What Have KFC Added to Its Menu?

Jun 22, 2022   |   6 min read


What Have KFC Added to Its Menu?


How cliché is the statement “Only beef burgers are juicy and scrumptious”? For us, chicken lovers the statement always seem disappointing. We believe, unless you have tried a chicken burger from a place as good as KFC, you will never know what your taste buds are missing out. Kentucky Fried Chicken is a strictly chicken place as old as the time.  

Most of us cannot recall a time where KFC did not exist. With over 25000 branches all across the globe, KFC is among the rare food joints that have managed to reach 145+ countries. All hail to Colonel Harland David Sanders who ensured his recipes are finger licking good. The white mustached, happy go lucky uncle worked day in and day out during the times of Depression year. He sold fried chicken at his roadside restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky.  

Little did he know, now in 2022 after all these years KFC would still be winning hearts winning loyalty. Amusingly, KFC people keep blending and making innovations to the existing Colonel’s secret recipe. Be it introducing mouth-watering chicken tenders or burgers that have pepperonis in them. We decided to do a detailed review on all the new additions in the KFC menu. KFC chicken sandwich is a must-try with KFC coupons available at Mysavinghub. 

Below is a list of more items from KFC that you should try.  

KFC Chicken Sandwich: 

Back in 2021 when KFC introduced their famous KFC chicken sandwich the first thing their chief marketing officer said after trying the KFC new chicken sandwich was “we knew we had a winner” and that’s the amount of confidence each KFC employee had in their new item on menu.  

The most impressive part about these newly introduced items was their packaging. The foil wraps that keep the sandwich warm proves to be very effective. The regular chicken sandwich has a blend of ranch and habanero sauce with freshly sliced lettuce wrapped with the ultimate hit KFC fried chicken in a soft, sesame seed dusted buns.  

The pickles only accentuate the creamy flavors and the chicken which is cooked to perfection tastes scrumptious. KFC never disappoints but for someone who is ready to enjoy their meal to the fullest, the sandwich sates well. You can order a side line along with your sandwich. However, we believe it is fulfill on its own. You may also be interested to check out best items at Five Guys 

KFC Spicy Chicken Sandwich: 

Here’s a question for you, how high is your spice tolerance? For someone who likes the blend of jalapenos and pickles with chili flakes and hot sauce then the KFC spicy chicken sandwich is meant for you. Unlike the regular not so spicy meals at KFC, this sandwich is a hot seller. The base is the same as other sandwiches, ranch with habanero. However, a little amount of hot sauce changes the game.   

The reviews for this one were applauding. The only thing that the customers did not like was the messiness. We prefer handheld items because they create less mess. Sadly, the added hot sauce gets messy and everywhere. The only way to make peace with it is to enjoy the yummy flavors and devour in the crunchy spicy sandwich.  

If you are a fan of spicy meals at KFC, we recommend you the KFC super spicy zinger or the Nashville hot chicken served with hot sauce. We recommend you to gulp down the KFC spicy chicken sandwich with a chilled Pepsi bottle. You can also add Cole slaw to elevate your meal flavors.  

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The KFC Go Cups 

How often do you get indecisive when it comes to ordering a meal? Like you want to have a wing but you also want to munch on the potato wedge, the desperate urge to order everything never ends. Luckily, KFC introduced a solution to our over-ordering problem. The Go Cups at KFC are cups filed with our favorite snack items at KFC, each costing a minimum amount of $2.69.  

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You can get popcorn chicken with potato wedges or hot wings with chicken strips. Combo of any chicken snack item with wedges. The Go Cups became an ultimate hit right after their launch. We no longer have to order full meals when only a strip can satisfy our adrenaline craving. KFC always made sure to provide maximum value service to its customers and the Go Cups successfully serve the purpose. 

Another snack that you can order in Go Cups is the little chicken. For the ones who haven’t yet tried it, the little chicken might seem like a small piece of chicken. Well, you’re wrong there. The little chicken is a new range of snack items at KFC. The small sandwiches come in four different flavors. Honey mustard, Nashville hot, bbq and smoky mountain bbq.   

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Home Style Sides 

Remember back in the day when you used to order either Cole slaw or baby corn as a side? Well, gone are those days. KFC now has a full section for Home Style Sides which feature our favorite dip snacks as well as snacks in home style for the cheapest prices. The creamy mashed potatoes is a winner from this section. 

However, can we ever have enough of potato wedges or sweet corns? You can order all this and beans of different types from this section. Reviews for green beans and Mac & Cheese will make you order it once. The Home Style Sides come in two sizes, large and individual. Amusingly, the price for both sizes go as up as $4.  

We love how KFC keeps introducing new meals and items to its menu. The KFC deals and promotions are also pocket-friendly for all ages. If you ever crave for Kentucky Fried Chicken, don’t forget to check out their promotional offers, deal of the hours and other discounted offers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Beyond-Chicken is a newly introduced meal plan for vegan customers at KFC. The plant based chicken is full of flavor and healthy nutrients. 

The Go Cup features one chicken snack meal and two potato wedges.

Each chicken sandwich is approx. 650 Calories.

Yes, the $20 Fill Up still available.