The Ultimate Hacks for JCPenney Free Shipping

Jan 14, 2022   |   8 min read


The Ultimate Hacks for JCPenney Free Shipping


Shipping charges are a thing that we all disliked deeply. It probably may be the only thing that is disliked by everyone equally. No matter how much costly a product we buy, we cannot find ourselves giving the extra shipping charges that may be nothing as compared to the cost of the order.

But it does give you a heartburn that does not go away too fast either. Most people disregard online shopping for this very reason as well. They simply go online and then buy it from the store to avoid the shipping charges. But you do not have to do that anymore. Especially not at JCPenney.

With the jcpenney online shopping, we have gathered some trick and tips that will help you get a free shipping or a minimum charge shipping to your house. No more calculating an extra bill for your order just because you are having it shipped to your house. What are these hacks? Let us see.

Get the Standard Shipping

Express shipping has never been anyone’s friend in terms of an easy budget. The urgent delivery business often puts a toll on the reduced number of riders as well so it is almost legal for them to charge. Hence, we will be talking about standard shipping.

When taking the jcpenney pay online route, make sure that you have a big order in your hands. Any order above or equivalent to 75$ can easily get you a free delivery. Now, this free delivery might still have a few conditions. If your order has big furniture that need to be delivered to your house, there might be some charges but not with shipping. Moreover, the maximum charge may differ if it is a mattress in which case, your order needs to be above 599$, and if it is beauty products from Sephora, then it must be above 45$. All of these orders will take around four to six days to reach your home.

Ship Them to the Store

If you have an order that does not fulfil the maximum amount set for free shipping, there is one option that might be good news for you. You can have your order shipped to the store. Now, we know what you are thinking, the gas bill on your car will be larger than the shipping costs of your order. But the delivery will take around a week to reach the store.

When it does, you can go around for other errands and then just pick your order on the way to your destination. Now, it does take the fun away from online shopping because you are going to pick up the order. But there are things you will need to do in order to get a free shipping, right?

Avail Same-Day Pick-Up Option

Another great option for free shipping jcpenney no minimum is to go for the same day pickup at the store. This might be a bit sudden on your behalf but it also means getting your order on the same day as you put them in the cart. Now, that is what online shopping should feel like, right?

This option is available right at the checkout so it is easily located. However, you must be aware of the fact that you should order at least two hours before the store closes so that this option is still valid to you. Moreover, you should know that not all items are available through this option as the store might not have the item son your order available on the day.

Use a Free Shipping Promo Code

The best thing that you can do is use a free shipping promo code. There are many coupons available on the internet that will get you a discounted offer on the product. But there are even more coupons present that can get you a free shipping. The discounted coupons may be of use or not of use as they vary in discounts but the free shipping coupon is guaranteed to get you a free delivery.

The best part is that you can use three different coupons at one purchase at the store. So, if you have one for discount and one for free shipping, you can use both at the same time! Yes! The offer is not always present but it is valid at JCPenney.

How Else Can I Save at JCPenney?

Are you looking for more ways to save at the store? Here are a few ways you can budget your finances.

Sign onto the Email Newsletter

The best thing to stay updated about ways you can save at the store is by signing onto the email newsletter. You can simply subscribe to the email newsletter of the store to find great deals on various collections at the store, find offers that can help you save a huge deal, and even find promo codes and discounts on your favorite products. You might even find offers getting your free shipping. This newsletter may appear same to you but it can help you save in the long run.

Lowest Price Guarantee

JCPenney can get you the lowest price on the internet. Yes, that is right. Whatever product that you buy has a 14-day limit once it is bought. Within those 14 days, if you find any competitor website offering a lower price on that product, you can claim it at the JCPenney store. You will instantly get a 5% discount. You get 14 days to plan your hunt.

JCPenney Rewards

One more thing that you can do to save at JCPenney is avail the rewards system. This particular program can help you in the long run. Whenever you buy a product from the store, your order will amount to certain points that can be added to your card. These points can then be redeemed in your future orders for a discount. The higher the points, the more discount you can get.

This way, you can save a lot more than you intended when you are out of the door, carrying your bill. You can also download the application to stay in touch with all the latest deals and promo offers. The application can usually keep you far more updated with the deals than the website. Moreover, it can also help you keep track of your points. 

Wrapping Up

So, what do you think about these saving hacks at JCPenney store? Are they worth your time? They should be if they can get you free shipping, right? We all love the thought of discounts on our favorite products, but if there is one thing we universally love, it is free shipping. Whether we get the product at high rates, nothing beats a free delivery.

So, stay on the lookout for these tips and tricks so that your order does not have to suffer the extra charges of shipping. Holiday festivities may have ended but this little gift can keep you grinning all year long. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

That is the best part about the store. Yes, you can use around three coupons per your purchase at the JCPenney store. But the only condition is that they must belong to three different categories. You cannot use three discount code at the same time. they can either be a discount code, a reward code, a shipping code, etc.

Yes, there does exist an employee discount which you can take advantage of anytime. You might have to show some proof in order to confirm whether you are an employee. You can get up to 25% discount at the store.

Yes, there is a senior’s discount at the store that may be of some value to you. You might have to show some identity in order to avail the offer at the store. You can get up to 10% discount at JCPenney using this offer.

No, it does not. The clearance sale already goes on a very high discounted price. You will find products being sold at up to 80% off where you can buy multiple products at the price of one. Hence, the use of coupons will not even do much justice as compared to these discounted prices.

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