15 Holidays Shopping Hacks You Never Tried Before

Dec 16, 2021   |   6 min read


15 Holidays Shopping Hacks You Never Tried Before


Every day leading up to Holidays is filled with the anticipation of the holiday because you finally get to see your loved ones and visit your hometown away from the constant stress of work. It is also one of the greatest shopping seasons where you need to make sure you buy presents for everyone you are visiting and make their Holidays as special as their relation to them.

So, how do you Holidays shop wisely? We are here with a set of tips and hacks that will surely change the game of buying for you entirely.

1.Send Parcels

When you are buying a gift for someone, you usually want to see the smile on their face as they open the packaging. However, last year taught us that in-person holidays would not always be possible and you have to make do with an online presence too sometimes. In fact, it is much cheaper to just get the parcel delivered to someone’s place, especially if they are closer to the site.


2.Courier Collection

Save time, money, and effort by avoiding the whole trip to any post office to send your gifts. Organizations like Royal Mail and DPD collect the parcel from your doorstep so never forget to check this section out, it will reduce a lot of hassle for you, especially if you have to juggle between cities.


3.Use a Money App

It is very easy to go out of budget during Holidays shopping. Even though there are huge price slashes everywhere, you never know which amount to allocate to which gift. This is where a money app comes in handy. We suggest making a list of all the presents you have to buy before heading out and writing a mini-budget next to them. Apps like Emma exist for this very reason.


4.Always check discounts

This is a season of discounts and offers and if you don’t make use of them, it is your loss. Statista suggests that around 32% of the total shopping would be online in 2021 so you have a great shot at finding coupons and vouchers, whether you want to go out for a Holidays decoration shop or even a grocery store trip.


5.Don’t Blow Your Budget

We all know the feeling of superiority when we buy Sephora makeup worth $100 for half the price and brag about it amongst our friends. However, do remember that you don't have to buy it just because it is available for a discounted price. It is easier to get carried away during shopping so ensure that you are aligned with your goals.


6.Crowd Feeding

You might be hosting a Holidays dinner for your loved ones and there is no better feeling than cooking for them after ages. To make sure that you spend just the right amount of money on the food, search “” and get the deals that include Turkey, roast potatoes, and some veggies. These are more than enough to make for a delicious meal.

7.Gift Cards

Retailers’ greatest invention yet, gift cards are a blessing when you cannot decide what to get for your friends. If they are obsessed with fashion and love clothes from Nordstrom but you don't have the time to browse through the entire catalog, just get them one of those Walmart Holidays cards and they’ll shop to their heart’s content.


8.Secret Santa

This is the most budget-friendly tradition we have. It works perfectly in a workplace where there are a lot of people and it is impossible to buy presents for everyone. Decide a budget amongst yourselves and everyone can get something special for their holidays instead of feeling financially pressured to buy individual gifts.


9.Chip in

Even if you are hosting the dinner, it doesn’t mean you have to prepare everything. You most likely have shopped at Walmart Holidays decorations so let your guests chip in a little. One person can bring in starters, the other can probably get a dessert. This way, you can also share the spirit of Holidays without having any extra burden.


10.Get Cashbacks

Obviously, purchases made during Holidays often exceed the planned amount but you don't need to worry because many stores like Shopmium, Macy's, and Clicksnap offer cashback. You just have to scan your receipt to claim that and the money would be deposited in your Paypal or bank account.



It is possible to get carried away during shopping but always remember, that there are many things inside your house that you no longer use. If you have parents who are big on charity, you can donate to the local food bank in their name. After all, Holidays is all about giving back to the community.


12.Never Save Your Card info

If you are a regular buyer, you probably have your credit card info saved to the site. Besides being a vulnerable target for hackers, you can also avoid the temptation to shop by removing your card from the store. It is too easy to head over to check out and just click on payment with the saved info. So, always re-evaluate the need of what you are buying.


13.Shop from small places

We know that Amazon and Kohl's put out offers that are almost impossible to ignore but small businesses usually have more authentic products and that too for a cheaper price. If you can opt for them, especially if you require self-care products.


14.Follow brands

It is easy to miss a discount during Holidays because those are all you see throughout the season. Make sure you follow all your favorite brands on social media. Some offers are only posted for a few hours so always be the earliest.


15.Return Policies

Even if it is a product you really need, always ask about the return policies, in case it turns out to be something flawed. If you are aware of the rules, it would be easier to make a re-purchase instead of heading over to the store later and finding out they don't do returns.


Make sure you use all these hacks effectively and save a lot during Holidays.

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