6 Holiday Inspirations for Fashion Divas

Dec 09, 2021   |   6 min read


6 Holiday Inspirations for Fashion Divas


The holiday season is synonymous with festivities and dinners and parties that you get to attend in order to spend a great time with your loved ones. It is one of the most celebratory time of the year when the hubbub of the streets match the noise inside your own house as you either prepare for dinner for your friends and family or are headed to the hometown where you would be enjoying all the luxuries.

No matter what the occasion is, if you are a fashion lover, this time of the year comes as a blessing in disguise for you. Not only do you get to dress up almost every other day but you can also experiment with various outfits to find which one suits your style.

As a fashionista, one often bears the responsibility of looking the best in the room and many of your friends are relying on you for some good old style advice. Well, if you haven't started thinking about what you will wear during workplace parties or home dinners, we have got you covered. December is a crazy time with all the gift shopping and clearance sales but does make sure that you buy the clothes that you will need for the dinners this season.

Browse through our list for some fantastic holiday inspirations and see where do you end up.

1.Black Dress

You can never go wrong with black. It is one of the fashion holiday essentials so if you are going to your hometown for Christmas, make sure you pack this one. It is the picture-perfect dress for elegance and chicness. Nothing makes you look as flattering as a simple black dress because the color itself is so enticing that it leaves no room for further enhancements.

You can, however, add certain accessories like a leather jacket or even minimal jewelry to bring out the glamor even more. This year, the trend has been towards velvety dresses so just saunter out of your comfort zone for an evening and two and stun the party with your magic.

2.Monochrome Option

2020 has taught us that you can look pretty and smart even in your sweats if you just know how to style them right. Most of us spent the winter season last year holed up in our houses waiting for a Christmas miracle but even then, some people go to enjoy distanced dinners. If you are one of them, you already know how much has fashion evolved because of the pandemic and thankfully, in the right direction too.

The monochrome with dresses and outerwear has become one of the holiday fashion trends and you can find everyone indulging in it, from celebrities to the girls next door. It is easier to try it with pastel colors like sky blue and pink, so you can easily match your coat or jacket with the color of the dress. It is the easiest choice and makes you feel as comfortable as stylish.

3.Wool Coat

Well, who thought this would become such a fashion statement in the coming years? The fashion holiday means you get to wear what you want and impress everyone with your renewed sense of style. Not many people were big on wool coats till last year but you can see the trend returning and we are here for it.

Even though darker colors during winter are preferred but nothing comes close to the beauty of pastel shades during this season and they are just a huge game-changer. The snow around us falling in light flakes coupled with the smoothness of the outfit is just a whole new deal.

You can pair the wool coat with high-waisted jeans or even those with wide bottoms. It is just one item that turns your wardrobe game around so head out to the nearest store and gets this essential for yourself ASAP.

4.Hot Pink Suit

Another color that has become popular in 2021 along with the style of loose-fitted suits is pink. We know it is a slightly bold choice, but what is women’s holiday fashion if not a chance of making a statement of your own.

You might think that for a dinner, the suit might be a lot but trust us, it is not your everyday formal wear. It is designed to comfort and to make you look more relaxed and laid-back. Many celebrities have tried this on the red carpets and have looked absolutely stunning.

So, do not hesitate to get a bit extra around this year. If you still feel you wouldn’t want to wear a whole suit, just ditch the slacks in favor of a bottom you prefer and go for the pink jacket.

5.Sparkly White

Out top suggestion during Christmas always remains a sparkly white dress to make sure you are not only stuck on the darker shades. It is tempting to wear your blacks, reds, and greens in the winters but imagine contrasting with the gloom that the season often casts with chilly winds and early sunsets.

If you have a lunch event or a workplace holiday party, we suggest you go with white. It might be a different choice and you won't even see it a lot during the festivities but that just means you will get more attention. This is enough to convince a fashionista. Macy’s and Walmart have some great options and you can browse through the clearance sales to see if you find the item you are looking for.

6.Pinstriped Slacks

Men have to look their dapper selves during the festivities and events and this means most brands work on men’s fashion holidays with the keenness required to make them look as festive as handsome. Now dark suits are all the rage and it is the kind that will never die out either. We advise you to play around with these shades and make sure you stand out among the crowd.

Instead of going with the monochrome black, grey, or blue suit, add pinstriped pants to your ensemble for a little flair, and go with a different jacket to play around with the style. There are many silhouetted ones available in online stores. You can even mix and match them with other suits for different events.

So these are some of your great options for fashion wear this holiday season. Make sure you make the most out of it by channeling your inner diva out.

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