Here is how to make A Holiday Memory Photo Wall

Jan 10, 2022   |   8 min read


Here is how to make A Holiday Memory Photo Wall


Finally, you are bidding goodbye to another holiday season. What started as a fantastic time in October and lasted till New Year is now coming to an end just like every year, we are sure it has left you with a lot of memories. But, now it is time to return to work and school and reminisce the amazing times you spent with your family and loved ones.

Some of you might have gone to crazy parties or pubs while others may have spent the night holed up on their couch watching Hallmark movies with friends. Either way, the season must have been quite memorable and you would have taken a lot of pictures to remember the months that brought so much happiness with them.

2021 holiday season was actually quite different and much-awaited because it was coming after such a difficult time that the world saw in the previous year and a half. So, it was a given that people would go out of their way to celebrate it, and rightfully so. There was no reason for you to not invite all of your friends over and unwind all the stress. Be it the weekend road trip you took or the barbecue you hosted with your folks, the memoirs in the form of selfies, portraits, and polaroids would be with you to always remind you of those fun times.

If you want to let everyone know how much you enjoyed during the holiday season and want to create it into an even more loving memory, you can make a holiday memory photo wall. It would feature all your pictures from the times and you would finally have some great décor in your home. Following are some great ways to do so.

Plan it

We know it can very tempting to just print all the pictures and get started on your work. However, you must plan it first so the work isn't haphazard and looks like it has been done by a professional. Since pictures and light-weight, you should have no problem hanging them before just to see how they would look.


Grab a bunch from Christmas parties or Hannukah dinner and then pepper them with selfies and other portraits. Figure out which section of your house would have that wall and use the Hobby Lobby coupon for buying the décor. Typically, people want it to be somewhere it is visible to all the guests. That would lead to living room space but a staircase or entryway is not a bad idea either.


Check the Size

Measure your wall to see how many pictures would fit on it. Then, you will have to consider their size. Since it is a holiday photo wall, you would have to make sure that it has pictures strictly from the season. A great way to start is to get newspaper cutouts of the size of the picture you want and place them on the wall. Then, get photographs that match the size and put them in the positions you want. However, do make sure it doesn’t look overdone.


Choose the Style

The reason why you should always make your own holiday memory wall is that you can personalize it as per your taste. The ones you get from stores are usually always designed and they might not even match the color theme. With the photo wall you are creating, you can get the material using and instantly begin working with the frames. However, you do need some inspiration for arranging the pictures and this is where we have your back.


Framed Art

Obviously, when you first think of a holiday memory wall, it is always the photographs with frames that come to your mind. Lucky for you, you have multiple choices there. From digital kinds to vintage ones, you have a huge variety to choose from, depending on your taste. The frames in wood usually work the best because they give a holiday vibe and also they preserve for much longer, especially if your lounge has a similar vibe.


Meta Prints

This is more of the Instagram model that has gotten quite popular in modern times. Fitting in right with your sleek stylish furniture, the metal photo prints will make your lounge look like an art gallery. For these, you might need to pick a little vibrant picture so they give the full impression of the Insta feed. The best part about this style is that you can work with as many photos as you want in squares and it will look nice and symmetrical.


Photo Tiles

One of the oldest ways of doing photo walls, photo tiles never go out of style. They work like a collage where you have to make sure that the white background sits perfectly well behind the cropped images. In this one, you can play with the size of the frames. They don't need to be symmetrical or in perfect order. In fact, the bigger the variance in the dimensions, the more artistic it will look.


Wood Art

A mantle is a great place to put your pictures at and you can fit them right with the wooden vibe. If you don’t want to go for glass frames, that’s alright. We have something just as amazing for you. The wooden ones have a great texture that enhances the photos and ensures that it adds character to them. It could be a simple photograph of you with your friends but the grainy filter would make it look very warm and cozy.


Acrylic Style

Channel your inner artist and think bigger. In recent times, paintings that are divided into three different parts have become quite popular. You can try out something really similar with your pictures too. Have a great one printed on three different canvas style frames and put them together to give an amazing design to your pictures. This way you can even play with the décor.


Choose Your Pictures

Once you are done picking the style, it is time to get down to business. Select the holiday pictures that you want on the wall and get them printed ASAP. Now, how would that work? We are sure you would have hundreds if not thousands of photos detailing your very busy days during the vacations, especially if you took a trip with your loved ones. But, that doesn't matter because you have to pick the ones that really capture the essence of the holiday spirit.


For instance, photos like your kids being excited about the present, a crazy selfie of you and your friends, right after waking up, your grandma baking delicious cookies for you, or your dad chilling in the backyard and preparing an amazing barbecue for the family.


It is a given that the pictures have to be high resolution but don’t give up on a photo just because it is slightly blurry. We are letting you in on the secret that candid blurry pictures are all the rage now and people love to look at them as some sort of an art.


Our suggestion is to start by putting up a family portrait in the center and then use other smaller pictures to pepper them around it. That would look really magical and also pull the guests toward the wall.


Add More Décor

What can make your picture wall even more pretty? Decorations like festive words that hang around them and enhance the display. Since it is a holiday wall, you can write “Christmas 2021” in vintage cursive and fit right with the wall. It will work best if you are placing the frames above the mantel. You can also write different lyrics of your favorite songs so it becomes a complete package for the guests to look at.


Call Your Friends Over

The holiday season might be over but that doesn’t mean you cannot have fun anymore. We are pretty sure your friends and loved ones are also missing the excitement of the month and want to indulge in something as creative as this activity. So why don’t you call them on a weekend and ask them to pick photographs that you can put on the wall? It would be a fun activity and would obviously add to further memories.


So, which way are you styling your holiday wall?

Frequently Asked Questions

Select frames that will fit in with the wall you have chosen. Play with the sizes so some of them are bigger while others hang around them.

Just pick a picture and get it printed from any local business. Make sure you fine-tune it.

it is just a style of decorating your living room using memories and pictures from the holiday season.

Yes, that is a very clever idea. It will give a subtle look of a collage but still elegant.

Just put the best ones in frames and place them on the mantel so you never forget the memories.