All About Little Caesars Stuffed Crust Pizza

Sep 19, 2022   |   5 min read


All About Little Caesars Stuffed Crust Pizza


Wanna know about little Caesar stuffed crust pizza? Here we have everything about it from its recipe to its taste. So let's start reading… A huge ball of pizza dough is stretched out to a 16′′ circular and loaded with additional cheese (string cheese) along the crust's edge to create a stuffed crust pizza. The dough is then sealed and topped like a typical pizza, but with additional cheese within.                          

In the pizza business, innovation is vital. Pie aficionados are continually hunting for the best pie available, and market rivalry is severe. We've seen creative ideas before, especially from Pizza Hut, which had us drop our jaws when it revealed that it will be making pizza with a hot dog and tater tot crusts. We now think Little Caesars might have surpassed Pizza Hut as the king of crust obsession.

The centerpiece of Little Caesars' Pepperoni & Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza is a massive Pepperoni Pizza with pepperoni and cheese covered in a butter-flavored dough and sprinkled with parmesan.

Let's find out more about Little Caesars stuffed crust pizza, and enjoy the lovely taste…

Little Caesars Stuffed Crust Review

As soon as I take my first bite, I am reminded of why pizza is the #1 most addictive food—I never want to stop eating it. The amount of pepperoni on the pizza is obviously astounding. Every bite is enhanced to an 11 by the generous sprinkle of green spice on top, which heightens the salty bliss. The topping has a little curl and a lovely crunch. Its seasoning, which is oregano, basil, and salt, is undoubtedly the same as that found on the Italian Cheese Bread. There is a tonne of melty mozzarella on top of an acidic, slightly sweet sauce layer that is overshadowed by the two salted, fatty toppings, and the cheese lives up to expectations as well.

How is that inventive new crust doing? It's wonderful, with almost exactly the right amounts of bread to cheese with little pieces of curled pepperoni in every bite. It's a terrific method, but given how delicious it is, it's hard to detect the pepperoni because of how much cheese and parmesan butter flavor is used in the crust.

Although I adore every bite, I am unable to taste the meat or spicy flavors because of the overwhelming salt on my tongue. I could use some sweet relief from the impending sodium overdose as pepperoni and cheese are currently the only ingredients still missing from the pizza's inside. For the crust, I wish I had a tiny marinara dip cup.

The flavor of the entire pie was so strong that it never let up on the accelerator of the salty flavor, which is why the pepperoni in the crust didn't pop as hard as I would have liked. There is nothing wrong with 10 dollars. Just consider adding a side of their Crazy Sauce to breathe new life into the crust.

The Little Caesar's stuffed crust was coated in a generous parmesan sprinkle. Inside, the crust interior was about halfway filled with cheese. And it tasted heavenly. I was so surprised and pleased with how tasty the whole pizza was. We had a stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut and it was nowhere near as tasty. I love that it was only $9! I can see this pizza as our go-to for celebration pizzas. Not something we can eat often, but worth getting once every so often. I really hope these don’t go away any time soon. The Smokehouse pizza we reviewed last year is no longer around.

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Little Caesars Stuffed Crust Pizza At Home

A few years ago, Little Caesar's sold the most amazing crust pizza. It had a basis of nacho cheese sauce rather than marinara and was packed with shredded mozzarella and pepperoni. Unusual but still uncomplicated If I said my husband wasn't obsessed, I'd be lying. I lost count of how many times my husband would bring a hot Little Caesar's Crust pizza home from work while we were planning our wedding!

Due of the cult classic reputation of their Crust Pizza, Little Caesars lost out. a dish. Exactly, tragedy? Though I'm hoping they'll bring it back, this imitation will serve for now. Although I think it's really nice, I'd also like to know what you think.

The greatest little Caesar Stuffed Crust has superior toppings! Simply leave out the pork and beef and substitute pepperoni for the meat to make the ultimate pizza. Even if you become a vegetarian, I do suggest eating mushrooms, green bell peppers, and red onions.


  • Pizza dough is formed with bread flour, water, oil, dry active yeast, granulated sugar, salt, dry milk (a dough enhancer), and dried yeast.
  • Use a rich, sweet marinara sauce as your tomato sauce.
  • When cooking pizza, use part-skim mozzarella cheese that has a low moisture content. Cellulose is a possible anti-caking component in pre-shredded cheese.
  • Pizza with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, green bell peppers, white button mushrooms, and sliced purple onions is one of my favorite topping combinations. Yum!
  • Before baking, liberally lubricate the pizza pan and crust with any oil with a moderate flavor. After baking, I will also add more oil to the crust to give it a distinctive Pizza Hut Crust appearance.

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Pizza with a homemade packed crust is easier to make than you would imagine. See the recipe box for a complete photo tutorial.

  • Combine the yeast, sugar, salt, dry milk, water, and oil to make the pizza dough. Using a stand mixer, mix everything together and include the flour. 3–5 minutes of kneading.
  • Roll the dough into a ball and put it in a freezer bag that has been buttered. Overnight proofing is done in the refrigerator.
  • Pizza can be made by taking the proofed pizza dough out of the refrigerator and letting it sit on the counter for 5 minutes. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin to a 16-inch circle. Put the dough on a 16" perforated pizza pan that has been oiled. Along the pizza dough's edge, arrange 8 pieces of string cheese, leaving a 1-inch space for sealing. To seal the string cheese, bring the dough over it and crimp it down.
  • Put a docker wheel around the pizza's middle.
  • After spreading the marinara sauce over the pizza, add the toppings.
  • Oil the crust and bake it for 8 minutes at 500 °F.

Little Caesars Cheese Pizza Tips For Better Taste

  • Stretch the pizza dough to a 16-inch circle. Leave a 1-inch border on the outer edge of the dough and place 8 string cheese pieces along the outer edge. Seal.
  • Brush the Crust with oil before and after baking for that Little Caesars Cheese Pizza signature look.
  • When buying mozzarella cheese, choose a soft low-moisture mozzarella block. I do not recommend a fresh ball of mozzarella cheese for a stuffed crust, as it can release excess liquid.
  • Use a sweet marinara sauce for the pizza sauce.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's wonderful, with almost exactly the right amounts of bread to cheese with little pieces of curled pepperoni in every bite. It's a terrific method, but given how delicious it is, it's hard to detect the pepperoni because of how much cheese and parmesan butter flavor is used in the crust.

Across the nation, Little Caesars' well-liked Stuffed Crazy Bread is momentarily back on the menu. In 2020, the dish was first listed on the menu; however, most restaurants no longer serve it today. No matter where you live, you may now order this mouthwatering side with any order or by itself.

Old World Fanceroni Pepperoni. Although it may not seem like Gourmet and Little Caesars would work well together, here we are. The company's newest item is the Old World Fanceroni Pepperoni pizza. On top of the pizza are more than 100 slices of "Old World Pepperoni," as they like to call it.

When all the alternatives are taken into account, Dominos is the most popular one. Additionally, you have a wider range of options for the base and crust types, and you have a lot of creative freedom with the toppings. There seem to be fewer options available at Little Caesars than at other eateries.

To make up for this relatively high cost, Little Caesar's restaurants use 100% mozzarella cheese manufactured from real milk. This pre-shredded cheese is made from cheese with low water content. As a result, it can be maintained in storage for much longer. Additionally, this is true cheese without flavors or grains.

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