24 Thoughtful and Loving Mother’s Day Gifts

May 03, 2021   |   7 min read


24 Thoughtful and Loving Mother’s Day Gifts


Although your mom does not need a special day to be made feel special but a Mother’s Day is something all moms love. It is the right occasion to show love and appreciation to your mom for all the wonderful things she does without complaining even once. If you have your mother with you and belong to that lucky crowd then don’t let this mother’s day go in vain and find the best mother’s day gifts for you loving mom.

After all she deserves the world, the woman who raised form nothing to give you everything. Keep reading to find the best Mother’s day specials and wonderful ideas to surprise your mother this mother’s day.

History of Mother’s Day

There is no reason to ask why mothers are dedicated a whole day when our entire lives are about them. The mother’s day is an annual holiday stretching from 1914. This tradition dates back to Greeks and ancient Romans who celebrated and held various festivals in the honor of the mother goddess Cybele and Rhea and they use to appreciate and honor the motherhood given to them.

In the early traditions, the mother’s day Sunday is known as mothering Sunday which later developed a more modern and easier name simply known as ‘Mother’s Day’. Mother’s Day is observed on second Sunday of each May every year. There are thousands of deals and mother’s day discounts because why not!

If you are also looking for the right mother’s Day gift ideas then keep reading as you may find something really special and unique for your mother. 

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas $30

So what if your budget is limited, your love doesn’t have to be. With the perfect mother’s day gift ideas under $30 here are some amazing ways to make the most beautiful woman in your life smile even wider.

Recipe Kitchen Towel

No one bakes cookies like your mom or maybe the soup she makes on thanksgiving is the best of all. We all have something special on our favorite menu list that belongs only to our lovely mother. If you find one of her recipes too lovely or simply you know she loves it then this is a great idea. Get her favorite recipe printed on a keepsake kitchen towel. This idea is as creative as it could get. After all there is nothing like showing love to your mother if you don’t appreciate her for the amazing things she does.

Pillow Cases

Every mom loves a comfortable bedding and we all know how they love to sleep with a bunch of pillows. This is the time to make her bedroom look even better. Buy the graphic pillow cases and gift her something that reminds her of you no matter how far you are. If you get something with a special message or even a little cartoony image, we guarantee you she is going to love it.


She beats the heat all day when making your favorite dinner or even burns her skin in sun to buy the fresh fruits for you. Your mother deservers a lot of care and you can give her that in something as less than as $30. One of our top picks is the ultra-fine mist collection from Sephora. For a little within kind of glow and a refreshing skin to make her look happier and radiant.

Chocolate Box

There are so many opportunities with this one but the thing is not all mothers love chocolate. But when its Godiva gold box, we don’t think any mom can resist that. As a little token of sweet gesture or something to leave by her bed in the morning, the Godiva chocolate box is a great choice.


A little something to make her feel comfortable while she is chilling at home or even having a nice walk with friends. Or even a better idea? How about getting matching sweatshirts for you and your mom?

Bracelet with Message

Sometimes there are things we cannot just say openly. This is where things like these come in handy. How about getting your mom a bracelet with a special message written on it? Maybe you could get something as simple as thankyou and admire her for being so tough. Customized bracelets are a thing now and your mom will definitely love it.

Hand Painted Teapot

We all know mothers and grandmothers love nothing more than a gorgeous crockery. And a hand painted tea pot is definitely going to be at the top of her wish list. Surprise her with a hand painted tea pot to make her happy and also have a wonderful tea session with her.


This is something very weird, but a candle could be an amazing gift for your beautiful mom. She could elevate the fragrance in her room or maybe get a little scented lavender in her kitchen. The bed bath and beyond’s scented candles are a great deal to pick and you should definitely not miss them.

Ceramic Baker Set

We love this pair of ceramic bake dish and your mom will love it too. The Woman Ree Drummond’s bakeware line has something every mom will love and there is no reason your mom will be an exception. It is a great mother’s day gift idea and you can make her happy as well enjoy delicious treats she bakes in these dishes for the entire family. With intricate designs these bake dish will be amongst her favorite crockery items.

A Cross Body Bag

Your mother will love this gift. Not only she will love the beautiful color combination but also the thought behind this, gift her a cross body bag so that she can shop in peace and not worry about losing her precious items. Also this bag will go with her every outfit. Kohl’s is offering a great deal on it and with the kohl’s coupons you can get even better prices.

Satin Robe

Love is all about showing care and your mom would love this soft satin feel against her gentle skin. Gift her something to relax in when she has had a tough day at work or is tired of preparing dinner all day. This satin robe is also a way to remind her how much you value her comfort.

Coffee Maker

This kitchen gadget will be her best friend when she will find it super helpful to make the perfect cup of iced coffee. If you mom is a coffee lover then we don’t think there is any reason you should not gift her this. The Mr. Coffee Iced Tea and Iced Coffee maker is a great pick for every kitchen and you will enjoy it too.

Mother’s Day Jewelry Under $100

Women love jeweler and there is no doubt about that.  Your mother will also love something shiny and sparkly and will definitely wear it everywhere she goes. If you are looking to go an extra mile for your mother and wanting to spend some more money, then buying her jewelry is the best option. Here are some of the best picks for jewelry under $100.

Love Heart Pendant

A beautiful pendant in the shape of heart will say everything about your feelings and your mother will love that. Gift her this gorgeous Purple Heart pendant with silver and rose gold tone. The crystals add to the beauty of the product. And the best part? Even after being laden with so many jewels, it is still under $100. And you will get an additional 10% off too.

Stud Earrings

This pair of white sapphire stud earrings will definitely bring a shine to your mother’s eyes. Get these pairs at a wonder $20 off as a part of mother’s day sales. Your mom is going to love it and her entire outfit will shine like a real diamond she is.

Hoop Earrings

After white sapphire stud earrings, the sapphire hoop earrings are also a great pick if your mom loves big hoops that sparkle from a distance. Ideal for parties and a close wedding, these hoop earrings are made up of a round cut that add an extra touch of elegance to it. These are one of the most beautiful picks for your mom this mother’s day. And the best thing is, they are on sale too.

Mother Daughter Necklace

Is there a better way to show love than having same things for you and your mother? We don’t think so. The mother daughter necklace with two rings joined together shows the infinite bond and endless love between you and your mom. To be fair, you can say a lot of things with this simple necklace which would have been hard otherwise.

Mom Bracelet

A bracelet that contains the magic word. This mom bracelet is studded with the right pearls and adjustable bead setting. You can enjoy the beautiful delicate look of this beautiful piece of jewelry on your mom’s hand and it will also remind her of you everywhere she goes.

Pearl Necklace

A lovely string of pearls is a must-have for any lady! Baroque freshwater cultured pearls are strung tightly on a hand-knotted silk string in this Blue Nile necklace. And your mom deserves the best kind of jewelry. So how about gifting her a pearl necklace.

Mother’s Day Unique Gift Ideas

Some mother don’t like the common gifts and it is okay. After all each mom is different but one thing that is common amongst all is the endless love and care. Be the first one to give something personalized to your mom and she will be amazed about the care you have for her.

MasterClass Subscription

Masterclass subscription is for all the moms who love to polish and grow their skills more each day. Your mother will love it if she has a knack of learning new things every other day. And especially getting a class from her favorite chef Gordon Ramsey? It is a win-win situation for both of you as she cooks delicious meals for all of you. And you can also use the Masterclass coupons to get discounts.

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have become more common as a means of assisting distressed sleepers in falling and staying asleep. Buying a weighted blanket for your mom is a gesture of care and love. As mothers go through a lot of stress each day they deserve to have a peaceful sleep at night.  

A Day at Spa

To relax your mom to the best. A day at spa is what every mother needs and sometimes you can give the best to your with a time to herself. How about having a mom daughter day at spa and sharing some good laughs. That kind of therapy is definitely everyone’s favorite.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise is one thing that mothers put up with much too much of. With a pair of noise-canceling headphones, she will listen to songs, podcasts, or the calming sounds of waves breaking on a distant shore while drowning out the din. New moms with young children who are in the midst of sleep training will love them twice as well, if not three times as much.

Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

A bottle that clean itself? Mothers love cleaning and gifting her something that is super clean is a dream come true for her. Also, this gift will keep her hydrated. The self-cleaning water bottle from nordstrom uses the UV technology to keep itself smell free and anti-bacterial too.

Now your mom doesn’t have to worry about washing and drying the water bottle until she can fill it up to sip water again. You can also use the nordstrom coupons to get discount on this water bottle.

High Pocket Leggings

Last year saw a surge in athleisure as a result of the pandemic. These leggings from Girlfriend Collective could make a nice Mother's Day gift if she could use another choice to wear while working from home or running errands. The leggings are made from water bottles that have been recycled. They have a higher waistband and side pockets to hold her daily necessities. We are sure your mom will love them.

How to Surprise your Mother This Mother’s Day?

When it comes to mother’s day gifts, no particular thing is good enough for the woman you love the most in the world. But with the collection of our mother’s day gift ideas you can definitely spread some joys and make your mom’s heart warmer. Don’t forget to write a cut message as you give your mom a wonderful gift this mother’s day. And whatever you do, don’t forget to cherish your mom this mother’s day and every other day as she is the warrior making everything better in your life.