Best President's Day Appliance Sales and Deals 2022

Jan 21, 2022   |   8 min read


Best President's Day Appliance Sales and Deals 2022


President’s Day is typically known for mattress sales also called white deals which includes all the sheets and bedding covers. Bed Bath & Beyond as well as Bath & Body Works remain popular stores due to that. However, that does not mean that you should ignore President’s Day appliance sales. Many stores including Best Buy and Amazon bring their A-game during the month so you can upgrade your tech without worrying about the price.

Of course, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are considered more popular when it comes to home appliances and gadgets but since they have just passed, you cannot wait for an entire year to get a good deal. This is one of the earliest offers of the year so you should try to make the most out of it. Not only do the stores put out sales but the brands are also quite efficient with price slashes. Look around your house, there must be at least one appliance that you want to replace.

So, use the list of discounts and offers we have compiled for you and get down to business. You can either head to the store or just visit the website because due to the pandemic, most outlets prefer to release their discounts on the site so customers can check them out as soon as possible and shop for their favorite products. So, let’s begin.

Home Depot

You think of upgrading your house and the first name that pops in your mind is Home Depot. All year-round, the store brings out the best of its sales for the customers so they can find the greatest deals on home appliances. Be it a washer, dryer, blender, or refrigerator, chances are that you will score amazing discounts on Home Depot.

This year, it is offering 35% off of the laundry items and around 25% off on machines like dryers and washers. You can even get discounts on cooking ranges and 10% off on refrigerators. You can either visit the store or check the website as the sales are available on both of them. Don't miss out on your chance and get the fridge you have been longing for.

Best Buy

This store needs no introduction. Arguably one of the busiest places during every holiday, you would be a fool to not check out Best Buy during the holiday either. Just like every year, it has outdone itself yet again and is here with the best discounts for the customers on home appliances and all kinds of electronics.

The best thing about this outlet is that you have such a wide variety to pick from that you cannot just match the budget but also the quality you are looking for. Save up to $600 on refrigerators, cooktops, grills, and freezers, and use the kitchen appliance President’s Day sale on Best Buy to your advantage. The store has yet to put out an expiration date on these offers so we suggest that you hurry up.


You cannot ignore President’s Day appliance sale at Lowe’s as it has come this year with more than 50% discount on home appliances. Almost everything you need for home improvement here is available for sale. This is the perfect time to shop for appliances, especially if you are keen on having people over for lunch or dinner.

The store is offering 31% off on cooking ranges and a 23% discount on many washers and dryers. Just find out a company that you like and go to the website to check if Lowes is offering a price slash on that. You can find the offer till February 24th so don’t make a hasty decision.


While usually famous for clothes and makeup, Macy’s is a great place to shop for electronics on President’s Day. The range is not as diverse as the rest of them but you can score a very good deal if you know where to look. On the surface, Macy’s is offering 60% off on small kitchen appliances.

In fact, if you are in search of a good offer on a coffee machine, this might just work for you. Getting a steaming cup of coffee is something that helps most of us kick start our day so use this opportunity and find Nespresso goods with 10% off. You can even lookout for Valentine's Day deals for additional discounts.


If you are looking for President’s Day appliance sale on Samsung, Sears is where you should be heading. This place is great if your target is high-end brands because you will find everything of superior quality. Frigidaire, LG, CuisinArt- you name it and the store has stocked up everything for you. People hold over for Sears President’s Day appliance sale especially for the 35% off it offers on many electronics as well as 20% off on all washers and dryers.

Surprisingly, the store has yet to announce the offers but we already anticipate that they are going to be as mind-blowing as the previous year and gain traffic to make it one of the most popular places on the holiday.


Another home improvement classic, you can never go wrong with Wayfair. There is something so magnetic about their outlets that you just walk in and before you know it, you are headed towards the checkout with so many different products. If you don’t have much time to spend on long queues outside Best Buy, Wayfair is the option that will provide you great quality at just as much affordable prices.

It has already taken $399 off of major home appliances and is looking to welcome the customers on the day itself with other gigantic offers. You can also use promo codes to make sure you save big on President’s Day.


You might think of it as an odd option when considering home appliances but we swear by this brand. It has a great selection of products and even though the brands are slightly high-end, with President’s Day you are bound to score a good deal. The offer will last till February 15th and until then, you can find 30% off on items of more than $75.

Also, you don’t need to worry if your bill doesn’t go as high. JCPenney’s is also offering 20% off on purchases under $75 when you enter the code “CUTIEPIE” at the checkout. This has more to do with V-Day than President’s but hey, you can enjoy as many price slashes as you can to claim your product.


It would be time for springs in a couple of months and soon, you would be looking for excuses to spend time outdoors. Inviting friends and loved ones for a barbecue sounds like a fantastic idea in pleasant weather and of course, you have to think about the summers and the July party too. We know it is quiet in the future but you can always get the cooking range and grills earlier with the President’s Day sale at KitchenAid.

The store is offering 20% off on food choppers and hand blenders as well as up to 10% discount on kettles. Remodeling kitchen is also famous during the month of January and you can easily get Digital Countertop Over for a $20 discount. So, we suggest that you don't miss out on the offer and go to claim your offers of President’s Day sale as soon as possible.


It is impossible to get the store that rules retail with several other companies. People love heading over to Kohl’s for makeup and gift baskets but the President’s Day sales for home appliances are highly underrated. Even though it doesn’t go as huge as Best Buy during this one, you can get 15% additional off on already discounted products.

So, this would save you double the amount. You can use the code “TAKE15” on both the outlet and the website to claim this offer. A large selection of home appliances is in this category so you don't need to worry about not finding the electronics you need.

So, these are some of the President’s Day sales that you benefit from in January and save on home appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Try to score a good deal on refrigerator and freezer because these items usually become expensive.

Home Depot and Best Buy take all the points home for bringing their A-game during this season.

Yes, you can get them for a cheaper price, especially if you shop at Best Buy.

From beauty and skincare to gadgets and tech, you can find amazing discounts at Amazon.

People usually go for mattresses but home appliances are also popular.

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