The Best Holiday Outfits for A Fancy dinner

Dec 09, 2021   |   6 min read


The Best Holiday Outfits for A Fancy dinner


2020 has been a year of redefining style. We switched from our most fashionable clothes to sweatpants and chilled in our loungewear only to discover that Christmas would be spent in isolation. However, it is 2021 and now the lockdown is over which means you get to party twice as hard and for this reason exactly, you should dress to impress.

There would be a huge list of invitations for dinners and parties and you can experiment with however many looks you want. It is also the fall season so you can make use of the winter collections that have been posted by numerous stores waiting for your eye to catch them.

Early on, you get invitations for office events and neighborhood parties to mark the beginning of your vacations. So, you need to bring out your best holiday outfits and make sure everyone notices when you walk into the room. Like we said, the style has obviously changed post-pandemic and now people prefer both luxury and comfort. If you have still not picked your definite ensemble, don't worry because we are here to help you decide the best holiday outfits to kick start your Christmas and New Year with a bang!

Go through the list and see which pair are you ready to don for the upcoming workplace celebration. After all, you have to party as hard as you work.


Nothing speaks of festivities like the color red. However, if you are someone who wants to keep it subtle instead of roaming around like a big stop sign, we have a useful suggestion for you from the expert Instyle. Mickey Freeman is a huge fan of the shade and says that red can turn out to be one of the best winter outfits this holiday season, only if you know how to work with it.

Even if you are going full monochrome, a little texture or an added accessory just enhances your overall outfit to make it shine among all the glamor.

According to Freeman, 2021 is about going all out and telling the world how happy you are to be back with the boldest of choices. He prefers a fierce red sequin dress or even the wine shade to bring out the sultry elegance in you.

Faux Fur

This can work for fancy events as well as result in the best casual holiday party outfits for anyone who is looking for more comfort and style. People usually love to try out faux fur during this weather because it is stylish and adds that fancy expensive touch to your overall look. You can take a knee-length coat with faux fur and easily pair it with a turtleneck and printed pants.

An addition of high-heel boots will ensure that you look as classy as possible. This could be your look for the casual dinner event as well as a highly-anticipated lunch party with your friends too. So, make your pick and have a fantastic day looking too fabulous.



Do you want to make an entry that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives? Well, sequins are just the way to do it. Not only does it bring out all the glamor but it also makes sure that you are in line with the latest trends.

After 2020, many celebrities have opted for a loose-fitted sequin suit to make a statement at certain events, and guess what? It has worked marvelously. A little retro look with sunglasses is all you need to make sure you turn several heads when you walk in.

You can always add a 1970s platform sandal to complete your look and make sure you leave the party with everyone wanting to copy the glamor that you left behind. Usually, we recommend darker colors for sequin suits but since it is Christmas and you can experiment with several outfits, why don’t you try a bit brown or camel?

Wide-Leg Trousers

One of the best ladies' holiday outfits, these trousers are the perfect thing to happen to women's fashion in the longest time. Say goodbye to all kinds of irritation and being suffocated in skinny jeans. The professional-looking bottoms are all the fad now.

To anyone who sees these, they speak of professional and fancy dressing but only the wearer knows the joy of comfort they bring with them. If your workplace is hosting a holiday dinner, this is an automatic winner for you, especially if comfort is your priority.

You spent way too many days in sweats to ever feel comfortable in skinny pants again and thankfully, wide-leg trousers are here to save the day. Also, winters are all about gaining that extra weight by stuffing yourself with delicious food and this is the most amazing option.


Luxury and leather begin with the same letter because they are both quite synonymous in fashion. A lot of people are leaning towards leather as a preferable choice to cotton to bring out the formal look. Since leather itself is so shiny, you have to be careful and pair a dark color with it to complement the bottoms.

From faux leather to patent, you have such a huge variety to choose from, and trust us, even other than parties, they would make for the best casual holiday outfits for you. So, whether you are going to a dinner party with your coworkers or on a date, leather can save the day and make you feel as fancy or informal as you want.


Yes, you are in the right category, don’t worry. Like we said, 2021 is all about embracing your comfort. If you don’t want to wear a zipper dress because it stops you from eating, don’t. If you are putting away the blue suit because it has to be straightened every time you move, just go with it.

If you want to wear your night suit or loungewear to a formal setting, you would probably be called a fashion icon because that is all the rage now. The pajamas two pieces have suddenly become quite in demand and many celebrities have been known to wear those to red carpets so yes, you are safe. We suggest choosing a color that is both elegant and cool and speaks of your style more than yourself.


So, these are some of the outfits you can take inspiration from and rock that fancy dinner party. You can go with flats, heels, and any other accessory because the last year has taught us that valuing comfort over fashion also results in creating splendid looks sometimes.

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