Top 10 Deals from Best Buy for President's Day 2022

Jan 20, 2022   |   8 min read


Top 10 Deals from Best Buy for President's Day 2022


Even though the holiday season has just passed, there is no chance that you were able to snag every good deal that you wanted. This is why the rest of the year exists so you can redeem yourself and score great offers at your favorite stores. Just in time for a major appliance upgrade, the President’s Day deals are here to make sure you don’t have to miss out on anything.

Best Buy is a customer favorite when it comes to holiday discounts. People love queuing outside the branches so that they leave the store with the best offer. No matter which gadget you are looking for, chances are that the store would have an offer running on it. You could even check out the package deals and save enormous amounts of money on things you want this year.

Just like every year, 2022 has also come with Best Buy offering the best President’s Day deals and we are pretty sure the online site and the in-store outlets are going to witness traffic just as crazy. The pandemic has made us appreciate the importance of retail so don't miss out and upgrade your kitchen or living room as soon as possible with the list of the top deals from Best Buy.

1.Westinghouse 4K UHD Roku TV

You can never look at a good TV deal and pass it up without considering it. Everyone loves the home theatre feels that 4K TV gives so, this is the perfect offer for you from Best Buy. You can invite your friends over for a movie night and impress them with the quality of the picture.


It is a 58-inch 4K Ultra HD television that is available for $329.99 which means you can save a whopping $120. Roku offers amazing features in this price range and you also get all the streaming services pre-downloaded so that is an additional benefit.


2.Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

Are you looking to upgrade your laptop for the new semester but want something in an affordable price range? Best Buy has got you! The greatest computer released by Samsung is available at the store for $699, making you save $300 on the deal. What more could you want?


The model has a 4K UHD screen along with a thin-bezel design that is sleek enough to measure 13.3-inches. The best part is that it is ideal for studying as well as working as you will find an i5 processor with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD. Snag the President’s Day laptop deals from Best Buy and make your year exciting.


3.Home Appliances

Best Buy is almost synonymous with home appliances. Whenever you see any gadget in your home malfunctioning, you know you are either going to head to the store soon or visit the website to decide which deal you want to get. From washers and dryers to refrigerators and kitchen Wi-Fi, it is a hub of the best tech deals. No matter which brand you want, you can find anything and everything here and that too with huge price slashes. It is impossible that you come to Best Buy and leave without a home appliance. Make use of President’s day and upgrade your house today.


4.Fitbit Versa 2 Watch

January rolls around with a lot of New Year resolutions about getting a fit and infusing workout in your everyday routine. While most of these promises last a little over a week, if you are truly committed to the cause, then we have a suggestion for you. A smart watch makes things like working out and remembering your daily routine so much easier.


It is an absolute necessity today so we suggest that you don’t let President’s Day go to waste and buy yourself a Fitbit Versa 2 from Best Buy. You will be able to save $30 on the watch and won’t have to worry about keeping reminders for the exercise. When the next year rolls around, you will have some solid progress to show to yourself.


5.Analog Air Fryer

It is 2022 which means you should be looking into the future to make your life as simple as possible. This is why Best Buy brings you the President’s Day food deals that you won’t be able to ignore. An air fryer is the need of the hour and you must absolutely have it to take care of your health as well as enjoy delicious food.


Be it nuggets, fries, or any other fried item that you avoid due to it being oily, you can taste it with the air fryer as it reduces the calories and you can eat anything and everything without feeling guilty.


6.iRobot Vacuum Cleaner

Since we are talking about stepping into the future, let’s look at this gadget that will probably leave you in awe. Do you dread coming back to a dirty house because after being extremely exhausted, you would have to pick a broom and a vacuum cleaner and get down to business? Well, not with this iRobot Cleaner.


Now you can sit in your office and dictate the cleaning of your house. Your phone will control it and the highly sensitive sensors will detect all the areas that require intense cleaning. If you are a clean freak who just wants to relax after coming home, this is what you need.


7.Samsung Galaxy S21

You can never go wrong with Samsung. With the great processor, UHD screen with a fast and sensitive touch, face locks and android features to die for, the newest Samsung phone has every tech lover sighing with longing. If you are looking to upgrade, President’s Day phone deals are here to save the day. You can get $200 off of the actual price and score a warranty along with it. Best Buy is the perfect place to get cellphones because you have actual tech experts in the store to guide you about the specifications.


8.Keurig Coffee Maker

It is quite possible that your previous coffee maker has given up and you now want a deal that is going to last you for a long time. We are sure every caffeine-obsessed person has had their eyes on the Keurig K-Elite coffee maker since it has come out but the price probably made you back off. Well, not anymore. Making you save almost $40, Best Buy has come through to serve you the best homemade coffee.

9.Apple AirPods

In 2021, Best Buy's customers were positively surprised to find a discount worth $50 for their favorite pair of earphones. Very rarely do you find for such a lot price and that too with the noise-cancellation feature? The reason why they are a massive hit among the users is due to the wireless charging case that keeps them alive for almost 24 hours non-stop. AirPods are expected to go on sale again this year so be on the lookout.


10.Sceptre 4K HDTV

The heaviest traffic in any store is in the television aisle because this is the discount that customers value the most. People were able to save a whopping $240 last year with this tech because it remained the best-selling item of the season. We don't even blame them. The TV features HD picture quality that will make every thriller worth the watch. You can connect your phone too as it supports Android and has a built-in Google Assistant.

Bonus: Apple Series 6 Watch

It is impossible for someone to not have a smartwatch now because it has become such a huge necessity. You can link your smartphone and all your devices with it so there is no need to check your phone or PC several times.


Last year, customers were able to get a $20 price cut on on this 40mm piece that has an S6 processor which has been deemed excellent for function. From blood and oxygen to your heart and breathing, everything can be monitored while working out. Say hello to good health by snagging this marvelous deal during the President’s Day sale.

So, which deal are you the most excited about this President’s Day?

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