room décor or Halloween fireplace décor right in your home. And the exciting part? Lanterns are available as Halloween décor sale too.

Paint the Pumpkins

Placing plain pumpkins is too mainstream but you can never go wrong with some arts involved. A few pumpkins strewn about the house are fantastic for Halloween decor, but if you decorate the pumpkins themselves, they can do so much more.

Spray painting a couple craft shop fake pumpkins in white, gold, or black can make them fit in with a variety of themes. What's the best part? Year after year, re-paint the same pumpkin props in fresh colors and reuse them as elements of other decorations.

Don’t Ignore the Outdoors

Halloween porch décor ideas are also a common search amongst the crowd. This is because, first impressions matter, as we all know, and this is especially true when it comes to Halloween.

Of course, if you're throwing a party, you'll want your home to look its best. However, because the front door, lawn, and drive are the first things visitors see – and the only location trick or treaters will be - it's critical that they create a good first impression.

The possibilities are endless: cobwebs over fence posts, skeletons on the porch, frightening signage.

Don’t Forget the Zip Ties

Invest a few dollars in a package of zip ties if you're hanging a lot of bright orange lights. They are available in a range of sizes and colors. To make them more inconspicuous, match the color to whatever you're attaching them to.

Your lights can be secured to deck railings, porch bannisters, fences, or tree branches. They take seconds to put together, keep the strings in place, and don't leave nail holes in your surface.

Get Spooky with Table Covers

There's nothing wrong with a standard tablecloth, but flowery fabric or spider web mesh, like this, adds a lot more to the Halloween vibe. Another wonderful option is weathered, faded, or worn white material, which makes even cartoony or family-friendly Halloween party decorations look a lot spookier.

Halloween Décor near Me

This is a good way to find out what your neighbors are doing for the Halloween so you can make the entire community glow. Or this can also find the nearest Halloween décor stores to pick out the essentials. After all who wants to travel extra miles just to get some spooky banners.

Which Stores Have the Best Halloween Décor?

Halloween is a famous and one of the most awaited events around the year thus you can be sure to find the Halloween essentials from any store. But home depot, Lowes, walmart, target and kohls are the best choice if you want to get Halloween decorative that too for a lesser price.

How Can I Save on Halloween Décor?

Halloween décor is pretty affordable but if you are going for a big party then lots of supplies can cost you a lot. A great way is to use Halloween special deals and promo codes if you need some wonderful discounted prices.