25+ Best and Loving Last Minute Gift Ideas in Your Budget

May 07, 2021   |   6 min read


25+ Best and Loving Last Minute Gift Ideas in Your Budget


Who is guilty of forgetting important dates or ordering the perfect gift basket for your loved one online? Sure you cannot measure love with materialistic things but gifts are a perfect way of showing someone you care. The care, time and focus put on purchasing the perfect gift for your loved one goes behind comprehension.

 But we all are human and no kidding but forgetting to buy gifts is a common thing. Rather than beating yourself up and accepting you messed up how about you invest on last minute gifts ideas. Not only they will save you face but no one will even recognize the gift you chose was so last minute. Thanks to our smart and beautifully crafted collection of last minute gift ideas now you don’t have to worry about missing the deadline.

A Card

Starting with something as simple as possible. We all know someone who I a fan of words and consider words as the biggest showcase of love. It is true that actions speak louder than words but a thoughtful message straight from your heart hits home.

If you have forgotten to purchase a gift for your favorite person or even you are low on budget, a simple cute card can do wonders to their heart. You can add any message you like from a wonderful memory to few pictures of you together or even a sarcastic love quote. Who knows what would click them? Only you do! Make it customized to they feel ultra-special.

Coffee Mug

That’s it? Too simple but not too basic. A coffee mug is the first thing a person would like to greet in the morning and no offence but even before your significant other wants to see you, they would love to have coffee. Coffee does that to people and why should we blame it. It is the best part of the day (for some). If they are too picky and too touchy about their coffee then there is nothing better gift than a coffee mug for them.

You can pick cute coffee mugs with lovey dovey messages on them or if you are gifting them on birthday, a happy birthday message would suffice. It would be the first thing they see in morning and it will remind them of you.

Scented Candle

The market is full of amazing scented candles of all kinds and this gift doesn’t even need a week ordering process but it is good to go instantly. You can easily get as many scented candles as you want from your favorite store or maybe theirs and make your gesture count. They will be amazed about the thoughtfulness of this idea you have got and the scent will always remind them of you.

Digital Gifts

What’s an even greater issue than a last minute gift? Last minute wrapping. So how about gifting them something that doesn’t even need wrapping. A digital gift does not mean you buying them laptop or the latest iPhone but it means an e-book, video game, a subscription to their favorite streaming platform or anything that eliminates the need of physically going out and choosing out the perfect gift wrapper too.


There are many and we repeat many types of subscription present to suit every kind of person. You name one and you will get it. Whether it is a book subscription, a video game subscription, a shopping subscription or even a streaming platform subscription. After all nothing is better than regular gifts as opposed to one time gift. How about subscribing them their favorite magazine each month?

Gift Cards

Aren’t they called gift cards for a reason? From all the top brands you can get many gift cards to make your loved one happy. And this is where you keeping all those gift cards safe come in handy. Make it as a great idea for your last minute gift and you will be having easy time giving gifts.


Many people love shopping but don’t know the right way to shop. If they are one of those people then you could do them a long term favor. By giving them stacks of coupons from their favorite store or even multiple stores you are going to make a place in your heart as well as save their budget. Those coupons that you have been stacking up for yourself. How about sharing some of those? Talk about thoughtful gifts.


Music is the most effective way to communicate when words or even our actions fail to do so. Gift them a set of playlist of their favorite artist. Pay for their playlist and they will be enjoying great time with their favorite songs and thinking about you. This gift is one of the best last minute ideas as all it needs is a payment.

Mix Tape

Even If you don’t consider as a last minute gift idea, a mixed tape does not take as much time as you would think so. Maybe an hour or two or even an old tape would do the job. After all who lives without having a collection of their favorite songs on a CD? We don’t think anyone would do that.

For the one Who Doesn’t Need Gifts

Some people just don’t like to receive gifts. Rare but there are some beings in the world who would rather have a compliment than to have a gift. This doesn’t mean they don’t value kind gestures. After all there is no hard and fast rule that a physical or digital gift is the only reason to show love. You can show kindness and consideration in many ways.

And one of the best ways is by giving their name an honor and making their life full of purpose. Giving charity or donating to needy in their name is one of the kindest thing you could do for anybody.

Gift them time

Too cheesy? But works every time. There is no better gift you can give to someone that a portion of your significant time. Having few minutes spared out of your tough routine and enjoying with them is a way to rekindle love. And the memories made with the time spent together are always priceless. Who could put a price on that?


This isn’t a gift but a way to your perfect gift. If you literally forgot ordering the gift for them then you can buy some time with some basic excuses. Blame it on slow shipping or even the pandemic that has halted everything to a slow. These excuses don’t harm anyone but once you are done ordering the real gift, the surprise would please them to the core.

Phone Case

A ten minute stroll to the nearest shop can help you get this gift or you could order online too. A phone case is one of the most used items in everyone’s life. It will protect your phone, thus their heart and you will be remembered for giving them such a thoughtful gift. Moreover, there are many customized gift options when it comes to phone case and you can purchase even the ones with a pretty message on the back.

A Plant

Taking care of the freshness in their vicinity. A plant is more than it speaks. And you can gift plants as a showcase of good will too. Many people gift plants as a thankyou gift and even special day’s gifts. This shows you care for them in a way that goes beyond words. After all there are many things to say with a plant. For instance the bonsai boy plant speaks of love and harmony and you can wish good luck with a cute little bonsai boy plant for their home.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Something cute for their dining table. A set of salt and pepper shaker comes in many styles and you can never go wrong with them. These cute little things will grace your dining table and make your breakfast much more pleasing. Every time they season their egg with the right spice, your though is definitely going to cross their mind.

Cup Cakes

Show love with some dessert as it is one of the best ways to speak the language of love. Make a batch of chocolate or vanilla cupcakes, and decorate them with fresh berries and crushed candy bars. To make a professional appearance, place them in a gift box.

 Some Stationery

Make that stop at the stationery shop finally and you will be happy you did. Who doesn’t love stationery and if they like it more than usual then this could be the way to their heart. Gift them cute markers, color papers, highlighters, pen or pencil or anything that could grace their big wide stationery collection. Don’t hold back as stationery lovers love anything and everything sold on a book shop.


Books are better than a book but you can start as simple as one book at a time. And we don’t think there is any better gift for a book lover. Gift them a series or even a single book from their series. The new release which they have been waiting for to come could be a great idea too.

Skin Care

With one of these monthly face mask boxes, they will kick start their self-care routine. These subscription boxes contain a beautifully selected range of Korean sheet masks appropriate for all skin types. The FaceTory Team handpicks the most popular, trending, and well-liked K-beauty brands that aren't available anywhere else. They also have a guide with each mask's advice, instructions, and advantages.

Matching Tees

You don’t even need to write a specific message or get them customized. A pair of matching tees whether plain or printed will show love. You can do twinning with your best friend or even significant other and enjoy huge showcase of love. Plus it is also one of the cheapest gift options too.

Last Minute Gift Ideas under $5

Budgeting made easier than ever. These gift ideas under $5 will make your gifts memorable as well as remain lighter on your budget.

A Hair Accessory

Anything as simple as a cute catcher or a hair clip to style their hair. Sometimes little things make the biggest impact and you don’t want to ignore the power of the things in any way. Give them a wonderful hair clip and a set of pin clips that they could rock with any outfit to go.


Anything from a little funky arm candy to an elaborate bracelet. You can get a cute little arm piece in less than $5 without any issue. This gift remains with them wherever they go and style them up in a matter of few seconds too.

Lip Balm

Chappy lips and rough skin irritates everyone. Not to mention the lip peeling pain that hurts even the strongest ones. Don’t let them chew their lips anymore but gift them something as tiny as a lip balm. With moisturized lips and a beautiful smile they are definitely going to appreciate you more.

Steel Straws

Care for them and the environment. Reusable straws are becoming increasingly popular, but many people are unsure where to find them. Two straight straws, two bent straws, one cleaning brush, and a pouch are included with this package.

Body Butter

Care does not know any limits and you can care for their skin as much as you care for them. In this dry weather gift them a great body butter to keep their skin moisturized. After all who wants them to compromise on their skin care and get rough dry, itchy skin? A body butter could be a great choice that too on a very limited budget.

Scalp Massager

A spa day is too expensive? No worries, a scalp massager will do the job. Give them a lifetime a spa at home with this tiny and durable scalp massager. Let them enjoy peaceful sleep while you massage their scalp or even they do it for themselves.