9 Outfit inspirations for your Holiday Look

Dec 07, 2021   |   6 min read


9 Outfit inspirations for your Holiday Look


It is time to switch your style and experiment with all the outfits that you have planned for winters. Holiday season means that you have countless parties and dinners to attend so you have to come up with your fabulous holiday look to be part of everyone’s fashion inspiration. You don’t necessarily have to go out of your comfort zone to experiment with the clothes but rather just accommodate the fashion options available at different stores to suit your style.

Last year was quite hectic and it has made us comfortable in the most minimum-effort outfits. Most of us spent our 2020 wrapped in our favorite blanket, wearing the most worn-out pair of sweats, watching our holiday tradition rom-com to remind ourselves of warmth. So, naturally you would want to go all out during 2021 and rightfully so.

No matter which holiday you are planning for this December, be it Christmas, Hannukah or Kwanza, we are here to ensure you have a fantastic time with the pictures and complements. Go through out list of holiday inspirational brands and pick out the one that really speaks to your sense of style.



For a lot of people, shirts become a not-so-important item during winters because they believe it would be hidden inside the layers anyway. However, we are here to prove you wrong. You don't just have to wear the shirt underneath. It can be styled as a base, top, or even middle layer.


Depending on the weather or just how you are feeling that particular day, you can go for a checked button-down, a tucked-in turtleneck, or even a loose spaghetti top with the perfect jacket to complete the look. Check out Amazon prime day fashion deals and make the most out of the season.


2.Jumbo Jeans

Skinny jeans had a good run but with fashion becoming more and more relaxed, thanks to COVID, the high-waisted wide-legged jeans have made a stellar comeback in fashion. It is a reminder that you should always hold on to your clothes as retro style can return to the streets any time. Get thicker and darker loose jeans from CC Clarke’s and rock your outfit to work every day.



One thing that the fall season fashion is synonymous with is fancy footwear. Every year, stores come out with a huge variety of boots, be it ankle-length or knee-length that help with keeping you warm and comfortable. So, go through the Amazon year-end deals of women’s fashion and strut your way down to the streets with the best footwear this season.



Winter means darker colors and heavier shades but the brown sweater and coats have become the talk of the town this fall. It connects you really well to the surrounding nature as it is quite warm and reminds you of the fall brown leaves and the pumpkin season which is all about the orange wheatish shade.


Pastel colors are also all the rage these days and the best part is that these items are gender-neutral. So, we are calling all the men to search for clothes’ in the stores and update their wardrobe.


5.Patterned Clothes

These antique styles look great during the winters and take you all the way back to the Victorian times of chintz sweaters and tops. The word comes from the Hindi word "chint” which translates to “variegated”, giving you a very floral wallpaper look. Pair it with a skirt or even patterned boots to give yourself a highly decorative look.


6.Textured Knitted Sweaters

One thing that never goes out of style is the monochromic knitted sweaters. These can be worn as simple loungewear or you can have a lazy day with fashion by pairing it with comfy formal trousers or a kilt dress. Either way, the  fashion deals are available for you to choose from a hundred different styles of the sweater so make your way to the stores now.


7.Red Jacket

Since it is almost Christmas time, so you need to get right into the spirit and experiment with holiday inspirations fabric that is available to you at Walmart. You can pair this with a much casual outfit like a graphic t-shirt and make sure you wear some black heels or boots underneath to complete the look. This is not festive in a Santa Clause kind of a way but still adds a little color to your overall style and also complete the you might opt for an evening with your friends.


8.Add Green

Just like red, green also makes your otherwise monochrome outfit stand out and also put you right along with the rest of the themes. For instance, if you have an office party to attend and wondering what to do to make yourself look professional and stylish, get your tailored suit out and let us help you with the magic.


Get a green silk blouse to wear underneath blazer. If you are not big on holiday colors, this is the perfect shade for you. You can always use it again with any other outfit and it is way less subtle than a Christmas sweater. Lucky for you, the green shade of Christmas is quite elegant so it will match quite fantastically with your .



Nothing speaks of luxury and comfort like cashmere. It is one piece that no one can ignore and will suit any outfit you choose. Even though Cashmere as is a pricey choice, you might be able to find some affordable options too.The sweaters available at Amazon and CC Clarke’s are great and they are not even itchy as people often complain during the holiday season.


You can add elegant jewelry with it to enhance it more. Plus, a pair of heels always adds to your fabulous look so coupled with that, you look as good as royalty and can make your show-stopper entry at any dinner or party.


So these are some of the looks you can create for the holiday season. It is important to pan your outfit accordingly because you need to go out and shop too. We suggest that you browse through all the clearance sales to find the items that will become your fashion look this year.

From different shawls and sweater dresses to street fashion like Jumbo jeans and leather jacket, you can opt for any kind of ensemble that would work with the event you are going to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Winter calls for bold colors so if you have been putting away your red shade for quite some time, it is time to bring it out.

The Korean TV show, Squid games has gotten quite popular and was probably seen at Halloween a lot.

Anything plaid, velvet or silk works. 2020 has made us value our comfort and style so pick something you feel comfortable in.

If it works well with your overall look, sure. You can pair it with a red coat or some accessories to add a little vibrancy.

Outfits like jackets, blazer dresses, sweater dresses and textured pants are quite popular on holidays.

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