A Guide to Kohl’s Cash Reward System

Apr 29, 2022   |   12 min read


A Guide to Kohl’s Cash Reward System


The inflation is at an all-time high, which means that everyone is struggling to make the ends meet and shopping has gotten even more difficult. No matter which online store you decide to go to, one look at the prices has you questioning if you even really need the required item. However, if you are a shopaholic, you really cannot help yourself. You have to buy gifts for your loved ones, treat yourself and get all the necessities while remaining within the budget. This is the most difficult thing one can do during such times but if you are smart and follow good enough strategies, we promise you can achieve this target without any problem.

Kohl’s is one of the stores that are quite popular during the holidays and all the sale seasons because it packs the best deals and offers. Most people love the electronics and discounted clothes that are present at the store and even the online site remains quite crowded. You can get almost everything from the store for discounted prices and therefore, people love to visit the store again and again. Certain offers and price slashes come around during the holidays when people are buying gifts for themselves and loved ones but usually, Kohl's has remained one of the places that people love to spend their money.

Of course, one reason behind that is the Kohl's Cash program which makes it super easy for the buyers to access their favorite items from the store. Now if you have been a frequent visitor to the store, you already know how it works. But, just for the assistance of the first-timers, we will be explaining what is kohl’s cash and how Kohl's cash works in detail. So, get ready to make all your shopping trips a delight for yourself and your bank account.

Buyer’s Guide to Kohl’s Cash

Now just as the name suggests, Kohl's cash makes it easy for you to shop in the online store and physical outlets. You earn it on every purchase which we would be getting into later but it does ensure that you have great savings later on and don't end up spending an arm and a leg on your purchases. It is a rewarding system started by Kohl's for the benefit of the customers and it also ensures that they stay on board with the store and come back again to shop.

What is Kohl’s Cash?

When you think about Kohl's cash, a picture of lots of currency notes might be floating in your head. Like, you go to the store and they either give you mock money to spend on the store or dollars that you get paid back as a thank you for stopping by. No matter how colorful your imagination is, the reality is slightly boring but more practical. Kohl's cash is essentially a coupon that is issued by the store that you can only spend on their items. Now your question would be that Kohl's already has coupons and promo codes that you use throughout the rest of the year or even during the holidays, so what are the Kohl’s cash rules that make it so different. Well, first of all, this is a reward system which was started by the store to make the customers stay in the long run. With coupons and promo codes, you get to spend them instantly on any of your favorite items or purchases. However, as far as Kohl's cash is concerned, it is slightly different and requires more than just entering it into the box online. We will walk you through the procedure of how to use Kohl’s cash online.

When you buy anything from Kohl's, the store gives you a sort of a coupon for spending money on your purchases. The important point to note here is that you cannot use cash all the time. In fact, you won’t even get the option to avail of it whenever you visit the store. Kohl's actually starts the offer for the cashback so before you visit the branch nearest to you, check if they are running this price slash. Once again, you also need to realize that Kohl's cash is not applicable anywhere else. It is not literal cash because you get it in the form of coupons but you can spend it in Kohl's in any section and reclaim the voucher at the checkout counter.

Also, when you go for the purchase, don't expect the cashback to be applicable on your current purchases. It is available for all future instances when you would visit the store. For example, if you go to Kohl's right now to avail the cashback offer, the coupon would be valid for all your future buying instead of the one that you have made on that very day. However, you don't need to worry about that because Kohl's tells you about the times and dates when you can spend your voucher on the purchases. They allocate specific dates for the cashback so read through the policy carefully and then make your move. We promise that you would thoroughly enjoy your experience but the secret to doing so is to read all the instructions without getting carried away.

Lots of customers have tried to ask Kohl’s if they would be willing to exchange the Kohl’s cashback for real cash and the answer sadly is no. like we said, it is a coupon that you can only spend on the store so it is futile to ask the staff to give you actual money for it. Therefore, it is beneficial to avail the cashback opportunity only if you are a regular customer at Kohl’s and love to spend your money on their items.

What you can do with Kohl's cash, however, is you can buy gift cards for yourself and your loved ones. By this, it should be clear that the cashback is only applicable to those things that are available in the store. You cannot request it to be transferred to your credit card and let it take care of your remaining balance.

How to Get Kohl’s Cash?

Now the only question is how to get Kohl’s cash when it is not always available at the store? First of all, you need to go to their store's website and check the promotions page. They have all the dates and timings listed down for people who want to come for the purchases. This makes it easier for you to plan your trips. So, in case you have a friend's birthday coming up and want to earn cashback against it, you can easily go on the dates mentioned on the site and make your trip successful. The same also applies to online shopping.

You don't get cash back on just all the purchases either. You have to spend more than $50 at least to get a coupon from them. But the point here is that nobody goes to Kohl's without the intention of spending any less money than that. They have such stellar offers going on every item that you can't help but fill your cart to the brim and enjoy every purchase once you get home. Anyways, as soon as you reach the cashier's register after spending $50, you get a voucher for the cashback and it says "Kohl's Cash" which means that you can now use that money in all of their stores and buy anything that you want. It is basically like opening a bank account at the store but the money can only be used there. As we mentioned, it is not a currency so all of your buying options are limited to that particular store.

Basically, all the cash back you earn on your shopping is added to that account in your wallet and you can use it both in-store and online. When you go to the website and log into your account, you will notice that the cashback is available to you for use without any problem. After browsing through the store and picking the items that you want, you can just enter utilize your cashback and enjoy the visit to the online store without any problem. If you have the Kohl’s app, that is even more beneficial because now all you have to do is open it and access your cashback. Also, you can earn the voucher for cash while shopping on the app as well so there is no need to head to the store or waste a trip to the outlet. Go on the website, check when they are having Kohl’s cashback day and just use the application to get cashback on your purchases

It is important to note that if you utilize this option, you need to keep your mind on time. It is usually based on Central Time so make sure all of your watches are aligned with it. The trouble of going through all the shopping only to not end up with a cashback can be quite disappointing for you. Now, we know the question that is brewing in your mind. What exactly is the limit for cashback? Can you earn unlimited cash from a single transaction? The answer, unfortunately, is a no. No matter how many purchases you make, the maximum amount you can get in your Kohl's account is $1500, which is still a lot of money. Hardly anyone shops that high on one visit so the chances are that you won't be reaching this limit any time soon.

Also, if you are using any kohls 30% off coupons or Kohls Free Shipping Code on that purchase on which you will be earning cashback, the store deducts that amount first and then calculates your total reward. If you are worried about the taxes, those are also removed and the cashback is given to you on the exact amount you spend in Kohls. The reason why it is different than coupons and promo codes is that it is a rewards system. So, the technique here is to spend as much money as you can so you have maximum cashback. We suggest that you wait for the time when you require something really big and amazing from the store, like let's say cookware or an air fryer, where you have to spend a lot of money to get the greatest reward in return too.

There is no limit on what you can buy from the cashback or what you can earn the cash on. Be it clothes, footwear, kitchen appliances, bedding, makeup, or food, you will be returning home or back to your couch in case of online shopping with the cash you have just spent for your next transaction at Kohl's.

How to spend Kohl’s Cash?

There is a reason why Kohl's cash is our favorite it comes with minimum restrictions. It is literally like your own money that you have earned by spending at the store but the only difference is that you can only spend it at Kohl's. So, no matter what you want from them, you can use your voucher to avail it. There are, however, some exceptions. For instance, the only brand that the cashback doesn't work on even on the premises of Kohl’s is Sephora. If you head towards the section which is the dream of every influencer and makeup enthusiast, you wouldn’t be able to claim any reward points.

The reason is that those are slightly expensive and exclusive products and Kohl’s isn’t able to give you discounts on them. For those, you have other sales and price slashes options during the holiday season but as far as the cashback is concerned, you cannot spend it on Sephora makeup products. But, there are always other options so you don’t need to worry about one brand not catering to it. Search for other reliable makeup brands and we promise you wouldn’t be disappointed because Kohl’s is the hub for amazing stuff.

Now let’s come to how Kohl's cash works on items that you can purchase with it. We think it is one of the best deals by the store because let's say you have $10 as a voucher on the cashback and you see an item that is under $10. Even if you include the taxes, you would be getting it with the voucher which means that you would practically be spending nothing and walking out of the store with the free item. Isn't that great? This is why experts say that you should shop more and more at Kohl's to make a maximum profit so the next time you are there for your purchases, you can thank the stars for this incredible cashback offer.

One thing that always impresses us about Kohl's and what also sets it apart from other stores is that there is no minimum on the cashback voucher. Anything that you see is not off-limits. Whether it is a $1 pen or a $300 gift card, you can buy anything with cashback and that is one of the reasons why people love this reward system the most. We suggest that you go for items with the cashback that are rarely ever on sale.

These include sportswear and other expensive home décor pieces that you cannot buy without putting a dent in your wallet. The elimination of minimum spending has done wonders for the customers because they can easily plan their next visit to the store and see which items they want to use the cash back with. If you are ordering online, you need to know that delivery and the reward system don't apply to delivery charges. So, no matter how small your order with the cashback is, you have to pay for the service.

These are some of the rules that you have to keep in mind while shopping at Kohl’s with the cashback. Head to the stores now to avail the opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, just like the normal return and exchange policy, you can make returns with the cashback items too.

Yes, they do have certain offers where stacking of promo codes is allowed so do check them out.

Yes, there is no limit to what you can buy with the cash at Kohl’s except Sephora products.

Yes, it depends on the items as well. Usually, we recommend that you use it within the next 10 days of your first purchase.

The store allows you to use your cashback till 10 days after the expiration date so hurry up and claim your discount now.

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