10+ Restaurants Offering Freebies and Deals during Easter

Apr 15, 2022   |   6 min read


10+ Restaurants Offering Freebies and Deals during Easter


With Easter on 17th April, many people are excited about different things all related to this particular event which we wait as soon as the year starts. The Easter 2022 is going to be a high caloric, delicious and a family affair with people cooking the best meals, dining out in their favorite places and ordering their favorite foods. and with Covid restrictions finally uplifted do you think one can indeed hold back on to dining out and eating in their favorite restaurants? We don’t think so! Hence here are our best picks for Easter restaurants and deals in 2022.

Baskin Robbins

Whether it’s a birthday free meal or a special Christmas treat, Baskin robins never fails to surprise us. They are known for the best freebies and this Easter you will have the same experience. The popular ice cream place has come up with the special cake in a bunny style for Easter. Order it on their website and enjoy the realest yet creamiest bunny cake.


How do we start any great day? With a nice cup of coffee! And hence you might be planning to head out to starbucks before you get towards that long and tiring meal prep procedures. Hence head to starbucks with the special starbucks promo codes and coupon codes to get up to 40% off on their latte, frappes, cappuccino and all you can find on their menu.

Bahama Breeze

Want an island style Easter? The Bahama breeze has Caribbean style Easter bundles for customers to get a nice collection on dining table. It is like a family treat which we are sure you and your family will love. Bundles feed up to four people and are delivered completely prepared to visitors' homes. Seafood Paella, Grilled Chicken with Cilantro-Crema, Jerk Chicken Wings, and Baby Back Ribs are among the appetizer options. Cocktails can also be ordered to go in a few locations.

Papa John’s

Even though Easter is all about pie, baked chicken and baked turkey (same vibes as thanksgiving) some people swear by a pizza for all special occasions. And if it’s your favorite then who are we to stop you? Head to the papa john’s for their piping hot pizza and while you are there use the advantage of Easter Deals and get up to 50% off with Papa John’s Promo Codes.

The Cheesecake Factory

Rise and shine with brunch, which is served until 2 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, including Easter Sunday. Cinnamon Roll Pancakes, Fried Chicken and Waffles, and Bruléed French Toast are among the brunch menu's highlights.

Bonefish Grill

Visit Bonefish Grill for their Easter menu, which will be available all weekend. For around $45 they offer two special bundles: Mahi or shrimp, which serve up to five people and include a choice of house Caesar salad, family-style sides, fresh bread, and cookies.

Baked By Melissa

Fill your Easter baskets with Baked by Melissa delicacies. The limited-edition Easter cupcakes would be an excellent dessert alternative for a brunch at home. The Hoppy Treats Cupcakes pack of six has four different flavours and is available through April 20 in a bundle of four for $34.

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

A little adherence to our culture and the national food, Taco. Head out to the fuzzy’s taco shop and get the best discount for Easter. Get a delicious taco platter for the entire family in a reasonable price. You can pick your own filling by choosing the salsa, sauce, chips and all the things that go in a taco.

The Capital Grille

Offering a complete range of meal plan for you and your entire family, the capital grills is the place to dine fancy this year. Use this chance and head out straight with your family. Get a three course family meal in an Easter style. You can choose amongst steaks, bone in filet, salads, grilled meats, mashed potatoes and what not. You can also avail the chance to pre-order and pick up.

Carvel Ice Cream

After you are done with that heavy on gut, buttery, juicy steaks or the perfectly grilled burger you need to satisfy a bit of your sweet tooth. Don’t worry, it’s okay since its Easter and since carvel ice cream is offering a hard to miss deal. You can get delicious discounts on their ice creams, Special Easter ice cream cakes, bunny cakes and even Easter egg cakes.

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

This Easter, choose classics from Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen for brunch or dinner. Hand-breaded chicken tenders, grilled salmon, or a combination of both are available. These takeout family bundles come with a half-dozen signature honey butter croissants and your choice of two family-sized sides. For a few bucks more, add a slice of classic cheesecake topped with strawberry purée. Cheddars can be ordered online or through the Cheddars app.

The Habbit Burger

Who would love to have the juiciest grilled burger in town? We all love it hence you need to get your hands on the best Habbit burgers with the exclusive Habbit promo codes which will make their entire menu on up to 50% off.

Olive Garden

Garden Invite the Olive Garden to your home for a traditional Italian Easter celebration. The family bundle, which includes a giant pan of classic lasagna, a jumbo house salad, and breadsticks, is sure to delight. Alternatively, for less than $100, you can get a large family-style lasagna bundle that serves up to 12 people. Order your lunch online and have it delivered to the curbside of your local Olive Garden restaurant.


Probably a restaurant you shouldn’t skip this Easter. Denny’s will be serving 24 hours whether its lunch, dinner or a fancy fine breakfast. Just use the Denny’s promo code and order from their big fat menu whatever and however you want.

Golden Corral

The menus at Golden Corral offer an unrivalled selection of high-quality delicacies that are cooked fresh throughout the day, especially on Easter. Golden Corral has it all for Easter, from breakfast to dinner, nutritious to hearty, family favorites to seasonal customs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best easter food deals are mentioned on this page. To check out more easter discounts search through our list for promo codes.

The Easter 2022 will be celebrated on 17th of April Sunday

You can celebrate easter by checking out the easter sales, decorating your home, having a nice meal or dining out with your family.

Some deals are a one day thing while some begin before easter and will also remain valid until after Easter.

Yes when you use the ongoing deals and discounts going at a restaurant or combine it with the promo codes or coupon codes you can save on dining out on Easter.