What Not to Buy From Amazon | 16 Items to Skip

Feb 24, 2022   |   11 min read


What Not to Buy From Amazon | 16 Items to Skip


Three words that can excite every soul; amazon online shopping. We all are too impressed by the best amazon finds that one is not likely to accept any other store for the things they needs. The best items to sell on amazon aren’t just a product you place your money for but amazon online shopping is a whole experience of its own that keeps you excited, happy and that shopaholic spirit in you alive. And not to mention the amazon prime day sales, amazon discounts and the amazon promo codes, all these things are just yet another reason to make your purchase.

But what we are going to say next might throw you in jitters or upset you but do you know there are things you should skip at amazon? No it’s not about does amazon sell fake products or is amazon not good with the prices because the above two are not possible. But there are some things that better be put on hold when you are loading your cart at amazon. Hence as sad as this sounds but let’s put you out of misery and reveal the items you better should skip at Amazon.


Buying clothing from amazon might not have come across your mind unless it’s about gym gear and sportswear. We don’t often turn to amazon for dresses, jeans or t shirts and if you do then stop right away. As hard as it feels to swallow but amazon was not made for clothes shopping. Moreover, it’s more about the experience of shopping at amazon for clothing rather than the clothing itself. And it could be pretty confusing.

The price of an object is frequently determined by its color and size. Some colors and sizes may be eligible for free shipping, while others may not. As a result, it's best to avoid the product category completely.

Add On Items

Amazon is your friend but in some cases it really isn’t. Add ons are just the items that are priced very teeny tiny but could add up to your bill. The items you see things on amazon for $1 or similar items, well such deals don’t cost a lot but make you spend when you could have survived without spending even that $1. Hence it is wise to skip the add ones deals that you might feel make you save by spending more.

Competitor’s Products

Amazon's Echo and Echo Dot have grown ubiquitous. Their main competitors, Google Home and Google Home Mini, have done the same, but don't expect to find a good deal on those on Amazon. Amazon is relentless when it comes to promoting its own technology for a low price, but go elsewhere for bargains from Google and Apple. For example, on a recent Black Friday, a receipt was discovered confirming this occurrence true: an Apple Watch for $129 at Walmart; the lowest the price has ever been on Amazon was $170.

Trader’s Joe Items

When compared to buying at a shop, Trader Joe's items on Amazon can have a hefty markup. They are sold by third-party sellers who may list products that are defective, expired, or counterfeit.

"We do not condone the reselling of our products and cannot stand behind the quality, safety, or value of any Trader Joe's product sold outside of our store," a Trader Joe's official told Refinery 29 in 2019. This is definitely a clear cut sign you should skip the trader’s Joe products at Amazon.

Pet Food

We know you don’t want to spend another hour or two in the pet aisle and shop for pet food. Sitting online and checking out the amazon for hours is another whole story which we count as our happy hours. But to burst your bubble amazon might not be the right place to buy pet food. Chewy.com, according to Consumers' Checkbook, is the best place to shop online for pet food, undercutting Amazon by 18 percent. And the best part is you can also use the chewy promo codes and chewy coupon codes.

Also Check the Best Vet Care to Save on Pet Food and Pet Supplies. Use the additional best vet care promo code.

Items with Medical Claims

It’s never wise to buy something that magically guarantees some results hence be cautious. Especially when it concerns your health and life which you only get once. Whether you're trying to lose weight or combat a serious illness, one thing is certain: if a product makes claims that seem too wonderful to be true, it probably is.

Amazon recently banned 1 million products that promised to cure or prevent the spread of the coronavirus without evidence, and Vox has uncovered a slew of sketchy dietary supplements, dubious "immune boosters," and other dubious Amazon items.


On Amazon, batteries aren't a terrific deal. Even on sale, the AA Energizer batteries sold on the site cost $0.67 each battery, while Costco's Kirkland brand costs $0.35 per battery at any given time. Despite the fact that the Amazon Basics AA batteries appear to be a better price at $0.26 per battery when purchased in bulk, the Costco batteries have superior reviews. When Consumer Reports and CBS12 teamed up to find the best AA battery, the Kirkland Signature Alkaline was named the "best buy."

Amazon’s Fresh Produce

The colors are tempting and the images just look too good but are you there to pick them by hand? When we are talking about fresh produce we just don’t have a beef with amazon but buying vegetables and fruits online in the hope of fresh product is plain not so wise. You never know who and how someone is picking your product.

Hence, in a very similar way, the quality of fresh produce delivered by Amazon Fresh — Amazon's grocery delivery and pickup service — might vary. You're dependent on a shopper to choose your produce, so you might not get exactly what you want.

When you shop at a local store, on the other hand, you can choose your own produce, ensuring that you get the best size and quality for your money.

Amazon Grocery

Despite the fact that Whole Foods is now owned by Amazon, it is not the most cost-effective place to shop for groceries. Even if you utilize Prime Pantry to stock your kitchen, you must use it properly to get the most bang for your buck. Prime members must pay a flat $5.99 shipping price on top of whatever they're paying for their purchases unless their cart is worth $35 or more. It's sometimes more convenient to simply go to the grocery shop.

Paper Towels

‘Oh and don’t forget to add a load of paper towels too’ we often hear this phrase escaping our mouth when someone from family is shopping from Amazon. While this phrase sounds harmless and you get the paper towels delivered to your home but as opposed to the common idea that paper towels are cheaper on amazon, it is totally wrong. When it comes to paper towels amazon has some of the heftiest prices. This means that you are better off buying paper towels from Walmart or Target.


We know you missed the president day sale now you are looking for some discount on mattress on amazon. You could also have caught a product at up to 30% off and are happy about your new sleep. But we have a bad news, not the right place to shop for mattresses buddy.

While having a mattress delivered to your door with a single click may be appealing, Amazon isn't the ideal location to buy one. The extensive return policies of some web-only firms aren't as easy to take advantage of when purchased through the marketplace.

IKEA Items

But they look so pretty, is not a reason good enough to pay extra dollars. We are not depriving you of the totally gorgeous and useful ikea products but it’s just amazon is not the right place to buy them. Because Ikea stores might be difficult to find, it's tempting to order their things on Amazon. However, because Ikea no longer sells things on Amazon, everything you see there is from third-party merchants.

Many of Ikea's products are available for purchase online. You'll have to pay at least $5.99 for delivery, but you'll know you're getting a brand-new Ikea item.

Designer’s Items by Third Parties

While some designers sell their items on Amazon, the majority of the listings are from third parties. As a result, it's critical to read each listing carefully to ensure that the item you're purchasing is being sold by the company or an authorized reseller.

There's no way to know if what you're getting is genuine if you buy from a third-party vendor who isn't an authorized reseller. Now is there any situation that sounds riskier than this?

Knock OFF Apple Accessories

Just Don’t! We know it’s upsetting when you just paid for the iPhone charging cable and it’s not working again for some reason. Try not stepping up on it or laying on top of it for a change next time. And for iPhone owners this one is directed right at you.

Since, Apple accessories aren't inexpensive, so it's tempting to go to Amazon and look for off-brand alternatives. Knockoff chargers, on the other hand, can harm your iPhone's motherboard, which isn't easy or inexpensive to fix.

Items with Shady Discounts

Living up to the too good to be true phrase, sometimes amazon could have fake sellers. This doesn’t mean the store doesn’t check a seller for authenticity but all kinds of hackers or frauds are trying to break in all day all night. Chances are you could come across one during your ‘window shopping’ spree at amazon.

And when you find a product or two with unbelievable sweet discounts that’s your first clue to look twice and think several times. What happens to be a seemingly good deal might not always be a real deal, let alone a smart one. This doesn’t include amazon items for sale, because during the special season like black Friday and amazon primes you can definitely expect some unreal amazing deals.

Promising but Seemingly Fake

You might want to consider again before putting your faith in reviews. Amazon has banned 600 Chinese firms from selling on the platform, including well-known names like Aukey, and TaoTronics, mostly due to the use of fraudulent or paid-for comments. Fake reviews are big business on Amazon, so you'll want to read them carefully.

 Positive reviews that use meaningless superlatives like "excellent" or "fantastic" are untrustworthy, as are evaluations that rehash features without commenting on performance. Other red flags include strange syntax or a large number of reviews made in a short period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon has some of the best ways to provide huge savings to its customers. You can shop with the ongoing amazon sales which are marked for one reason or another. You can also expect big discounts on events like black Friday, cyber Monday and the amazon prime day. One of the most effective ways to get discount at amazon is through the amazon promo codes.

More often than not amazon will give you free shipping flat or even a free shipping voucher which you can add in your cart. But to opt for something from amazon just to get free shipping is not always wise.

If at all possible, purchase products straight from Amazon.com. Amazon monitors its own inventory significantly more closely than it does third-party merchants. Items purchased directly from Amazon are more likely to deliver as promised and qualify for free two-day Prime shipping.

Even though it’s a huge market place with thousands of sellers it is hard to believe that amazon is not always the cheapest. Sometimes many products don’t guarantee cheap products and it is wise to consider your purchase and compare it to other stores like walmart and target as well.

Amazon is concerned about payment security and customer trust. When you shop on Amazon, your payment information and personal information are kept safe. Your payment information, such as credit card number, bank account number, and address, is encrypted by their payment security system.

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