6 Holiday Road Trip Ideas You will Admire

Dec 17, 2021   |   6 min read


6 Holiday Road Trip Ideas You will Admire


Congratulations to all those who have been hustling for the entire year waiting for some time off to unload all the stress and celebrate the festivities. It is time for Christmas and long vacations which means now you can carry out all the activities you have planned. Whether it is the family dinner at your hometown, hitting the bar with your friends or going on a long road trip with your buddies, you can make everything a reality.

Since it is a long vacation, many people prefer travelling during these months. One reason behind this could also be the cold weather which makes it difficult to survive so people head to places with the beach where they can bathe in the sun and come to work next year sporting a fashionable tan.

Here are some great holiday road trip ideas that you can take advantage from. The list includes all the places that require minimum effort and that you can head out to after just packing a bag and ensuring you have the supplies. So let’s begin.

1.Bangor to Seattle: The Great Northern

The first place you can look forward to for Christmas holiday trips is the entire top border of the United States. If you want to familiarize yourself with the cultures across half the country, this is the best route to take.


From landmarks like the Columbia Plateau and he Apostle Lands to beautiful natural spaces like the Glacier National Park, you can have an entire cross-country holiday trip in the USA. If you have enough time, you can even cover the Canadian space. However, do remember to take your vaccination certificate.


2.Chicago to LA: Route 66

We can already tell you will be excited for this one. No other route takes you across such a huge jump between traditions. LA is a great place to visit during December as you will get to experience the hubbub of the city and the star-studded streets in their full glory.


The best part is that you will come across many distilleries during this trip like few Spirits in Chicago, Still 360 in St. Louis and Red Fork Distillery in Tulsa. So, it would be a great time for those who enjoy a huge variety of whiskeys but do drink carefully, especially if it is one of those .


3.Dana Point to San Francisco: California’s Pacific Highway

Now not everyone can just abandon work and city to travel cross country for two weeks. But, does that mean you don’t deserve some time off away from your daily routine? Absolutely not. You just have to plan a shorter trip and this is just the route for you.


If you are a fan of the beach during this time of the year, Dana Point is bound to impress you. From Prismo Beach and Malibu to Big Sur and Francisco, you can see all the great waters in the country and still make it back in time.


4.Big Sur to Mono County: A Literary Journey

This one’s for all the intellectuals and literature enthusiasts out there. Do you ever sit and wonder how did your favorite authors get the idea to pen down the book that you love and admire so much? Well, now you can get all the answers.


This road trip is full of literary landmarks that traces the steps of history’s greatest writers like Jack Kerouac, Maya Angelou, Amy Tan and so many more. You can visit Caffe Trieste, the place where so many geniuses like Kerouac and Alan Watts would come together and discuss ideas. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your and get on this exciting journey.


5.Phoenix to the Grand Canyon: Arizona Road

You might have always seen this one in the movies. So many famous Hollywood scenes have been shot across this routes and so you would love to check out the aesthetics of the places. The most notable among these are the Grand Canyon. It is a tourist attraction for locals and visitors alike because you can do pretty much anything you like there.


Be it hiking, biking, walking or just casually hanging out, Canyon provides opportunities for everyone. Plus, there are great restaurants along the way that are always buzzing with the tourists. If you live closer, this is definitely one of the cheap holiday trips you can benefit from.


6.Zion National Park to Grand Canyon Park

One thing that the USA is known for is having great national parks. They have been maintained in such great shapes that it would be a loss not to visit them. If you haven’t planned anything yet, we would suggest taking family holiday trips here and cover the entire southwestern district area. You will begin your journey through Utah and Arizona and hike all the way till Angel’s Landing in Zion.


The view from there is heavenly and you will surely fall in love with the greenery. After that, there is Delicate Arch in Arches National Park which is the favorite spot among the tourists. We suggest that you spend at least around 4 days exploring these beautiful places and appreciating nature. It is winter time so you wouldn’t even have to face any issues with hiking.


This is a great time to scratch your adventure itch and get in the car with your loved ones and make the most out of the holiday season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel to all the beaches as the weather is considerably better there and will offer you relaxation.

Decide a place based on how may days you have to spare?

California’s Pacific Highway is the place to begin if you can’t travel much farther.

Yes, they have reopened after the pandemic but you have to show your certificate.

Pacific Coast Highway is quite popular among people for a short trip.