10 Restaurants that Deliver Piping Hot Food During the Super Bowl 2022

Jan 26, 2022   |   8 min read


10 Restaurants that Deliver Piping Hot Food During the Super Bowl 2022


Our tastebuds crave good food. Whether we are sitting back and enjoying a movie marathon on the weekend or sitting on the edge of the seats as our favorite players embrace the match, we need good food to support our feelings. Even if the match does not go well, at least the deal we wanted arrived on time and we could indulge in it, right? Well, hardcore fans would disagree with this stance.

However, we know that you are planning a nice little party or a big gathering for Super Bowl 2022. And you cannot do so without knowing the best super bowl food deals in town. Google might help with your query of “super bowl food near me” but it not going to help you get the best quality.

That is why we are here and you will not be disappointed. Here are 10 restaurants that will be serving quality food as you become one of the angry football fans found at the stadium. Let us see if you can find what you are looking for.

Buffalo Wild Wings

If you want to go with the classics, then there is no reason to skip this option out of your list. There is nothing like a bucket full of scrumptious chicken wings just waiting for your teeth to bite in their tender taste. And the sauces? Oh, all the dips are just one of the few reasons these munching snacks are so popular. You could eat tens of them in one sitting.

Hearing the popular demand, Buffalo Wild Wings releases a special every year around for the Super Bowl event. You can find special offers and deals for the event that can help you save big. Moreover, they have also released a special overtime offer. If the game goes to overtime, all the Americans will be feasting on free, hot, and fresh wings by the restaurant.


Did anyone call for pizza? Everybody should. We are judging you if you are not raising your hand up for pizza! The delicious, melting, and warm cheese falling from the sides of the pizza as you pick up a slice is what should be comforting you as you watch the match. Dominos will be serving you warm platters of pizza all day long. You can find great deals along with coupons to keep the big event financially less burdening on your shoulders. It is about happiness and comfort food after all, right? Most of all, the ease with pizza is that it gets delivered without a question of doubt, right at your doorstep.

DF Tacos

Tacos are another popular option eaten during Super Bowl. You can munch on these hard and soft tacos with a tinge of spice to spruce you up! And sometimes, you need the spice during such events because that anger is only fueled during the match. Ask the angry football fans. DF Tacos is also a great option for vegan super bowl food maniacs. They serve a variety of different options for people with all preferences. Tacos will be creating a mess. It will be best for you to order some plates around to escape from washing the dishes after a tiring day.


If you want your Super Bowl morning to be a good start to the day, then you must start your day with the Denny’s. They serve fresh, piping hot breakfast that will savor your tastebuds and freshen your mind for the day. What you need is a steaming hot cup of coffee with a slight strong taste and a glazed donut to smoothen the bitter taste. It is a combination that will give you good hopes for the big event. there are a bunch of coupons available that you can use if the deals do not tempt you.

Dickey’s BBQ Pit

The best fast food super bowl deals have to be the ones with the best BBQ. And what better option than Dickey’s when they are offering free delivery? Their popular options right now are the wings and ribs that are as tender as falling off the bone and melting in your mouth. You can always munch on the few amazing sides of coleslaw and mac and cheese. Otherwise, the beef burgers will definitely liven up your tastebuds with the scrumptious taste.

Red Lobster

Are you in the mood for seafood? Then Red Lobster is the way to go. It is not one of the most popular options during the event but anybody can go crazy on a batch of fresh, crunchy shrimps that are tender inside. Just dip them in the sauce and see them filling your mouth with a burst of different flavors. You can also find other great options at Red Lobster.

Dunkin Donuts

If you are planning a party for kids and adults alike, what better option than to go with a box of donuts? The best part about donuts is that they are easy to eat and create less mess as compared to other food. You can hand them out with ease and it is a great option to satisfy your cravings during the match.

Dunkin Donuts is serving fresh batches for people all over the country for the special event. They might even have some themes options available that you can try using the coupons! Some sweetened choices to let your tastebuds feel the essence of sugar in the most delightful way!   


McDonald’s is one of the classics to go for when such an event is brewing up in town. You can easily go and get the takeout option or have the rider deliver your order to your house. And no matter what, everybody already has their favorite order ready so there is no hassle whilst ordering. Moreover, it is a safe bet with many children and adult parties.

Whole Foods

This option might not have been on your list but if you are planning on munching on nachos and crackers for the night, don’t forget Whole Foods. They have a range of different salsa, guacamole and dip options that can make your whole night fun and tasty! You will be feasting on different flavors for the whole evening as the players pave their way to make a goal.

Super Bowl Chinese Restaurant

The super bowl chinese food maniacs can feast at this restaurant and make the whole party themed perfectly for the big match. You can enjoy from a range of different noodles and rice options to be paired up with fresh protein. Nothing like the fresh aroma of the mixed taste in your food and a match that will suit with the spice levels of the Asian cuisine. You can find great deals on their website that will bring you good savings and a valuable purchase for the evening.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Super Bowl is on the 13th of February. The event falls on a Sunday and will take place in Los Angeles. The timings for the event are 6:30 pm in the East Coast and 3:30 pm for the West Coast.

If you wish to stream the event from the start, your best bet is to watch it on your television screens. The whole event will be covered by NBC. However, if you do not have cable or TV antenna, then you can stream the event on applications like the Peacock and the NBC Sports application.

Take a guess. What do you think it is? Chicken wings! Yes, these little munchies are the most eaten food during the Super Bowl event. The Sunday alone has shockingly high numbers than the whole year of wings consumed.

Snacks are mostly quite common amongst the American households. You will find potato chips, nachos, cheese and crackers to be quite the hit. Apart from that, pizza, sliders, beef burgers, meatballs are some of the popular foods eaten during the event.

There are a number of ways you can plan the best Super Bowl party for your friends and family. Your best bet is to keep the number of guests limited so that you can enjoy as well. After all, it is the company that matters. Clean the house and arrange the food and snacks in a good amount. Make sure you sleep well and the day before or after the party is not much of a havoc for you. Most of all, sit back and relax.