Papa Johns Stuffed Crust Review

Jun 15, 2022   |   5 min read


Papa Johns Stuffed Crust Review


Stuffed crust pizza has been around for some time. it started back in the year 1995 and was introduced by Pizza Hut. Fast forward to 2020, Papa John’s decided to bring this revolutionary dish into their menu. 

Now, don’t get us wrong. Stuffed crust is just another pizza at the end of your slice (or front of your slice? How do you eat your pizza?). But at the end of the day, it is the one that most people prefer eating. And frankly, it is a whole new taste.  

You can enjoy the delicious cheese rolled into a crunchy and soft crust, making your tastebuds have another experience of their own. It simply eliminates having to dread the crust part of the pizza. And we are all for it!  

But let’s come to Papa John’s stuffed crust pizza. Is that worth the bucks? Let’s see!  

Choose Your Own Topping 

The good thing about the stuffed crust pizza is that you can pick any flavor of topping you want. Whether you are a veggie lover or a fan of the plain, old cheese, you can choose just about any flavor on the menu to top your pizza slices. So, that is one thing you can decide on your own!  

But with the Epic Stuffed Pizza that was released recently, you will have to stick yourself with the pepperoni. Because that’s the taste both on and within the pizza.    


Papa John’s never gets any points for its presentation. It is often because their crust is slightly flat and does not make for a good pizza slice in comparison. However, if you take it on its own, maybe you wouldn’t be bothered as much about its presentation.  

It has a flat pizza slice with a very generous amount of cheese along with the toppings. So, you would definitely not mind the cheese unless you are a bit of a health freak like us. Other than that, the stuffed crust stands dominantly with a light, golden brown color we all love seeing on the crust. Plus, it does not have any toppings oozing out of the stuffed crust. So, that is kind of a relief for the seemingly edible side of the presentation.  

Stuffed Crust 

Now, to the star of the stuffed crust pizza, the stuffed crust itself. How does that rate on the scale? 

Well, first of all, the stuffed flavors are quite diverse. You can pick from a bunch of proteins and even the seafood to grace your stuffed crust. 

As the Epic Stuffed Crust is quite popular, it is an interesting combination that makes it quite flavorsome. You can enjoy warm cheese engulfing pepperoni slices in the stuffed crust. Many reviewers reported that using whole pepperoni slices instead of pepperoni pieces in the crust was kind of weird. but there are around 3 pepperoni slices in each pizza slice crust. So, for generosity, they get the full marks.  

Overall, the taste is reported to be quite great due to the high-quality cheese used and the fact that people could actually taste the cheese. Otherwise, with most brands, the stuffed crust merely means adding a sauce to make the bread moist. Like, come on, people.   


All in all, the stuffed crust pizza at Papa John’s gets quite the hype because of its recent twist in the pizza crust. We have to say it may not be quite the innovation, but the taste itself is the winner for any pizza lover. The use of the high-quality cheese that actually fills in your mouth is a taste that you would want around. Moreover, it does not feel oily so that’s a plus. If you want to buy it at a discount, use Papa Johns coupons and try it out for yourself!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the stuffed crust by Papa John’s has been around since 2020. But it recently gained the hype back again because of the new flavors they introduced in the pizza crust.

The Epic Stuffed Pizza is a pizza with stuffed crust. More specifically, the crust is filled with an interesting combination of pepperoni and cheese. On top of that, you can use pick any flavor you want on your pizza for the toppings.

The plan for keeping the stuffed crust is only short-term. The brand says that it will keep this deal around for a few months and end it near the mid of July. If you want to try it before the deal ends, you have to hurry!

Yes, a lot of pizza joints have the stuffed crust pizza on their menus under different names. You can get them from Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Little Caesar’s, and more.

There are not many ways to get a free pizza voucher. But you can enjoy a discounted pizza with the help of free coupons. They can cut down the original price of the coupon to a larger extent.