Papa Johns Heart Shape Pizza Review

Jun 15, 2022   |   5 min read


Papa Johns Heart Shape Pizza Review


Heart-shaped pizza came not so long ago into the market. But when it came, it made waves around the internet and the food industry because of its sweet and hearty innovation. We are not sure who invented it first but it did come around near the 1950s. 

However, with recent social media coverage, it gained quite the popularity and now almost every pizza joint is making them. Well, you cannot deny that it makes up for a good valentine’s gift. And even if it is not a romantic day, it does make a romantic gift for your special someone. Be it your family or your friends, we are sure a pizza never comes as a wrong gift for anybody.  

And if things are not that romantic this time around, you can always gift yourself this pizza. No, it is not sad. It is self-care. Anyway, we decided to review one of the famous heart-shaped pizzas by Papa John’s. Let’s see if it is worth your money! 


First things first, the presentation is what makes this into either a very sweet and romantic gesture or a clear downfall for the recipient. Yes, the gesture is what matters but you bought the heart-shaped pizza for a reason. It should look like a heart at least. Gladly, Papa John’s heart-shaped pizza looked like a heart. But one thing that bothered many customers is that there weren’t any cut slices. 

Now the reason may be that the brand must have wanted the heart to remain a heart and not a broken version of it. So, we believe that it is intentional and for the right reasons. Because then again, presentation is the key in such matters. 


Now to the crust, another important part of any pizza. Unlike the popular hand-tossed pizza by Papa John’s, the heart-shaped pizza isn’t hand-tossed. Rather, it is a thin crust. So, that is quite interesting to play with because Papa John’s is usually famous for its hand-tossed pizza.  

However, it is not a disappointment as it tastes like any other thin-crust pizza you want. If you are not a fan of thin-crust, you may not like it but the people who adore it would not find any serious bad remarks about it. So, for the crust, it is about the mood. 

Price and Serving 

The heart-shaped pizza is a medium-sized pizza in general terms, which is enough for two people. But that is only true if you are not a pizza maniac. However, Papa John’s released an offer which was 2 one-topping heart-shaped pizzas for approximately 18 dollars. Now, that is not a bad offer considering the fact that you get the same pizza alone at $14. So, getting the deal is clearly better and it would be more than enough to keep leftovers for the next day. 


The taste of the heart-shaped pizza is not disappointing at all. Many reviewers have liked the pizza in the form of a heart but were doubtful about its thin crust. However, Papa John’s managed to make it both tasty and wholesome.  

The crust is light, thin, and not too heavy on the stomach. But the best part is then again, their generous use of toppings. Even with the thin slice, you get a mouthful of your favorite toppings combined with the warm cheese. 

Plus, the garlic sauce is a given in Papa John’s orders. So, if you are a fan of dipping pizza in sauces, you would love this combination as well. However, there were some reviewers who reported that the garlic sauce didn’t come with their order. Make sure your order has one.  


All in all, Papa John’s heart-shaped pizza is considered both delightful and wholesome. The neat presentation makes it a sweet gesture and the overall taste and flavors make it a great purchase.  

If you are looking to buy this for your special someone, you will need to wait for Valentine’s season to drop because the offer comes for a limited time only. However, until you wait, you can enjoy pizzas from Papa John’s at cheap prices by availing Papa Johns Promo Code to get big discount. Simply use the free coupons and try out the Papa John’s taste before you make the big leap to buy the heart-shaped pizza!  

Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular pizza at Papa John’s has to be its pepperoni. Considering that is America’s favorite flavor, this comes as no surprise either.

The Heart-shaped pizza by Papa John’s was released for a limited time during Valentine’s. It was similar to a medium-sized pizza at the eatery but it gained quite the popularity.

Yes, Dominos also released a heart-shaped pizza during Valentine’s season. They offered the deal for a limited time.

That’s easy. You can cut the heart in half although you may not like that part. But that’s how it works, doesn’t it? You can further cut those slices into two and you will have yourself four good slices to eat.

You may not be able to get a free pizza voucher but you can grab free coupons to get a discount. This way, you might even get two pizzas at the price of one.