How to Style yourself this spring? 25 Mens Spring Fashion Ideas

Feb 25, 2021   |   7 min read


How to Style yourself this spring? 25 Mens Spring Fashion Ideas


We all love furry coats and blazers, warm hoodies and woolen beanies but winter keeps most of us indoors when we are dying to have a hint of sunlight. As the winter subsides now, the celebration of great spring season begin. People try to come out, eat together and enjoy the fresh morning sun as well as style themselves in the latest spring fashion. Especially with mens spring fashion ideas, the winter coats and sweater go back in the hood as there are no limitations to Mens fashion trends when it comes to spring fashion.

mens casual spring fashion

You must be wondering what spring specifically has to do with fashion but we dont think there is a better time to show that rocking bod of yours perfectly draped with smartly fitted Mens spring style. Not to mention the beautiful vibrant colors of spring that are long admired after chilly winters, spring is the season to dress yourself up and enjoy the pleasant weather. And with our collection of Mens spring fashion ideas you are in for great savings and an even greater upgrade on your wardrobe.

Basic Shirts

Nothing too Loud with Mens spring fashion as spring is all about bracing the warmth and enjoying with the most comfortable and casual clothing. After a long cold winter you might be pleased with the variety of shirts you can wear during spring. The short sleeved shirts, plain Tees or even flowery shirts are a way to bring up the Mens casual spring fashion.

mens spring style basic shirt

1.Regular Fit Short Sleeve Shirt

A Button down shirt is a cool option but a half sleeved button down shirt is the way to flex your biceps. And you cannot go wrong with a little hue of blue, black or any dark color which is perfectly balanced by the white stripes in a regular fit short sleeve shirt. Whether you are going for a brunch, meeting your date for a lunch or have a fun day planned at beach this is one of the most thoughtful mens spring fashion ideas.

2.Basic Tee

We all know someone with a rock hard chest and a solid muscular body who rocks t shirts more than anyone else. And since spring is the time to be thankful because men can flaunt their hours of workout at gym with a perfect statement t shirt. Not to mention the smartest of mens spring fashion, a plain white or light colored t shirt is a way to go not only in spring but also during the Mens summer fashion.

You can pair it with blue jeans or black denim or even basic shorts and boast the entire look with minimum effort.

3.A Flowery button Down Shirt

Who says flower are for girls only? Especially when they are on a button down shirt they are for men who look cool and hot at the same time. For a perfect day out with your family and friends, a flower button down shirt can never go wrong with basic shorts. Just complete the look with sunglasses and you are too hot to handle!

4.Striped Tee

Stripes are not for zebras they are a cool fashion statement. Mark your impression with a striped T shirt this as a part of our mens spring fashion. You can pair a striped t shirt with any jeans or even shorts. No to forget, a striped tee is even good for semi-formal dinner parties.

5.Full Sleeves Button down Shirt

Nothing raises temperature than a formal full sleeves button down shirt. No you are not attending a meeting nor going for a job interview but a full sleeve linen shirt can complete your entire spring look. It is also one of the most essential part of our mens spring fashion ideas, as you can never go wrong with little sophistication and class.

Smart Pants

Welcome to the denim jungle. Every season is incomplete without a hint of denim in it especially the spring season where all the cool tops are too be flaunted with the right choice of pants. Whether those are dress pants, denim or basic khakis, the mens spring fashion is just incomplete without pants.

6.Relaxed Fit

A relaxed fit jeans for a relaxing weather. There is nothing like feeling home in a pair of jeans that not only gives you warmth according to the right temperature but also gives you comfort. Especially since jeans are known to bother your peace and ease of movement, a relaxed fit is a must have option in your wardrobe this spring.

Get a relaxed fit denim directly to your home from Amazon.


Khakis are the new cool especially when you get an idea to pair them with your favorite white t shirt. As we mentioned a basic tee as a part of essential mens spring fashion, khakis are the way to pair with them too. Gaps is offering pretty smart look of khakis to all the fashionable men out there. The color variety is also huge so you can definitely find something that compliments your style.

We pick the Gaps Classiest Khakis for you!

8.Stretchy Pants

To have an extra fashion stretch, stretchy pants are also an integral part of mens spring fashion. Especially if you need them for everyday wear and basic day to day tasks. The public Rec is selling some of the most comfortable stretchable jeans and they are lightweight, breathable, smart, easy to fit and easier to move in every single day.

Our Pick: Public Rec Pant only for $110!

As much as comfort it brings you dont confuse it for the workout pants. They are not that flexible.

9.Straight fit Jeans

A pair of straight fit jeans will help you rock so many looks you cannot even imagine. It is simple, basic, and comfortable and you can wear it with a t-shirt, a dress shirt or even a sweater from your winter wardrobe. Dont forget to play with the different colored denims to get the ones that are most suitable for your wardrobe after all nothing goes wrong with a black straight fit jeans.


No season (except summer) is complete without sweatpants. Who says you only need sweatpants to work out and shed those extra drops of sweat? With the comfort becoming the new cool, its about time that fashion will only be about comfort. Just pair your sweatpants with a complementary t shirt and you are good to have a great time having drinks at the bar or even a breakfast date with your girlfriend.

Our choice? The South Pole Basic Flee Pants.

11.Skinny Fit Jeans

Some men Love hugging fashion and this is why they still sell skinny jeans. To keep the temperature high this spring, having skinny jeans in your wardrobe is a great idea. At least to complete our collection of mens spring fashion ideas. Skinny fit jeans go great with basic t shirts to half sleeved shirts and full casual dress shirts. Its all about style and once you step out in a skinny jeans you are in for some great stares.

12.Cotton Pants

We had to add this cool slim swift cotton pant from lululemon. Of course, the classy color and rich creamy hue of this pant is what makes is a star of our mens spring fashion ideas. Get this water-repellant cotton fabric for a comfortable and breathable night out with your friends and family.

Cool Shorts

Men and shorts, a pair stronger than anything in the world. Whether its a trip to beach or a cycling morning, or even workout for some men, shorts are just as important as they could get. While the clothing companies have realized mens infatuation with the shorts they have not limited their choice to one style of shorts. Which is why shorts are an important part of our mens spring fashion ideas.

13.Denim Shorts

Full length denim pants are a great part of basic and modern attire but denim shorts are yet another part of mens spring fashion ideas. These shorts are ideal to beat the unnecessary heat but also keep up with the comfort and love for denim. Denim shorts are normally paired with T-shirts, light jackets and formal T-shirts. They are a cool way of saying fashion and comfort.

mens fashion trends denim shorts

14.Suit Shorts

Not many men are comfortable with the idea of suit shorts but once you start wearing them there is a little to no going back. The suit shorts are classy, comfortable and extremely high on fashion. Men wear them with a three piece suit and rock this look for semi-formal events. They seem like a hot item from your wardrobe and a great choice for your day out with friends.

15.Military Shorts

Man who love to camouflage, military shorts have been the coolest items in mens wardrobe all seasons. They are comfortable, macho and look good with plain t shirts. For a night out with friends or even a football match with your buddies, military shorts are always in fashion. Which is why we have added it to our mens spring fashion collection.

16.Beach Shorts

Beach shorts could be anything from plain colored shorts or flowery textured shorts that are ideal for the beach. Whenever it is about beach and men there is no better combination than shorts. Shorts are cool, comfortable and allow ease of movement. The beach shorts are specifically made to absorb moisture and dry quickly too. During the spring beach trips, beach shorts are a must have in your wardrobe.

17.Wide Shorts

Wide shorts give a baggy look to your overall attire. For extra casual dress up and too look super easy many men like wide shorts. They feel comfortable and cool when the wide shorts fly against the air and give them a break from tight winter clothing. So as the cold temperature takes a seat, wide shorts are an important part of our mens spring fashion ideas.


Who needs sunglasses during the winter? Maybe thats why you didnt take out yours or not to tell anyone but we know people who do not even own sunglasses because of the prevalent winters. Now is the time to change yourself as winter is settling down, and we are talking about cool mens spring fashion ideas, sunglasses are a must have.

Whenever there is sun there are sunglasses. Sunglasses complete your look and give you a sense of fashion. Imagine having something as little as a pair of glasses, revamp your entire look in just a matter of seconds? This is true especially when you shop our collection of sunglasses from the mens spring fashion ideas.

18.Ray Ban New Wayfarers

Is there a list for classy sunglasses even complete without Ray ban? We dont think so. The new ray ban wayfarers are cool, comfortable and extremely stylish. Their dark and cheetah print combination is all set to go with every dress and color combination you might try. Whether you want to pair it with a casual attire or a semi-formal breakfast dress up, the choices are too many.

mens summer trends wayfarers


There is nothing classier and sophisticated than aviators. For men who do not like the plastic frame (as in Ray ban) the aviators are cool and always in the style. Presenting a great attitude posing back to the days before World War 2, aviators are still a depiction of masculinity and machoism. You can also get the square aviators as opposed to the oval ones. The square aviators give a vintage look to your entire style. Brad pit is flaunting them, why cant you?

mens summer fashion aviators

20.Club master

The club master also known as brow line glasses otherwise are a 60s look coming to the 21st century and going far. These glasses are effortless and too good to be paired with every outfit you can have. Whether its beach shorts, formal dress ups or a basic t with jeans, the club master are one of the most favorite and top selling frames of all times in mens spring fashion. 

21.Spy Hi-Fi Sunglass

The spy Hi Fi sunglasses is one of the coolest collection on our list. They are made up of a grilamid frame, followed by a 4 base polycarbonate ARC lenses as well as a 100% protection against UV and harmful sunrays. With a cool catchy color and a vibrant frame, this deal is best in only for $65.

Shoes and Socks

It is true that a mans first impression is caught by shoes. You can tell a persons personality by the footwear they chooses, this seems pretty unfair considering how a man would dress up from head to toe only to be judged by shoes but human mind works in pretty mysterious ways. Now as promised, to complete your entire mens spring fashion look, here are some of our best picks from footwear.

22.No Show Socks

Dont want the protruding socks coming out of your shoes nor want to drip sweat in your newly purchased footwear? The no show socks are here for the save. After ankle socks the fashion industry has blessed us with no show socks. These socks look stylish and the entire look of your outfit is not compromised just because of a little fabric coming out of your shoes.

mens spring fashion socks

23.Standard Sneakers

There is no comfort like home and sometimes basic is the best. The standard sneakers are the home for many feet for years. If you have spent your teenage and early adult years wearing sneakers with every outfit you could think of then there is no doubt you dont have one pair in your closet till date. The best thing about standard sneakers? They go with every outfit and always remain in style.

24.Wool Loungers

To keep those cold feet warm. We love the newest addition to the mens spring fashion foot wear family. The wool loungers are comfortable, perfect for indoor and outdoor endeavors and even great for a picnic anywhere except beach (you dont want to compromise them with the sand). The wool loungers by allbirds are one of the coolest shoes we have seen this spring season.

mens spring fashion loungers

25.High Sneakers

From teenagers to grownups, high sneakers, known as converse as well are one of the trendiest and evergreen spring picks. These shoes compliment your casual outfits, t shirts and dress shirts with shorts or even some raw denim jeans. There is a reason these shoes have been running in the market for years and still havent seen a low. Its about time you make them a part of your mens spring fashion wardrobe.

Out Dress the Other Guys with These Mens Spring Fashion

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Who said outfit of the day and trying to look the best in the room is just for women? With all the latest and confident mens spring fashion ideas you can up your dressing game in no time. So fill in your wardrobe with all the spring collection and style up your dress up game. The new season brings new discount too!